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  1. Hahahahaha Well played sir! Well played!
  2. How about a real life Guinecean Doggett?
  3. I still lurk. It has been fun getting to know the new people.
  4. Rest well fallen crow. Thank you for your kind words and support during my live streams. May you descend upon the halls of Valhalla flaming sword in hand, song in your heart and good friends at your side. I will see you on the other side brother.
  5. This explains so much. I have been on the search for others of my kind. I think this guy might be related to me. http://blog.benspera.com/2013/05/wyoming-man-that-killed-a-bear-with-his-bare-hands-and-teeth/
  6. I am glad you asked this question. I find it as an opportunity to harvest souls in order to feed my empty vessel. I find it more awkward that I am the only one that wears sleeveless tiger print tee shirts everyday in the office.
  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This had me in tears this morning. Well played!
  8. One day we shall meet on the field of battle, but first I need to finished making the game
  9. Yes and No. The hair also travels down my back.
  10. LMAO! Close, but you need to say something about my receding hairline to really drive the insult home.
  11. Shirt is coming in Tomorrow, I will post pictures as soon as it comes in!
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