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  1. Getting lots of positive feedback for the Wild Hunt....People can stay as long as they want Regardless of what is said about it I am having fun with it and people who join are having fun as well. When playing again FUN is #1 cause if it isn't fun...then why play!
  2. The Knights of the Golden Vessel heed the call of the Wild Hunt! For D'Orion and the glory of the gods!
  3. The Knights of the Golden Vessel are heeding the call of The Wild Hunt and are no longer recruiting new members at this time. If you too would like to heed the call of D'Orion then join the Earth faction for future campaigns and become a part of The Wild Hunt.
  4. Hardcap on range is 65 meters. Your first priority as an archer spec is achieving as close to that as possible. It is your best defense. (Any race can achieve this though the last meter or so is a little easier for Elkin)
  5. So maybe it is an issue with siege equipment and its survivability rather than the wall survivability. But yes, map cap is a different issue. Right now due to performance reasons we have the 150 map cap. With better performance they want to be able to bump that up. Having more attackers/defenders definitely changes how a Siege would go. A keep of that size is supposed to house big guilds/(multiple guilds maybe in an alliance system). The next iteration will be bringing in the mini-keeps, big keep, fort outpost type holdings which will make things different yet again. The scale of Crowfall righ
  6. Map cap is a different issue. No catapults were used (which deal the same damage as trebs) and the respawn statue did go down due to treb fire so that is also time not spent hitting a wall segment. In a controlled environment on TEST we brought the walls down with just 4 mkIV trebs in 15-20 minutes. So either something changed with walls unexpectedly when the build moved to live or that wall segment did not receive sustained treb fire for 15 minutes. The R10 walls are definitely breakable. At that scale of fighting last night I agree it is difficult to do so. R10 forts were said to be insurmou
  7. 4 mkIV trebuchets hitting a single wall segment for 15-20 minutes will bring it down at r10. I tested this on the build while it was on TEST. Those trebuchets were not hitting the same targets and with their damage spread out that significantly increases ttk on the walls. Theoretically you could probably have 4 trebs and 4 catapaults hitting an r10 wall segment and bring that segment down in 7-10 minutes. That is of course with no contention. I still think it is early to be clamoring for nerfs to these things as an attacking force that is dedicated and able to put forth that kind of siege syne
  8. In that situation I hit you with a flare which reveals stealthers and applies a severe burn. Not sure why you didn't see the graphics of it though.
  9. We are still missing a critical part of the loop to drive player engagement which is a rewards system. Right now there is objectively no reason to play other than to test. When rewards are put in the game then the loop will be complete and there will be more of a reason to log in and do things. Hopefully there will be rewards for meeting goals and objectives non-winners (the vast majority of players) will be able to strive for and keep them playing in a campaign.
  10. Awesome dedication and tenacity from the guild! That was a craaaazy fun campaign!
  11. Won our very own Dregs TEST campaign mwhahaha! Excellent job all who participated
  12. Buildings like Arcane Armory R3 shouldn't be allowed to be constructed more than once per keep/fort or if they are then they should provide additional guards. Currently building a second one provides nothing extra and is just a waste of materials😅. Forts/Keeps should provide at-least some base conquest points for capturing/holding rather than 0 base. Which can then be increased via buildings etc.
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