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  1. r7 Satyr Knight Raidboss is not doing any damage with autoattacks, abilities and even his severe bleed.
  2. Anticipation....The calm before the storm...As the war in Europe rages, North America waits with held breath. All sides seek the glory of Malekai and some will stop at nothing to assure victory. The balance of power seemed intact. The forces of Balance, Order and Chaos would fight in pitched battles, each one giving its all to assert supremacy and dominance for campaigns to come!....A terse message. "We will be going Balance to pursue our alliance with Winterblades." signed Soulein of Hy'shen Avari Banners wave in the wind as the forces of Hy'shen Avari move to join Balance! The balance of power shifts as the strength of Balance grows to great heights! Can Order and Chaos withstand this new onslaught of guilded power? This is the saga of NA. One of political tribulation and shifting alliances. One of Subterfuge and Camaraderie. This is Crowfall.
  3. The balance of power has shifted. The lords of EU, once committed to the balance of three factions have forsworn old oaths and forged new pacts. The drums of war beat as Order and Chaos march against each other. The masters in Caldera and KDS have joined forces in a grand alliance to bring Order to the realm. Using their extreme discipline and well oiled machine of war they hope to secure the favor of Malekai in this first trial. In response to this show of grand power the guilds of Old Balance have come together under Chaos in hopes to defy the might of Order. Horizon, BSF, Frogs, Northlanders, and 4g unified to compete for Malakai's gift! Only time will tell, and much blood will be spilled before this trial is complete... This is the Saga of EU. One of political tribulation and shifting alliances. One of Subterfuge and Camaraderie. This is Crowfall.
  4. I agree with Makuza. Without the wood elf dodge brigand dies...a lot. Trying to take survivability over mobility on a brigand is a death sentence. You are not meant to survive, only kill as fast as possible in hopes that they die faster than you do . Ive tried Minotaur brigand and it pales in comparison to wood elves.
  5. I respectfully disagree, well confessors fall damage is OP...but once that's fixed
  6. I said compared to other tanks...Knights still out survive DPS classes. Which i would say makes them tanks. All classes shouldn't be the same at everything.
  7. Knights do the most damage of pitfighters, tank myrmidons, and tank templars imo.... titan myrms survivability will drop drastically when i-frames are removed. And you must remember the utility of removing dodge pips on the kill target. Currently the only thing knights lack is survivability compared to other tank classes. They make up for that by providing significant CC as much or as little as you want to put on your bar, unblockable 30m chainpull, removing peoples ability to escape with dodges, and providing MORE damage than other tank specs. On secutor knight my combos can look something like this. Chainpull (500)-->shield bash to remove pips (400)->shieldswipe/stun (500/500)-> shieldbash crit (1500)->shield glare combo (400/500) -> shield bash (1500) then lmb 3x ->shield bash...constantly removing dodge pips, stun, blind, etc... people go down pretty fast.
  8. Knights kit is great for group fighting and I think its in a very strong place. But yes in 1v1 you need to have a gear advantage to win usually. This is why I've stated knights should never be thought of as solo playable.
  9. As in if the knight is not in top of the line gear ( over 1.5k bonus hp on each piece of plate and a weapon with top end damage over 160) it struggles to last when focused and certainly doesn't win out 1v1s. After acquiring top of the line gear I am now at least able to contend with other classes and out damage pitfighter healing. I could not do that before. I am playing secutor though, not sure how swordsman would hold up yet.
  10. Considering no other class can chain pull or steal dodge pips (Myrms net pull is way too finnicky atm to be useful) I would say its pretty class defining. Also Knights out damage pitfighters if you know what you are doing. Managed to kill 2 today in single combat...very gear dependent though. Titan myrm still out damage knights but that's not a tank spec and with 5.8.1 they will crash more often and wont be as survivable due to removal of I-frames. There will always be classes that are better at certain things and right now knights aren't the best for tanking but we are very useful in other ways as I've stated previously.
  11. Im sorry Arkade but the current state of Knight in 5.8 is not to be a meat shield. Pitfighters fill that role. You can take a lot of damage as a knight with a healer supporting you but you aren't the best to completely frontline. Blocking helps keep you alive but does nothing for your teammates. You call chainpulling and dodge pip stealing a gimmick but it is the unique thing knights bring to the table and is the main reason to bring knights.
  12. Here is my 2 cents on knights in 5.8 and I will reiterate some of what I said in the role of a knight thread. Swordmaster- DPS spec a bit too dependent on RNG to get Mighty Surge to proc. When its up you just stop what you are doing and LMB until it runs out. Plays most like knights from previous builds. If you get lucky with Mighty Surge this spec could possibly be highest damage possible with relative ease. Pros- Good Damage, Best Mobility (6 second pursuit CD), Performs Knights role to chainpull and steal dodge pips. Cons- Requires Mo Swords and/or Blademaster with many skills on your bar to give you the best chance of procing Mighty Surge. Not very tanky. Secutor- Tank Spec relying on shield bash (dodge pip destroyer) as major source of damage. Plays very differently from Swordmaster knight in that all of your ability rotations involve alternating shield bash with another shield ability within 5 seconds. If you are unable to shield bash within 5 seconds of each other your damage will become negligible. Pros- 1.5k extra HP. Excellent damage (possibly highest). Able to best perform knights role of dodge pip steal and chainpull as your shield abilities reset shield bash. Can block longer after noble blood. Cons- Must take Mo Shields and/or Shield fighter to give you shield abilities to rotate with. Not very mobile (pursuit 24 second cooldown). Very combo reliant for damage. Sentinel- CC Spec that grants extra base kit CC and energy renewal on CC. Plays similar to old knight including the damage of a wet noodle. This spec is only decent in huge fights where you can make most of the aoe root shout and your personal damage really doesn't matter. Pros- Can chain more CC with energy regen on CC. AoE Root (which is the hardest thing to break out of due to the fact that not retaliating immediately usually means you wont be able to retaliate at all as the option goes away once you do anything else). Can perform the knights role of chainpull and dodge pip steal. Cons- Damage is negligible like old knight. Not very tanky. As I said in the other thread the Knights only role is to chainpull and steal dodge pips. No other class can do this and this is what knight brings to the table. All three specs can perform this but Secutor is probably the best unless you are fighting in huge 40v40s where the CC knight doesn't need to do any damage. Knights are no longer able to solo. At all. Period. Don't even think of knight in terms of 1v1 anymore. Its simply not worth it. You require a healer and with one you can be a right terror. Knights are one of the most diverse classes in build possibilities and can help in any group playing another minor role whatever your play style or the group requires. Knights are play makers and team players. They are very important to group compositions and even just one knight can make a huge difference in locking down a slippery target. This will be even more apparent with the removal of I-frames allowing knights to shield bash and steal pips regardless of ultimate's being used. There are many ways to play a knight, just don't do it alone
  13. Knights role is to chainpull and steal dodge pips. Base kit. All Specs. Using your two major slots you can take on another minor role such as support either offensive (troubador damage increase aoe) or defensive (standard bearer, field surgeon, rune caster etc). You could also try for more dps with damage discs but youll never do as much damage as a dps class and the only spec that can take defensive discs and do damage would be secutor. Knights are only for group play with a healer supporting you. If thats not the case you will become frustrated.
  14. With the new sanctioned campaign coming up soon anyone interested in joining The Eternal Kingdom of Cremillia can message me on Discord and I will be happy to chat with ye!
  15. I feel like some playerbase could be drummed up to play in this. 5.8 has a large influx of players new and old who seem more keen on fighting and participating than 5.7. I'm in support of this
  16. Long time Knight player here and I feel like its about time to add my 2 cents as well. Every time I log in its becoming harder and harder to justify having knights in a group comp or even to try to roam around in small groups. Kind of reiterating what was said before every other melee is bringing more to the table. Templars are tankier, have self sustain, can sustain others and just become more useful the larger the fight gets. Champions can do everything, really no downside at all at their current state and even new champion players can beat the most experienced knights 1 on 1 due to that incredible self healing. Assassins now with plate are just as tanky as knights and can simply leap away to return at full health as well as completely shut down all healing. Duelists can do way more damage and still be quite tanky with plate on as well as having crazy single target CC with the expose punishes. The only thing knight can bring to the table is controlling enemy movement on the battlefield by pulling with chain pull, pushing with elkin charge/ shield slam and their base kit CC. However with the new changes to weapon weight knights are now pretty much locked in to only being able to cast one combo per bar of energy with no real ways to improve this (this is with using the weapon finesse minor). As a knight you can charge and maybe get a 444 combo off (if you weapon is light enough and your energy is starting full) or maybe use 1 or 2 discipline powers (depending on the discipline). Between doing that you auto attack for 5 seconds and must wait for your energy to be full again before starting another combo. If the 444 combo is started at half energy you wont be able to regen your energy in time to use the knockdown or bleed effectively putting the combo on cool-down and wasting it. The oath of will combo can be used to give your energy a boost but the 2-3 second cast time of the combo is 2-3 seconds of getting slammed with CC and damage just so you can start another combo slightly earlier. Knight is being left in the dust as other classes are being reworked and added into the game. Playing a knight is starting to feel like playing Champion before they got buffed to insanity. The only role a knight can fill effectively right now is to land a chain-pull, knock off dodge pips and then let their team hopefully finish the target. Other than that you might as well take a different melee class. Knight powers need a serious tweaking in cost and damage... until then they will remain a pretty gimped class sadly enough. TL:DR - Knights power costs and/or damage need to be looked at to either be more impactful or allow knights to reliably combo powers together. Their current state of usefulness is lagging further and further behind other melee classes.
  17. Cremillia has been very busy with 5.5 crafting vessels for many different parties in the Crowfall Pre-alpha test! This one was crafted on the live environment by our lead necromancer and helps showcase the power a new vessel can bring to your character!
  18. Seeing as the high elf is the newest race to grace Crowfall the Cremillians have honored her with a body where all the limbs stats went through!
  19. We have been sending bug reports and telling Blair/Gordon directly about it...so hopefully they will have it fixed by 5.5. The devs havent touched a vessel craft in a very long time according to Blair lol.
  20. Necromancy is currently bugged very heavily with many parts not granting their stats and they aren't able to be experimented on. Once all those stats start making it all the way through the craft those vessels will have ridiculous stats. Also to note different body parts have different stats associated with them and vessels like centaurs require more body parts so there will be lots of extra stats for the final combine (like making a 2h weapon versus a 1 hand weapon.) Might explain why centaur base stats are so low atm since their crafted stats will be through the roof most likely. People with crafted vessels will reach stat caps light years ahead of those only leveling the basic vessel.
  21. Cremillia continues to lead the way in testing the vessel crafting system! Many bugs were found and logged making this quiescent vessel. We look forward to crafting usable vessels in the future!
  22. Even though the game has no built in alliance system yet we are still able to work together!
  23. Alliances and discipline can overcome the odds!
  24. With the coming of 5.3 we've been able to get a bit more testing in! The website link posted is currently down for maintenance however feel free to pm me here, on Discord, or when I am online in Crowfall if this guild should interest you!
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