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  1. I find myself spending a meaningful portion of my play-time looking through my inventory/bank and manually stacking identical items (mostly crafting/harvesting stuff). AI does this process waaaay faster than I ever will, and I would LOVE to have a "/autostack" chat command. Does ACE plan to release an "auto-stack" or similar feature for the inventory? @devs: Thanks for all your hard work! I'm a Kickstarter backer who always loved Crowfall/ACE's vision, but only checked in every 6 months. 5.8 captivated me and still hasn't let go!
  2. "First you crawl, then walk, then run.... then FLY!" -J. Todd Coleman I'm gonna keep jumping off walls, buildings, and cliffs and glide gently to the ground until it stops being fun. It might never stop being fun!
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