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  1. New player - old questions

    Currently, when you join a campaign your character is locked to that campaign. At the end of the campaign, or if you unlock the character, you will lose everything on your character and in your inventory. The exception is your Spirit Bank that is shared between all your characters. Currently, the only way to keep your items is to export everything (there are some limitations) before the campaign ends to your Spirit Bank. Later on, winners of a campaign will have special rights to export their stuff once a campaign has concluded. This is not implemented yet. Bank space will also be reworked later. You never lose your character, the character's level, or skills acquired through passive training. Lore wise, you play a champion of a god that chose many lives ago to serve one of the twelves gods in exchange of eternal life. More bluntly, your soul is now a spirit crow taking possession of dead bodies (vessels) freshly restored through necromantic arts. You are also kind of bound to eternal servitude but we do not like to talk about it. During Kickstarter there were talks of stealing other player's bodies. This is no longer the case. However, vessels are crafter through alchemy, and you are welcome to steal body parts or even full vessels in other player's inventories as long as no-one activated them. Once the vessel is consumed to create a new character, it can no longer be lost or stolen. Currently, there is full inventory loot, you do not lose anything equipped. However, equipped items suffer durability loss, and will eventually break. The game is very gear-centric. It is often said the game is a balance between player skill to execute your actions, knowledge to know how to counter your target, proper gear, and levels. All the gear is exclusively crafted by other players, and decent gear is very affordable. Later, there will be different campaigns with different rulesets. Some might have full loot, some might not have any loot at all. There are classes oriented toward tanking, healing, damage, or protecting others. But besides a few PvE bosses that would require a small group to kill, do not expect anything like a Raid Group, aggro management... The only PvE we have is killing NPC guarding a fort while the other faction sleeps I believe there might already be a SEA server, but it would be completely separated from EU/NA because of publishing rights and I would not recommend it. Try to see if you can play with or without a VPN toward one of the EU or NA servers. Hopefully, there will be a West Coast campaign at some point which would be ideal for you. Crafting is necessary for the game economy and is entirely avoidable. You can either roam and hunt enemy harvesters to steal their materials, or you can specialize in a harvesting skill and sell your materials for money then buy what you need from player's shops. If you want to avoid trading entirely, then you must join a Guild. Many guilds will recruit pure fighters to capture objectives, defend groups, or even help a skinner kill monsters faster. They will in return provide you with gears for battle.
  2. Tankiest class race combo?

    Thank you for the detailed answer.
  3. Tankiest class race combo?

    Airborne military vehicles tends to have aluminium armor because it's much lighter than steel or iron, and still relatively strong. So are you saying clerics are not a tank class, but still a very tough class?
  4. Duelist in 5.8

    I am not the best Duelist player, but I would be very surprised if you could reproduce this in a 1v1 duel, or a real situation. I know this is a lot of efforts, but you mentioned being able to make videos, and I think it would be great to prove your point with one. Alternatively, since we have a working combat log, you could participate in one of the sieges and post your logs here. I am sure this would be interesting to see for everyone, devs included.
  5. Betting on frost weaver news this week.

    recent Q&A mentioned they were working on the Frost Weaver "alternative form". May the wild speculations begin.
  6. You mentioned everyone who registered before this video would get a referral link to send to their friends. I have been registered for a very long time, yet, I never received a referral link to share. Is that normal?
  7. Duelist in 5.8

    I get your point, although you have to realise much of this is purely theorycrafting. You are saying you can do 9k, very rarely, on a target that has less than 30% health. Except in real conditions, you will be long dead before you get all your buffs and debuffs active, and you will never take the target under 30% without help. Unless it's a squishy target, then the entire point is moot because the target is dead before you had time to stack your buffs and debuffs. This is extremely situational. Also, you kind of need Agent Provocateur for the heal and the stun/snare. Which only leave one discipline slot, often better invested in something that allow you to escape, resist a bit longer, or a harvesting skill, or a crafting one, or something that helps your power rotation.
  8. Duelist in 5.8

    It does matter, my duelist (and I believe all leather classes) currently dies in 2-3 shots from almost anything. The game is still far from being fully balanced. You found the one Duelist power that is not rubbish, but is very inconsistent and can do lots of damages once in a blue moon when the stars align. I don't mind seeing the power rebalanced, but you need to increase minimum damage if you nerf the maximum damage to make that power more consistent. Its average damage is not that high and duelist is not in a very good position at the moment. I'm not saying it's a bad class, but it does have a number of glaring flaws that can only be compensated by a high level of skill, teamplay and buffs from your group. So pardon me if I get a bit defensive when you talk about nerfing the only decent attack power for pistol duelists.
  9. Duelist in 5.8

    Sure, but then improve Duelist HP, CC, Defense and minimum damage
  10. Duelist in 5.8

    Pepperbox is "weapon damage". But you are absolutely correct, pistols do crushing damage! Shows how reliable I am. Anyway, a white advanced equipped Duelist can achieve 2000+ damage on a critical hit with pepperbox on spiders. That's all I can confirm. It can be somewhat of a problem because pepperbox has a very wide range of damage. You can as often do 300 than 2000.
  11. Duelist in 5.8

    I don't know if a single Duelist can do that with only self-buffs. One duelist spec has the Piercing vulnerability, and a different spec has the improved +50% damage. The numbers I gave you are the ones I get on r7 spiders, with only self-buffs. I could reach 3300 with the +50% damage, but then I wouldn't be able to pierce your resistance. My guess is that the first Duelist shot you with a Pepperbox that reduced your piercing resistance, and the second one had improved damages on his shot. As for the x4 overclock... it might possible to some extend with Inconceivable that boost base damage, crit chances, crit damages and double attack chance. What I can tell you is that I regularly do 400-600 damage with pepperbox shot, but when the stars align, it sometimes do 1200 up to 2200. (and I have white gear, white weapons and basic vessel.)
  12. Duelist in 5.8

    It is very difficult to achieve, but it is possible, yes. Pepperbox shot is a strong skill that greatly scale with buffs, debuffs, and gears. The duelist has to get boosted (multiple buffs by your group, some of them rare/short timed), have some luck on the Inconcievable, (maybe get proper timing with Careless Wishper), add Glass Canon for extra risks, maybe get one Dirge Duelist to debuff piercing, and one Slayer Duelist for +50% damage on pepperbox... It requires a high level a skills and maintenance and proper timing to achieve such numbers consistently. In general, my Pepperbox shots hits around 400-600, and ramp up to 2200 on a critical hit. Duelist are very squishy, but also very scary damage dealers when properly supported by a group.
  13. Rifles?

    At the moment, based on the story of the game, pistols are a guinecean invention. I have never heard any plan to add muskets (although I agree it would be damn cool), but if there is any, it will probably be exclusive to the guineceans.
  14. Node Damage Bonus: ALL seems to have the opposite effect. It reduce your damage on all nodes. I made a necklace with +1.9 Node Damage Bonus: All Without the necklace, I do 100 damage on slag. With the necklace, I do 98 damage on slag.
  15. Femtaur Gaiawyn Gets a Makeover

    I think only small races should be able to ride a centaur. IE, a guinecean Also, Centaur Waifu is best Waifu.