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  1. Hey Tom, thanks for the reply 😄 It sounds like you agree the maximum guild size is a problem. But you feel hamstrung by the potential negative impact on the current large guilds. Is that accurate? I'm no professional game designer, but I can take a moment to brainstorm a few potential paths forward: 1) Implement a new, reduced guild hard cap. Larger guilds/alliances that want to continue to play together will jump the aforementioned logistical hurdles in order to do that, incurring some disadvantages along the way. The disruption will be messy but may pay off in the long run for all parties. 2) Implement some form of soft cap, above which guilds must pay some form of maintenance fee or tax or face some other disadvantage. 3) Steadily reduce the guild hard cap in phases, for example, lowering it by 50 each time for a few successive campaigns. This prolongs disruption, but administers it in small doses. 4) Leave the system as is and hope things work out in the end. Good luck!
  2. Sounds like guild and alliance maximum sizes need to be decreased. The response to this is always "But big guilds/alliances will just split their forces between 2 guild tags!!!!!111" Well...okay? The end result is that there is still an additional logistical hurdle, which was not there before, to maintaining a style of play that is clearly having negative effects on the game environment.
  3. One thing struck me as confusing and I'm hoping someone can clarify. In this update it says that the three major training spheres are Profession/Race/Class; non-VIPs get to train 1 of each and VIPs get to train 2 of each at a time. However, in this current Q&A, it seems like you state that the Class skill trees are buried deep within the Combat Profession ones (the previous link seems to support this also) such that it would take someone a long time (the only length given is ~1 year) to reach them. Does this mean that 1/3 the skill benefits of VIP are moot for a long while, until you've reached any Class trees in the Profession--->Combat---->Class progression?
  4. Aelfs in SB were selected for years for their raw stats (higher dex without sacrificing too much HP). It wasn't until a year after launch they added the original bad version of Wildkin's Chase and not until 2006 when they made it actually good. I think the power slot is gonna be a big deal too
  5. Did they give an ETA for 5.3? I didn't see on the announcements forum
  6. I tend to agree. Having the vessel you were currently inhabiting be lootable when you die is essentially permadeath by another name. I get that they're pushing the whole "the crow is your character" thing, but it is the norm for people to identify with their avatars rather than their game accounts. I'm no stranger to asset loss--I'm still playing Shadowbane after 14 years lol (Magicbane 4tw)--but literally losing your character on death seems a bit much even for the dregs.
  7. Summon as it was implemented in Shadowbane remains one of the most unique parts of any MMORPG I've played. I do think people underestimate the layers of strategy it added to the game. Competent guilds, for example, were often distinguished by their ability to coordinate getting fallen players back into an ongoing fight via Summon. Because it was a power given only to healers (and certain vampires), the ability to quickly Summon each other into an area was one of the relative strengths of a mostly healer-based force. Conversely, the relatively higher power levels of mostly fighter forces were offset by the sluggishness with which they could travel en masse. Some other examples include espionage a la summoning into a city during a siege, or coordinating fights at multiple mines (POIs) at once by summoning people back and forth. I haven't seen anything like it in any other games (summoning stones in WoW, for instance, are only meant for PvE convenience), and don't necessarily expect it in Crowfall, but it would certainly be a welcome addition in some form.
  8. I don't like the idea of having no cap for total skill points. With the information we have here, it seems like it would be very homogenizing over time. Part of the replayability of SB came in figuring out all the different ways you could allot those 682 points to make new, interesting characters. Perhaps they'll be able to make it work, though.
  9. Just recruited this lady https://www.facebook.com/483517655163583/videos/485421631639852/
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