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  1. Let's pretend for a moment that it does upset me. What's more believable? That'd I'd go onto a ventrillo server that hasn't been active since 2013 (I asked around about it) to plead for mercy from some internet folks holding a 6 year old grudge thus inciting it even more, or that I'd just hop on skype and ask Rewen to start banning IP addresses? Or, being a mod there, just do it myself? The embaressing thing here is that someone trolled you guys with something any normal person would see right through, got you riled up, and tricked you into getting yourselves banned for a while. You folks should be better than that.
  2. Glad to see you around Hale, hope everything has been well
  3. Yeah, no way I'm reading all of that. Can I get a TL;DR version from someone? Did a CTRL + F to find if you had directly replied to me, and wasn't disapointed! But I'm afraid you got trolled hard if someone claiming to be Zooks went to the public EMU ventrillo. I didn't even know that was a thing. On the subject of the McLovin thing, it's never bothered me. I always thought it was kind of funny to be honest, and I like the attention. I even had a McLovin sig for myself at one point on the official SB forums, but I was asked to remove it when RL attacks between people were getting out of hand. Companies view that kind of stuff as a pretty big liability. When WM went nuts and got themselves banned, I was even out of town on a work trip without access to the forums other than a smart phone. My only complaint about the McLovin thing is that the movie is eight years old. You folks could have kept the thing going by introducing some stuff from Role Models or even Kickass, but just aren't creative enough. Posting actual RL pics is kind of another story. I don't want someone seeing that and thinking I actually associate with this community.
  4. MaT's manifesto that he sent to several guilds on how to zerg QFT, created years(?) after Shadowbane shut down.
  5. That's a funny thing to think about. Previously permanently banned. If it was previously, then it wasn't really permanent, was it? As for the actual reasoning for the ban, can't really discuss that stuff. MaT is free to tell you whichever reason he wants, though
  6. He isn't banned. Just posted yesterday.
  7. I really wish I had the time/energy to read MaT's posts. I'd appreciate summaries if anyone could provide them, because he certainly is passionate about whatever it is he's talking about.
  8. Didn't even have to be in a guild. I just asked nicely in SDR.
  9. That guy who would give me full resource gear for characters I hadn't made yet. They were the real MVP.
  10. It's a long, varied list. I'm not trying to talk you out of playing Magicbane, just stating why I've never had a desire to even look at it.
  11. I trust the people working on SBE. Even if I don't agree with everything they do, I know them, and they're generally good people. I don't trust Papah/Quietus. I don't believe that they're very upstanding individuals. Attempting to hide behind a fake persona in order to dupe people just doubled that feeling for me. Edit: Even if the average QFT-er did trust Papah/Quietus, you'd be unlikely to see us on either server. I think I'm the only one who still plays SB in any capacity, and I only log in maybe two or three times a week.
  12. If I was like Beetlejuice and appeared whenever MaT said my name three times, I'd have more posts than Doc.
  13. For the Shadowbane 'scandals' - What the story became in the general forums vs what it actually was.
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