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  1. An EK is a base. Buffs, storage, marketplace, housing, ect. Use it if you want, don't if you don't. Guilds will use them for the goodies, and many will use them just because it may be fun for them.
  2. As we see a more developed and tested skill tree through the testing phases, I would like to hope that more skills will be added. We currently have a boat load of passive skills, and that's about it. When you go through a job advancement, such as becoming a crusader, I would also assume that new skills and old skills with be applied to that class choice. More skills will be found in the game, crafted, given through campaign rewards, ect.
  3. Pretty much what everyone else has said: spread the work. Links are good, same with the FAQ, hit forums up, tell your friends, old guildees, ect. Test and give good feedback.
  4. Give us the background of the gods, the hunger, the worlds we fight on and for, EKs, ect and let us use the framework to make our own lore through the actions of players across campaigns. Now that would be something.
  5. Generally if someone pays for something, they should have it, so removing, revoking, or changing anything to a backers reward or access level should be done with a good bit of scrutiny and thought. Just my two cents.
  6. reselath

    Need new pc

    Most games do not make use of four cores. More and more games are. An i7 is the usually overkill unless you're utilising cpu intensive programs such as maya, revit, autocad, ect. An i5 is the best bang for your buck. Intel 4690k I know many gamers have switched to. Solid performance and cost. If you found an older i7 2600k for cheap in good condition then pick that puppy up. Performance differences in cpus are pretty minor in the past years. A solid mobo in the 75-120 price range is what you're looking for. You want a powerful video card, best for money is either a Gtx 970 or radeon
  7. My two cents: This game is in pre-alpha, and guess what happens? Delays. It's life. Development in a game is a very tedious thing. The devs can take as much time as they need to make sure the transition from alpha to beta is smooth, and then beta into launch. I don't expect anything at the end of this year except for the core module and six playable archetypes that are well fleshed out. To me the core module is why I want this game anyways. That and a wonderful guild with a solid community in game and off.
  8. It's always good to see suggestions, but make sure to read up on the game and the direction the roadmap is heading before throwing something into the hat like this.
  9. My only complaint is the aspect of dual wielding on the ranger. You would generally utilize one weapon for offense and one for defense, intermixing strikes as needed, and using both weapons to block heavier swings generally. She looks like she's just winging it. Besides that complaint, love the look of the gear, her overall aesthetic, and feel.
  10. Good old destroyer, stomper of all things noob. Seriously love watching people blow their retreat, daze break, ect all to get 100-0 in seven seconds. Destroyer does take some good skill to get past 1800! I enjoy seeing summoners in 1800+ they get foddered so hard. Anyone who doesn't play a BM can run a summoner over at that tier. Grats on diamond!
  11. I don't think the game will be done in ten months, beta maybe, but not release. I'd assume the core module/modules will be ready, along with framework for future additions, but that's it. Crowfalls development has been very well paced, but there are going to be hiccups along the way. The more time we get to test and play with, especially once we get larger server sizes with actual siege combat, that will give us more time and experience to figure out how to deal with zergs, if people will even zerg, and how they'll zerg if they do. I for one am all for long amounts of testing.
  12. If you're an amber backer, you should have access if it says Alpha 2. Or pre-alpha access. At least that's the case for me since I backed a few months ago with the Amber package.
  13. OP please don't die. You're the hero we need.
  14. Since there are penalties to dieing, zerging on higher risk maps is going to be a non-bo strategy. Top tier vassals, runes, and equipment being lost, damaged, ect on death? Even the most hardcore don't want to deal with spending days of prep time for sieges and combat all to be lost due to a zerg, friendly fire, and damage due to combat.
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