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  1. This is really good news. Crowfall has definitely had a lot of hype for being so early in development. Most MMO websites still list Crowfall as the number 1 upcoming MMO and we still have very little info on any sort of release; other than their plan for a soft release. The best part is truly how modular the game is which will mean there will always be new strategies to develop in campaigns. I'm excited to be on this hype train into launch with you guys. Defiantly a good group of people here.
  2. I agree! I also like how they are planning on doing major point of interest like lumber mills. I am really glad they went simple and just have the PoI generate materials that anyone nearby can gather. This creates attacks of opportunity by discovering the update ticks for when resources are ready. You may then be able to stage ambushes against other looking to take the resource. I think this creates a much more dynamic and exciting environment that PoI's that you need to capture and control.
  3. I'm excited that they are implementing crafting into the next big update instead of just resource node capture points that they talked about a few months back. I am fine waiting a few more months for the next testing window if it includes a much bigger picture of the game. This way, we can start to play something that resembles actually Crowfall sooner. I find this better than the game taking longer so we can have a few more temporary test environments. My guess is six months until the game is in a near completed beta state. What do you guys think?
  4. That is an oddly specific request there Diz. Is this a common occurrence that I am unaware of? It might just need to become a tradition now!
  5. I don't understand why everyone is freaking out over 30 fps. They didn't say they want the game to run at 30 and lock it there. They said below 30 fps their culling systems will turn on. If you have a decent machine you don't even need to worry about the frames. What they are saying is, "When your game would drop to 1 fps in other games, we will make sure it does not go below 30." They never once said they hope to lock the game at 30. That is just when all their systems that reduce the overall game quality kick in so people with slower machines can still play the game with a lot of players on screen. You would have to cull nearly every detail to get these lower machines to run 200+ players at 60 frames. They even said this during the stream and everyone still panicked about it then lol.
  6. I agree! I like how much utility it has instead of just dealing some damage. I can't wait till we are taking down other guilds with these!
  7. I agree with this. I was a fun night! If anyone is reading this looking for a guild to play with in Crowfall; do yourself a favor and apply like I did. There is a quick and informal application process in place to make sure that you are a mature gamer. From my experience so far, this ensures that everyone you see in the guild is someone awesome enough to play some games with. These guys get my seal of approval!
  8. Put me down as a butcher. I want everyone who sees me kill them to know that their organs will not go to waste. Also, I want them to know that I will devour their heart for it's courage. It's sweet tasty courage.
  9. I am fine as it is. Having battle awareness adds in another skill factor for the players. After all, there will be less and less skill required the more the game does for you; proven by the fact that a game that plays itself takes no skill. A slight outline around friendlies is not too bad and I can live with it as long as it is not too glaring as it could retract from the immersion.
  10. Yes we are all excited for it. However, I know that we are all secretly more excited that we can feast upon the organs of our prey to gain greater strength! Also remember to eat their heart to gain their courage. Their sweet tasty courage.
  11. I agree. I like having all of these ways to ensure that no two classes are 100% the same. It seems like having 6 skill slots defined allows for most classes to act akin to one another (which is nice when you are fighting them), but differ in exact use. Best of the same classes world and customizable classes.
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