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  1. Golden Voodoo doll would be more interesting than the golden necromancy symbol 馃
  2. Welcome! We are excited to help you on your Crowfall journey!
  3. Having all three factions present does make for some interesting fights!
  4. Here here! Knights should never be considered dps as things are now :(. Also brigands are melee dps not ranged (which is why any viability they had took a complete nose dive with the melee range change) but other than that seems about right
  5. I recently changed my tag on discord so that's probably why it wasn't working. Should be fixed now, many thanks!
  6. Heh, tis something for all Knights of the Golden Vessel to aspire to! (Though you won't catch me in one of those things until they stop wiping haha).
  7. Either one (as I play both EU and US times)! The trial period is there to determine if a player will fit in and wants to be a part of the organization.
  8. My gripes with Knight also really haven't changed since my last post BUT a more recent thing I've had a problem with is the Knight specs forcing you to either use a sword (1 spec) or a mace (other two specs). Why are Axes completely left out? Would be nice to see talent specs that expand knights usage of weapons rather than restricting them.
  9. Knights of the Golden Vessel (KGV) Preface/History: Knights of the Golden Vessel is a new hardcore PvP wing of the Eternal Kingdom of Cremillia. I have been playing Crowfall since its beginnings in Hungerdome and have since fought in many campaigns with and against many different groups. I have lead the Chaos Horde through many trial and tribulation during the first Trials of the Gods and now seek to create a dedicated and determined cadre of players to ride into battle alongside. Seeking active and dedicated PvPers with a willingness to fight in Crowfall throughout testing and launch. What you can expect before becoming a member: 路 An initial interview with me to see how you might fit in with the group. 路 4-6 week trial/training period where we see if you are fit to be a Knight of the Golden Vessel and you can see if you want to make the commitment. 路 Training and assistance with gearing up during your trial period. What you can expect as a member: 路 Personalized training and support from veteran Crowfall testers. 路 PvP attendance requirements (why join if you aren鈥檛 going to play). 路 Fighting alongside a small/medium force of dedicated PvPers and their allies.Currently on CHAOS faction. Contact Cremdalacrem directly on discord @[KGV]Cremdalacrem#6848
  10. r7 Satyr Knight Raidboss is not doing any damage with autoattacks, abilities and even his severe bleed.
  11. Anticipation....The calm before the storm...As the war in Europe rages, North America waits with held breath. All sides seek the glory of Malekai and some will stop at nothing to assure victory. The balance of power seemed intact. The forces of Balance, Order and Chaos would fight in pitched battles, each one giving its all to assert supremacy and dominance for campaigns to come!....A terse message. "We will be going Balance to pursue our alliance with Winterblades." signed Soulein of Hy'shen Avari Banners wave in the wind as the forces of Hy'shen Avari move to join Balance! The balance of power shifts as the strength of Balance grows to great heights! Can Order and Chaos withstand this new onslaught of guilded power? This is the saga of NA. One of political tribulation and shifting alliances. One of Subterfuge and Camaraderie. This is Crowfall.
  12. The balance of power has shifted. The lords of EU, once committed to the balance of three factions have forsworn old oaths and forged new pacts. The drums of war beat as Order and Chaos march against each other. The masters in Caldera and KDS have joined forces in a grand alliance to bring Order to the realm. Using their extreme discipline and well oiled machine of war they hope to secure the favor of Malekai in this first trial. In response to this show of grand power the guilds of Old Balance have come together under Chaos in hopes to defy the might of Order. Horizon, BSF, Frogs, Northlanders, and 4g unified to compete for Malakai's gift! Only time will tell, and much blood will be spilled before this trial is complete... This is the Saga of EU. One of political tribulation and shifting alliances. One of Subterfuge and Camaraderie. This is Crowfall.
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