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    delscorcho reacted to blazzen in Fae Assassins overpopulated, op   
    Fae Assassin is just really good for anything solo whether that's ganking or harvesting which is why you see a lot of them.
    They're not great in group fights. 
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    delscorcho reacted to PAINDOTCOM in Champion builds.   
    sorry you dont like the music, you can always mute it.
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    delscorcho reacted to Jagger26 in Will This Be The Theif? Stealing Please.   
    Shadowbane's Thief system was the best. if you failed to steal you stayed stealth but the person you tried to steal from got a message saying something like you feel someones hands in your pockets. If you successfully stole something you became visible to everyone and had to rely on your skill to escape with your stolen goods.  The players that got the steal messages then had to use aoe's or some kind of reveal skill to find the thief. The anti thief class was the scout who could track down a stealth thief reveal them and if played well was a solid one on one match to any thief, especially if the thief over spent in their peak, steal, and stealth abilities thus gimping their combat ability.
    Playing a Shadowbane thief was the most fun I ever had in a game to be honest. Miss it so much. My thieves guild I ran was hated server wide instant banes on any tree with mass turn out to ensure we never got one establish even when I would set the bane to go off at 4 am on a Tuesday night lol...
    League of Thieves  
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    delscorcho reacted to daworf in Will This Be The Theif? Stealing Please.   
    No, if I steal and get away with it then I am a good thief.
    Justice should be served by the playerbase not an in-game mechanic.
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    delscorcho reacted to thenebrosity in Will This Be The Theif? Stealing Please.   
    Stealing was a major pass time and very entertaining part of Shadowbane that many of us have enjoyed.. will the Assassin have the ability to steal directly from a player's inventory as in SB?
    As the spiritual successor of SB I'd hate to see stealing not be implemented in LIVE. 
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    delscorcho reacted to WildOne in Assassin Worst Solo Class?   
    I have solely played the assassin since it came out on 5.4 on test and live. The assassin is the complete opposite of a gimped solo class.  Landing backstab is not difficult when the base kit and discs are used depending on the fight or situation. Backstab should not be spammed but rotated in when possible. Stuns/diffusion's/poisons/ disengage & reengage/ ult  allow for very high risk but rewarding play.  I'm in complete agreement with Yumx that the circle strafing and knowing when to use LMB over backstab are both extremely important.
    When you can properly utilize the base kit/discs,  killing armored classes is not a problem just a matter of skill and experience .  The right poison or disc can devastate healers and prevent/ reduce healing throughout the battle. I have successfully killed many targets(soft and armored targets that have advanced gear) within viewing distance of there guild or faction and gotten away clean.  Sometimes you do get caught but that all a part of the high risk/ reward gameplay. 1v2 1v3s are possible if you play your cards right. Knowing when and what targets to attack is key and can only be learned through experience.
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