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  1. When in range stance on Ranger and CCed by a wartribe I receive the message "requires melee weapon" when trying to retaliate and I am unable to retaliate. I do indeed have both melee weapons equipped.
  2. The ranks swell as more men at arms take up their weapons for the cause! 5.11 and Dregs are shaping up to be a real bloodbath
  3. From the Histories of the Golden Vessel Part 1 D’Orion failed in his search for vengeance against his Uncle...the supposed slayer of Gaia...but his disciples swore the oath of vengeance with him… In his stead the Knights of the Golden Vessel vowed to hunt out who ever killed Gaia and bring them to justice. This could not be accomplished on their own. They sought allies even from amongst the same Moon faction that shared worshipers to Kane and sought favors from gods close to the Wretched God . The Knights of the Golden Vessel in their quest for vengeance rose through the ranks of the Moon worshipers until their leader was hailed as the Warchief of the Chaos Horde in the Trials of the Gods.
  4. From the inscription above the Reliquary of the Golden Vessel- Third Verse The knight in his new form returned to his men whom many scattered at his approach. Those who remained became disciples of the Golden Vessel and swore their oaths to D’Orion. These were among the First Crows. Long to history the actual Golden Vessel of D’Orion was lost but the ideal remains. The Knights of the Golden Vessel grew and when Gaia was slain they took their stand against the Hunger that destroyed their world. Some of the crows survived... taken away by D’Orion to join him in his hunt...and aid him in his search for the origins of the Hunger and the one who betrayed Gaia.
  5. From the inscription above the Reliquary of the Golden Vessel- Second Verse The knight sunk to his knees with blood running through the crevices of his armor. D’Orion took the golden vessel in his hands and held it out towards the dying knight. No words were spoken but the dark gaze of D’Orion filled the knight with determination. The knight reached out and grasped the vessel drawing it close to his chest where his blood ran freely over it. As his wound spread so did his body transform. Where there were mailed boots now there were mailed hooves...His helm warped around the head of a stag...onyx horns curving to the sky. The golden vessel was gone but created was the first Knight of the Golden Vessel.
  6. From the inscription above the Reliquary of the Golden Vessel- First Verse A long time ago in a war torn world long since consumed by the Hunger, a knight of a forgotten realm sought to rest in a copse nestled amongst the hills. There were strange statues crumbling within the trees of beings the knight had never known. In the center where the trees grew thickest there was a statue of a woman...of Gaia...and in her hands rested a small golden casket. The knight moved forward, his hand reaching for the casket in wonder. Suddenly a sharp pain through his chest...he looked down to see the tip of a spear jutting through his chain mail... crimson with his blood. A shadow above him drew his gaze upwards. Before him stood D’Orion, the son of Gaia, the Sky Hunter....
  7. PM me on discord at [KGV]Cremdalacrem#6848 and let me know when yer free for an interview!
  8. Golden Voodoo doll would be more interesting than the golden necromancy symbol 🤔
  9. Welcome! We are excited to help you on your Crowfall journey!
  10. Having all three factions present does make for some interesting fights!
  11. Here here! Knights should never be considered dps as things are now :(. Also brigands are melee dps not ranged (which is why any viability they had took a complete nose dive with the melee range change) but other than that seems about right
  12. I recently changed my tag on discord so that's probably why it wasn't working. Should be fixed now, many thanks!
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