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  1. Am I the only one who's deathly scared by this? The game seems to have no plan to generate sustainable revenues post-launch. The games sales will pay a few months of server cost. Then what? All that EK stuff is mostly useless because EK are useless to most players. So what's left? Mount skins?
  2. I sent you a buddy code by private message.
  3. There are ways to procedurally generate maps while retaining a good amount of creative control. Path of Exile built a great example which they showed in a few talks like this one: Sadly, I feel the current world in Crowfall is a bit too generic and bland. It's mostly forests and rocks placed randomly with monsters spawns spreaded around. And the spawn themselves seems to always be the same camp, or the same ravine.
  4. Hi, I am not a Twitch expert, so please help me on this... I had originally turned on the mail notification each time Crowfall was Online so I wouldn't miss any Q&A sessions or news announcement. Sadly, more recently, I have been receiving lots of notification for Guest streamers that do not really interest me. Is it possible in any way to only receive notifications for Q&A and important videos? I am getting so many notifications now I am going to turn all notifications off if I cannot find a solution.
  5. Guinecean Ranger! With the unique ability to use a rifle (purely a cosmetic/flavor thing) Give me a tiny Guinecean dressed like Robin Hood! Incredible! I found a unique screenshot of two Guinecean Ranger:
  6. During the course of playing, I try to compare the Duelist class to other class filling up a similar role. 1) Stealth Group: During sieges and battles, you might want to have people field an infiltration group. Currently, Assassin is the one and only bread and butter, mainly because of the Fae speed boost. The Duelist is just too slow to follow any stealth group, does not have the survivability of a life-leech assassin in sustained combat, no poison for sustained DPS (Impale isn't as good), and weaker Burst. In a stealth role, I feel Duelist is just a weaker assassin. Slayer does
  7. It was a message on the forum. They guy could have been exagerating. Although a quick seach brough these post for example: It was a HoA member who said a week ago: "We are starting to reach a point where we are gearing more towards having more pieces of gear purple then blue (some legendaries as well)." Mandalore also from HoA mentioned something similar: 2 weeks ago: "most weapons are purple" "it's a huge advantage". Maybe they both lied, maybe they both exagerated... but if most of them had purple weapons 2 weeks ago, surely all the active
  8. There was a message last week from someone mentioning that all their PvP'ers had purple weapons, and mostly blue armors with some purples. Since it only takes about 45 ore to make a one-hand weapon, and knowing that only the main hand weapon determine the damages, it isn't improbable for a Guild to have a purple weapon for each member, especially with current bene harvest buff. It would take less than a hour, maybe even half that time per weapon.
  9. I'm sorry, but that's the point, and where the problem lies. You shouldn't feels like you're burning out after making 4 sets of blue equipment. For a skilled harvester&crafter, blue gear should be the norm. If people are burning out from making a few blue gear after 6 months of skill time (bear in mind current skilling speed is x3, ergo 6 months), then it shows the game's economy is out of wack. Sure, I understand your pain, but the idea behind the item wipe is to reset the gear/material advantage some people obtained through uses of unintended mechanics. Some are saying "le
  10. 100% uptime has been there for a long time. Basically you get 100% trigger chance, and as long as you harvest something in the next 30 seconds, it stays forever. Immortal knotwood is an issue when it allows you to large reroll everything and stack many critical success. An armor takes what... about 450 dust to reroll everything? You don't get that many through regular harvesting. And even if you did, I don't think we should encourage people to earn any advantage by AFK-macroing safely in an EK.
  11. I agree with PAINDOTCOM, an item wipe is necessary. For the sake of clarity, I believe it is important to details the effects of current bugs: - There is a beneficial harvest bug that allows you to have 100% chance to trigger the effect, at 500%+ power. In effect, you have a permanent massive stamina regen, speed buff, and 75% chances to do a critical harvest with up to 5 extra items per node. Using this bug greatly improve your speed to gather blue/purple/gold. - There is a crafting bug that allows you to get ~20 damages on weapons. A weapon that goes from 80-100 to 100-120 is a
  12. I agree. There's currently a snowball effect between player's skill, organization, gear, group numbers and campaign victory. the more you win, the better the chances to win the next one. This is a problem in my opinion. I believe that at least, getting top gear should be accessible to most people to reduce some of the snowball effect and let everyone believe they have a chance. Losing because you could have played better is fine. Losing because you never had a chance to begin with and you will never have a chance unless you save your ressources for 6 month, then invest everything
  13. You shouldn't craft without the proper vessel, gear, runes and skills. Being a crafter is a full time job. I feel for you, it's really hard for a beginner to get even a decent set of advanced white gear (which is really the minimum to do anything). The best advice I can give you is to harvest tons of dust during spring, and trade that dust with a crafter for decent gear. (Or join a Guild.)
  14. I am jealous. I am still using green weapons and a mix of white/green armor. I have neither vessels nor jewels and blue stuff seems so far away...
  15. I would prefer Centaur suicide-bomber Crusader I also remember having groups of flying channelers and using a single wizard to teleport everyone above enemies, dropping all spells and teleporting back. Were-rat scouts, throwing-daggers forgemasters, thorn damage barbarians... there were so many ways to build a character. I do feel Crowfall lack the craziness Shadowbane had. There is hardly any emergent gameplay.
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