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  1. Yeah...My Crowfall experience definitely peaked that day....I did give one back!
  2. Getting lots of positive feedback for the Wild Hunt....People can stay as long as they want Regardless of what is said about it I am having fun with it and people who join are having fun as well. When playing again FUN is #1 cause if it isn't fun...then why play!
  3. The Knights of the Golden Vessel heed the call of the Wild Hunt! For D'Orion and the glory of the gods!
  4. The Knights of the Golden Vessel are heeding the call of The Wild Hunt and are no longer recruiting new members at this time. If you too would like to heed the call of D'Orion then join the Earth faction for future campaigns and become a part of The Wild Hunt.
  5. Hardcap on range is 65 meters. Your first priority as an archer spec is achieving as close to that as possible. It is your best defense. (Any race can achieve this though the last meter or so is a little easier for Elkin)
  6. We are still missing a critical part of the loop to drive player engagement which is a rewards system. Right now there is objectively no reason to play other than to test. When rewards are put in the game then the loop will be complete and there will be more of a reason to log in and do things. Hopefully there will be rewards for meeting goals and objectives non-winners (the vast majority of players) will be able to strive for and keep them playing in a campaign.
  7. Awesome dedication and tenacity from the guild! That was a craaaazy fun campaign!
  8. Won our very own Dregs TEST campaign mwhahaha! Excellent job all who participated
  9. 3rd place overall and highest ranking NA guild on an EU campaign! What a blast Dregs have been so far! Well done everyone!
  10. The first Hall of the Golden Vessel! Dregs testing is a blast!
  11. From the Histories of the Golden Vessel Part 2 Yet, the betrayer eluded them...the hunger still devoured unchecked...and the gods grew increasingly distrusting as the Trials progressed. Soon there may be all out war...The Knights of the Golden Vessel will strike in the name of D’Orion and hunt down all who seek to quell his vengeance. For the hunger must be stopped and D’Orion’s hunt will be its answer.
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