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  1. It looks like perhaps more alpha 2 accounts were invited in. Worth testing again.
  2. I think only the Kickstarter Alpha 2's are in at this point. Here's hoping new invites will go out this weekend!
  3. I had the same experience comparing Half-Elf and Wood-Elf Druids. There is almost no difference in the stats/healing.
  4. I don't mind the delay at all; the game is fun and playable even in it's current state. I would just really like it to be opened up to at least all of alpha group so that the rest of our guild can play. The only other major thing that's missing are win conditions, which give people a reason to fight and play. We could even do these as a community if the 'balance' slider was functional, but as it is, it's not simple to take a snapshot of who controls what at a given time to evaluate win conditions.
  5. From @Ginko: Favour from confessor doesn't work in the harvest tray and was best used out of combat.
  6. Looking great, exciting stuff! Had issues re-equipping block on my RMB on cleric, and the copy for that power is off. Maybe a missing animation on axe chopping. The character sheets are looking nice aesthetically but don't seem to work currently. There was also some odd mobile interaction where some of the Risen were fighting each other, but not doing damage. It also sounded like a jet engine taking off no matter how far you were from there, so long as you were within range. Confirmed that fort banks aren't available until capped, and are much smaller now.
  7. Make Keeps Worth Keeping

    I think this is one of the easiest wins for the existing campaigns, and will have the most significant impact on current play/testing. Simply adding some resource spawns in or near the keeps would make holding them meaningful. Having a weekly 'win condition' on the Balance of Power on Tyranny would give people a weekly event to fight for as well, and would just require an ACE team member logging on for 5 minutes to take a screen shot. Of course long-term changes are required, but when there are easy wins like this, they should be at least considered, as some of them can fundamentally change the experience for players. The major thing we lack right now is a reason to fight. The skill training disparity/lack of wipe, combined with an impending wipe, and no significant reason to hold the forts/keeps is artificially deflating population. The challenge with this is that new people are getting into the game and seeing this low pop, which isn't especially compelling to continue playing. Another potential resolution here is community-generated. We could do our own 'Win Conditions', or another 'Capture the Srathor' event. We even have keeps and forts to work with now. Another idea @Tinnis had was using the training dummies to play football. @MAGRUDER has been talking about a Fight Club with gambling. Let's do this, comrades.
  8. I don't know what is unofficial and what is official, but JTC and others have said in the past few months (as recently as last week) that we would see persistent CWs with siege mechanics on Live before 5.3. The only wipe communicated is at 5.3 launch on Live, but presumably there will be a skills wipe on Testing for 5.3 as well. Also communicated this information in the W Discord several times, personally. Regardless, I'm sorry that you're behind on skill training, but consider that new players starting now are much further behind you, and many members of your guild have many fully trained accounts.
  9. Will there be a SB wipe on Live to coincide with this major milestone? Otherwise, established guilds who have played for longer than a few months and/or guilds who abused the training bug are going to be at a heavy, heavy advantage.
  10. ArtCraft has been pretty clear in communicating this, as have numerous community members. I'm not sure why people stopped training. I presume the reasoning to switching to live is to test that cycle (testing to live), to add more skilled gatherers for the rare materials required for sieging, and because we're closing in on persistent CWs. It looks like next week might be the first week-long campaign, based on the playtest schedule.
  11. Order Guild v. Balance PUG

    Thank you. Any suggestions on making these better? Do you prefer the comms or music? Do you like overlay text commenting about things?
  12. Order Guild v. Balance PUG

    I was just playing with a new build, was curious how much the resolution would help. Didn't get much opportunity to test though.
  13. Order Guild v. Balance PUG

    Looking forward to more as well. I met all of them in Balance faction chat. I agree, they did so well. I, on the other hand, failed miserably. But that's not the point. @cremdalacrem is a great shot caller and has a lot of knowledge about the game despite not having played regularly since SP. He's part of a guild called Cremilla, which will be joining in more in 5.3 I believe. @nugster91 has picked the game up incredibly quickly (three days in at that point, I think) and communicates well. Those suppressions were on point. John just started (3 hours?), and after we got him squared away with advanced weapons, was very effective. He consistently sought the called targets, and effectively used his CC.
  14. Malekai.org | The Crowfall Database

    Stealthed and Malekai Network are not guilds. Obsidian is a niche guild within the larger Malekai Project. I contribute to Malekai Network, personally. Whether or not Obsidian goes to war with me has no impact on my contributions out of game. I hope for the same respect from others, personally. However, I am not at all concerned with bad actors. Plenty capable of helping Malekai deal with them when they arrive. Until then, it's premature optimization.
  15. Malekai.org | The Crowfall Database

    We've discussed this with ACE, and it may be possible someday, but like you said, not a priority. For now, a team of people entered by hand, and I wrote a Ruby script to convert the crafting spreadsheets into JSON. To be clear, though, part of what Scree, Michael, and I are working on is providing this JSON and open APIs to everyone else to build on as well. Hopefully these efforts can avoid being repeated in the community. They've also spent a lot of time on a system to support community flagging of inaccurate information.