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  1. It seems like the team is at odds with providing an in-game experience vs bug testing on the test server. My suggestion, treat it like a test server and inform the players that it is for testing and provide potential areas of testing for the community. Stand-up a simple MOTD system that has notes and areas of testing, and use this time to have those engaging in the test server do so. Do not make this seem like a live environment or it will result in players getting upset, as is already happening. Make it easy to acquire item again if the purpose isn't to test "farming" but to fix bugs and test
  2. We are still looking for some strong bodies! Come join HoA.
  3. I +1 the use of simplistic but stylish effects. I would rather see a cool symbol on the ground and know to get in or out of that symbol than not see anything because a million effects are on my screen. Stacking circles and squares just makes more "zone" coverage for me to get into/out of. As for the suggestion to ranged effects having a form of external ballistics would probably be a physics nightmare with the amount of ranged attacks happening. First and foremost I would love ACE to focus on cleaning up what currently exists. Making it easier to identify WHERE I shot via a slight trail and
  4. My suggestion would be to raise the cap on the max point pool. Some people come pack after a day or two and they were capped so that extra time is wasted. For testing purposes it seems like a very simple fix.
  5. @oneply I've run and tested both sword and mace builds. I conducted dummy tests and open field combat tests. I've consistently outperformed mace with a sword each time. The only time I felt mace benefited more was in a small scale fight of 5 v 5 or some 1 v 1 situations. Mace numbers feel high but seem to come out slower and are less consistent. Swordsman gets much higher AP and benefits more from crit damage. Both can be built to AoE but swordsman still pumps out harder hitting numbers in most cases. Swordsman Knights are enablers and sustain damage. They are meant to open up o
  6. Adding an extra bullet point. Would like to highlight that PPK (points per kill) as something to add in. Added to the bottom of the OP.
  7. Specifically is that base vessel hitting the same resists? The HP is good but if it burns faster it doesn't help as much as it may seem. I can agree with you on those extra points. I consider mobility as an orthogonal point to tankiness because it is a bit more universal but being able to avoid damage is still important in that calculation. The OP was asking the purpose, I feel like I clarified that. I'm not saying Knight is the strongest class, I made an edit to my first post to "one" of the most tankiest.
  8. Increasing your max HP is increasing your HP. I assume you are asking for some permanent bonus? I did say buffs, and it would be nice if toughness was a toggle ability. Unless I'm being outnumbered 2-3 my healers are not working hard TMK. So either the class is tanky or I'm just really good. Take your pick. Do we have tests showcasing all of those class/specs and their efficiencies? If not then we are all just spouting personal experiences. I would be down to do some tests, I'm not in the business of being right I'm in the business of data. If you have the data link or post it here. I
  9. Cleric Holy Aura and Juggernaut Toughness. Other classes may have better self sustain. A knight in a party, which is how I consider balance, doesn't need self sustain. However classes like Champ have a bit too much self sustain and "appear" to be super tanky. If you are going to balance off of 1v1 then we may have to agree to disagree.
  10. 50%+ Resists, 15k+ HP when buffed, and a skill called Block. In mid-tier gear.
  11. The concept of 3 factions plays into the fact that if a single faction is stronger than the other two, that those two will band together to take on the stronger faction. If that isn't happening that is not a system issue, that is a communication issue. Nothing is stopping faction A from working with faction B to make sure faction A gets a Keep. If the game remains as is right now, and we went to a rotational system I agree there would be issues. It would be very unfair, especially with how Bane Trees function. Therefore potentially changing to a rotational system hinges on the fact that
  12. There are various ways to manage your energy. There are a few passives like weapon finesse and a few skills that replenish energy. It’s important to use skill appropriately and not spam skills on CD.
  13. Potentially yes. This highly depends on the population of players. With a higher population (which I hope is the case) all keeps open works more because the numbers can be spread. I disagree with the notion that rotations promotes zerging. After these few campaigns I have observed that a very tiny group remains at a keep and a zerg goes to another keep. The zerg will always exist and all a rotation would serve is directing the traffic into one area for a large fight over a single objective for the night. The Uncle Bob argument is weak here because the numbers would definitely be changed i
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