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  1. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area but, how do I change the email linked to my account? I don't use the email on file anymore.
  2. I know these suggestions have been submitted several times, however I think if we're going to get any eyes on this we have to show the devs that there's enough support for this. I've put together a petition here: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/crowfall-necromancer-archtype Please review it and sign it if you support this idea.
  3. I'm a backer, and have been playing the recent tests. For whatever reason, I can't reply in the open discussions. Yes, I'm sure the topic isn't locked. I'm currently trying to reply to the bugs discussion for Sunday.
  4. I think a great archetype would be a necromancer. This archetype would rely heavily on the use of minions. I think a game that really did a good job at implementing this was City of Villains, specifically the Mastermind archetype. I think it would be awesome to go on the battlefield and have your own mini legion, but obviously it would sacrifice your personal damage abilities. The balance would be that your personal powers would be mostly crowd control based. That way the majority of your damage is reliant on your pets, making them less of a "nuisance" and otherwise harder to ignore. Here's a video clip of what I'm referring to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noXJsfwL6qg What do you think?
  5. Does anyone remember this guild? I can't exactly remember the server it was on, but I do recall this guild being the reason I really got into Shadowbane. I just really enjoyed the "gang" mentality of join us or be destroyed. They would go town to town and either make people swear under them, or destroy the city. They were pretty damn good at it. If memory serves me right, they caused so much havoc that there was an alliance of guilds that formed on the other continents that eventually made a gargantuan war and eventually took them down. I'm really hoping a similar thing is available in Crowfall.
  6. Im in like sin ladies and gentlemen. Thank you, and see you in the forums!
  7. Hey everyone! Brand new here and just recently pledged to Crowfall. Ever since SB I have been searching high and low for an MMO to fulfill my desires for large scale combat with player driven cities. I guess the main thing I'm searching for is, what are the main similarities that Crowfall will have in comparison to SB? Can I expect large city vs city combat? Will players be able to create a true "Gang" mentality of belonging, alliances, betrayals, politics, war, etc? How so? Also, when does Beta for Bronze pledgers begin, lol? Thanks and I can't wait to see it live!
  8. I'm interested in being a member. I recently pledged to Crowfall. I'm an oldschool Shadowbane player, if that counts for anything, and have been playing MMO's all my life. I also went to your website and registered (Name is GrinReaper). Hope to hear from you soon if you're interested. Thanks.
  9. It seems like the game will allow players to build cities correct? If so, will it be similar to SB in where you can create NPC guards to fight on your behalf? Will we be creating NPC driven vendors? I know it said the economy would be player driven, but I would love to know more about it and how it rivals SB's player driven economy.
  10. Hey everyone, recent Pledge here. One of the biggest things that drew me to this game was the apparent similarities in it's distant cousin, Shadowbane. However, I haven't figured all them out. For those of us who are big fans of games like Shadowbane, what similarities does Crowfall bring to the table? Thanks in advance!
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