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  1. I clicked find source on the image on the kickstarter main page and it says "dark hero theme" so clearly it is showing a good side and evil side similiar to the 2 paths. Side to the castle and side where the zombies are.
  2. Its just strange to me that the developers would create a house only that (1) person so far has bought. I dont think the house represents the price either, its all of the other neat stuff you get to do, like meet Todd and Gordon, and Create your own limited time Campaign. Either way I don't need it to be the same exact house, just something as big as it. I hope that person who donated 10k enjoys it, and shows it off, I dont think anyone else will be spending that much.
  3. Will these special houses be available in the game in the micro shop when its released? (Imperial Palace, Mountain Citadel, Large Castle, Medium Castle, Small Castle, etc..) Or if these are Kickstarter exclusive only, how about similar but different? I find it a bit out of reach to spend 10,000 dollars for the best house at release.
  4. I know that we have Frostweaver which is Ice magic based, and Confessor which seems to be Fire magic based. I'm very surprised there is no normal Mage choice which can learn whichever magic they want. (Ice/Storm/Fire..etc.) And Im very shocked that there is no necromancer or warlock option. Usually is a staple in most games. Hope we see more archetypes added in the future. I really love the Confessor and Frostweaver as they seem to be the only magic users besides the druid. Thanks!
  5. I would like to see more of an option for magic users/lovers. Confessor seems like fire based only. Frostweavers seems ice based only. I'm very surprised that there is no necromancer/warlock archtype or a normal mage who can specialize in whatever they choose (fire/ice/storm/ etc.) I hope they add more soon!
  6. I am planning on spending 60$ on the kickstarter, but I am curious as what this will look like. I know its purely cosmetic but as an exclusive look to show that you donated, is there any possible way the devs could show an example of what it will look like in the end game when the game is released? Or a rough estimate. Not that big of a deal just curious is all. Thanks!
  7. Love that the campaigns are sort of like Hunger Games especially with the seasons described in the season video. Cannot wait to try it out
  8. Looking to donate 60 I would love to see an example of the arcane recipe in action if its possible
  9. Frostweaver was released today so here is the render!
  10. Just wanted to see what they would look like on a in game backdrop, look awesome! (Using a backdrop from Eden Eternal) Also yes I changed her hair to a darker color, I don't really like the current one she has lol
  11. Since they released the Templar Model today, here is the render for it to whoever needs it!
  12. Hope to see the mage render soon!! the tree is very interesting glad to see the names of each now.
  13. I know this shouldnt be a main focus right away but any way to have options on the class we pick? hair color/eyes/hair style/ etc..? To diverse players up instead of having clones with different names?
  14. In the upcoming weeks/days could you show us more of the chars like you did with the Knight? I would love to see what the Mage looks like.
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