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  1. Hi, I am not a Twitch expert, so please help me on this... I had originally turned on the mail notification each time Crowfall was Online so I wouldn't miss any Q&A sessions or news announcement. Sadly, more recently, I have been receiving lots of notification for Guest streamers that do not really interest me. Is it possible in any way to only receive notifications for Q&A and important videos? I am getting so many notifications now I am going to turn all notifications off if I cannot find a solution.
  2. Guinecean Ranger! With the unique ability to use a rifle (purely a cosmetic/flavor thing) Give me a tiny Guinecean dressed like Robin Hood! Incredible! I found a unique screenshot of two Guinecean Ranger:
  3. Gaulwa

    Duelist 5.8 Feedback

    During the course of playing, I try to compare the Duelist class to other class filling up a similar role. 1) Stealth Group: During sieges and battles, you might want to have people field an infiltration group. Currently, Assassin is the one and only bread and butter, mainly because of the Fae speed boost. The Duelist is just too slow to follow any stealth group, does not have the survivability of a life-leech assassin in sustained combat, no poison for sustained DPS (Impale isn't as good), and weaker Burst. In a stealth role, I feel Duelist is just a weaker assassin. Slayer does have the ability to engage at distance, but any enemy looking at you will force you to escape and abandon the group. 2) Support DPS: Pepperbox is an amazing zone stun, and that's kind of it. The Duelist is a boring 1-trick pony. In engagements with over 2 groups on each side, you will simply build up your buffs, then spam basic attacks and pepperbox either on squishy targets for damage, or spam wildly pepperbox to be annoying. (Tanky character are impossible to kill) As a support DPS, if I compare the Duelist to Rangers, I see their attack distance, sniping capabilities, damages. To a confessor, I see way more DPS or Tankiness, and great utility with the knockback. I am most certainly biased for not having played every class in the game. However I feel the duelist lack purpose as they do not excel at a particular rôle in group fights.
  4. It was a message on the forum. They guy could have been exagerating. Although a quick seach brough these post for example: It was a HoA member who said a week ago: "We are starting to reach a point where we are gearing more towards having more pieces of gear purple then blue (some legendaries as well)." Mandalore also from HoA mentioned something similar: 2 weeks ago: "most weapons are purple" "it's a huge advantage". Maybe they both lied, maybe they both exagerated... but if most of them had purple weapons 2 weeks ago, surely all the active fighters in HoA should have one by now.
  5. There was a message last week from someone mentioning that all their PvP'ers had purple weapons, and mostly blue armors with some purples. Since it only takes about 45 ore to make a one-hand weapon, and knowing that only the main hand weapon determine the damages, it isn't improbable for a Guild to have a purple weapon for each member, especially with current bene harvest buff. It would take less than a hour, maybe even half that time per weapon.
  6. I'm sorry, but that's the point, and where the problem lies. You shouldn't feels like you're burning out after making 4 sets of blue equipment. For a skilled harvester&crafter, blue gear should be the norm. If people are burning out from making a few blue gear after 6 months of skill time (bear in mind current skilling speed is x3, ergo 6 months), then it shows the game's economy is out of wack. Sure, I understand your pain, but the idea behind the item wipe is to reset the gear/material advantage some people obtained through uses of unintended mechanics. Some are saying "let me enjoy my blue a bit longer", I also understand, sadly while you enjoy your blue, these bugs have made purple the norm (at least for weapons), so your blue is still a rank lower than your opponents. Would you rather farm an insane amount of time to get your purples and remain competitive, or would you prefer to wipe, bring back the norm to blue at best, and be just as efficient as you currently are with a new set of green? My main argument in favor of wiping the items is to collect more data about the real state of the economy as it was intended without exploits. We "could" wait until next patch or whatever... but this is a pre-alpha game, in active development. It would be beneficial for the game to wipe sooner rather than later to collect ueful data about actual balance. I know this is painful from a player's point of view because you just want to play your game. And I understand, sadly this is a pre-alpha, and regular wipes should be expected as soon as a major bug screws the economy and the current data.
  7. 100% uptime has been there for a long time. Basically you get 100% trigger chance, and as long as you harvest something in the next 30 seconds, it stays forever. Immortal knotwood is an issue when it allows you to large reroll everything and stack many critical success. An armor takes what... about 450 dust to reroll everything? You don't get that many through regular harvesting. And even if you did, I don't think we should encourage people to earn any advantage by AFK-macroing safely in an EK.
  8. I agree with PAINDOTCOM, an item wipe is necessary. For the sake of clarity, I believe it is important to details the effects of current bugs: - There is a beneficial harvest bug that allows you to have 100% chance to trigger the effect, at 500%+ power. In effect, you have a permanent massive stamina regen, speed buff, and 75% chances to do a critical harvest with up to 5 extra items per node. Using this bug greatly improve your speed to gather blue/purple/gold. - There is a crafting bug that allows you to get ~20 damages on weapons. A weapon that goes from 80-100 to 100-120 is a direct +25% DPS. Skills are also based on weapon power. This puts the entire balance of the game out of whack. - The "infinite tree" is not just 5 trees.... it's a dozen trees stacked in one. The trees respawn faster than a player can harvest them. Combined with the first bug for infinite stamina and the ability to run a few scripts, people have been making thousands dust every few hours of AFK. (and a few dozen embers). - Near limitless dust and ember allows to constantly make reroll on gear to reach power that would only be rarely seen. Cumulated with the crafting bug mentioned above, and you get a very large advantage over other players. The 3 bugs combined gives you a much higher amount of quality material, better stats on weapons, and better reroll on every gear for a snowballing effect. A conservative estimation from my personal experience shows around 30-70% extra stats on gear thanks to easy access to higher grade and infinite reroll. In example: a decent green leather chest with only a few rerolls gets about +1000 health. A blue chest with everything rerolled reaches +1700 health. I believe it is important to get an item wipe as soon as these bugs are fixed in order to get more clarity on the current economy and gear balance.
  9. I agree. There's currently a snowball effect between player's skill, organization, gear, group numbers and campaign victory. the more you win, the better the chances to win the next one. This is a problem in my opinion. I believe that at least, getting top gear should be accessible to most people to reduce some of the snowball effect and let everyone believe they have a chance. Losing because you could have played better is fine. Losing because you never had a chance to begin with and you will never have a chance unless you save your ressources for 6 month, then invest everything for a week to maybe get a chance.... is terrible.
  10. You shouldn't craft without the proper vessel, gear, runes and skills. Being a crafter is a full time job. I feel for you, it's really hard for a beginner to get even a decent set of advanced white gear (which is really the minimum to do anything). The best advice I can give you is to harvest tons of dust during spring, and trade that dust with a crafter for decent gear. (Or join a Guild.)
  11. I am jealous. I am still using green weapons and a mix of white/green armor. I have neither vessels nor jewels and blue stuff seems so far away...
  12. I would prefer Centaur suicide-bomber Crusader I also remember having groups of flying channelers and using a single wizard to teleport everyone above enemies, dropping all spells and teleporting back. Were-rat scouts, throwing-daggers forgemasters, thorn damage barbarians... there were so many ways to build a character. I do feel Crowfall lack the craziness Shadowbane had. There is hardly any emergent gameplay.
  13. I never mentioned any knights or honorable play. Crowfall offers no thieves and only limited stealth. If you were harvesting when a group runs toward you with mounts, your chances to escape and keep your loots are almost null. This was not so the case on EvE.
  14. There's also a few fundamentals between a classic Heroic Fantasy and EvE. In EvE, if you feel you are in danger, you always have a good chance to escape with your loot. You can emergency warp, scramble your positions while they are scanning for your new position, and hopefully you can make it to one of the gates or stations. In crowfall, you get ganked with no chance to escape (Exception of OP classes). EvE Online also have a massively large universe. A small group can claim an isolated system and thrive there. In Crowfall, it is difficult to hide out of the way, the good resources are already rare, and usually around keeps. If you cannot get out of the way, and if you have no chance to survive, it makes things more difficult for smaller groups to thrive.
  15. I cannot help but observe you sounds a bit aggressive. This is your first post on this forum, yet you came to attack this suggestion while everyone else seems to at least understand the intentions behind the idea. Not everyone agrees on the details, but all are acknowledging the issue and talking about possible solutions. Maybe you need to take a step back? As for the chess example, as you said, a player with higher skills and experience will always win. Why do you want to player to also start with better units? This only exacerbates the issue. Some games decided to counter the issue we are talking about with forced balance or matchmaking. Obviously thoses will not work for Crowfall, so I was suggesting a Handicap system as you commonly see in sports such as golf, horse racing, and competitive sailing in order to make the chances more equal. If the 3 factions campaign is supposed to be the introductory step for new players to learn, then I see nothing wrong with a Handicap system. To go back to the sports analogy, this prevents the national champion to just go around every local competition, grab the cash prize and leave everyone else discouraged. The dredges are there for you to compete in a giant blender of gears, skills and salt. Factions campaign should be different.
  16. Right now when everyone have a few months worth of skills, yeah, green is probably base line for organised groups. But I still test builds and characters with white stuff.
  17. Duelist always had access to stealth, but tunnel often fails to get on top or through walls as it should, stealth speed is very slow (especially in a world full of mounts), and has a long 30s cooldown. I would love to see the tunnel cooldown replaced by a stamina cost for quick bursts of speed if you need it and spec for it, with the downside of not being able to run anymore or escape CC if you burn your stamina. I would also love to see tunnel available in the exploration tray or the combat tray to be used defensively as a blink or offensively to dash into the fray, impale a target and jump out. With a stamina cost, a well time CC would easily counter abuses as Guineceans have a low stamina max already. You could also make it available to every Guineceans. This would add some flavor on top of that weak stealth for Knights and Clerics.
  18. Any decent group of players have a plethora of white ressources once you know a bit more about the game, and maxxed white gear is just as good as many green and some blues. You shouldn't have a problem getting white advanced gear as long as you are willing to farm an hour or two. Go back to the zombies and farm a few thousands gold, then buy white ressources from the vendor. Get those in the hand of a friendly crafter and you should get something decent for a taste of the PvP.
  19. Yes, I understand this is a flawed suggestion, however I am trying to find a solution to this snowball effect when the winning faction has easier time to harvest, craft, more export, better gear, and also very often, superior number, knowledge and organisation. Some of theses advantages can be countered in a way or another.... but all of them together feeds each other into a gigantic snowball of doom. If you tell a new player joining the race that he will have to run an uphill course while the previous winners are sliding downhill, he will have much trouble to catchup, if that is even possible at all, and more often than not will quickly become discouraged. If you start a game of chess with two more queens because you won the previous match, you can see how it might be discouraging for others. That's why you have Handicaps in some sport and not extra advantage to the already superior player. Wear your handicap (as a cosmetic item) with pride!
  20. Join the least populated faction. You will have fewer chances that allies steal your iron.
  21. Yes and No. Yes, the Uncle Bob problem was that a game where one player achieves a total domination becomes boring for everyone involved. We have seen this in many games. The only "good" example that avoid the problem would be EvE where the universe is way bigger than the number of players, so there is a lot of empty space for small groups to strive. But empty space is also very boring. No, in the sense that with the current system of carry-over materials, ressources and characters, each campaign is merely a global score reset. Sure... every 6 months, a lesser power might be able to field everything they accumulated so far and temporary overtake Uncle Bob, but that will be rare and only the biggest hardcore will invest 6 month of defeats for a single win. What you probably want is a system like Risk Legacy or Hunt: Showdown, where the winners are rewarded amazing cosmetic things or accessories, but they lose all resources invested. Only "losers" would be able to escape with their characters and resources, giving them a headstart for the next campaign. The point being: It must be more costly for the recent winner if they want to keep on winning. With such a system, you guaranteed that campaign winners that already have advantages such as knowledge, experience, numbers... are forced to fight in white/green gear because they will lose it on each win. Thus giving an advantage to "losers" who might have been accumulating resources for a few past campaigns.
  22. Very good feedback, I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you for posting this, I agree with you.
  23. It's closer to fighting a 2v10 naked versus NBA players in full gear and sponsors. Not only do you get steamrolled, but everyone is watching your humiliation on primetime television and mocking you for it. When you don't have the numbers, you don't have the gear, you don't have the full knowledge of game systems exploits (like switching gear and runes in combat to adapt, or using ballistae as an offensive siege weapon... things that are not intended. And I'm not even talking about blatant hacks and real exploits I've seen)... Without gear, numbers or knowledge, it's even harder to learn and get gear as you are constantly fighting an uphill battle. It's no wonder people give up. There are games that after each round reward the loser with some sort of buffs until they win. As example, Risk Legacy does that, the loser of the previous campaign gets to pick which nation and starting position he wants. So if a good player has brought one of the game's faction to a leading position, the worst player gets to play from that leading position if he wants to during the next game. It's kind of the same as auto-balancing during Counter-Strike matches.
  24. Gaulwa

    Duelist 5.8 Feedback

    As APE mentioned, exposing is difficult and short-lived. It's almost impossible to focus a target in a group fight because you do not have the possibility to get close and the camera angle makes it impossible to target anyone in the back. Expose also requires you to be stealthed, which is a pain to return from the combat stance, and almost impossible in group fights with the amount of AoE and detection. So no refresh for you unless you use Plague Lord. Also, what does expose exactly do for a slayer? You get an extra pip and damage on flintlock and guaranteed critical on the weak Go For Broke. Does it have another effect I am not aware of?
  25. Gaulwa

    Duelist 5.8 Feedback

    Agree. Most classes have much better survivability that Duelist because they have access to heal, life leech or heavy armor. Most classes except healers have better DPS that Duelist. There are tanks that have better damage and utility than Duelists. Duelist is currently reduced to an extremely long wind-up to do okay, and it only has 1-2 really useful skill. (pepperbox and Impale.... or only pepperbox if you play slayer) Even with great gear and buffs, you only do 400-1200 damages on a dummy every 6 attacks. Being limited to Crushing Damage, it is particularly low in a real situation and you'll be limited to a couple hundreds of damages at best. There are tank classes with twice the average damage. So... low health, low survivability, low DPS, low utility... and unplayable during big fights. Anyone who says otherwise has never played a Duelist. This is why: The camera. The camera is so low you cannot see whether you are aiming at friends or foe, nor estimate distances. Agent provocateur is your best discipline because it's the only one with a heal, yet you cannot see where you are aiming the stink bomb or caltrops. Whoever designed the guinecean/duelist forgot to check it for one of the major activities this game has to offer.
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