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  1. Thanks for the opportunity I filled out an application!
  2. Hi everyone!! I'm Zafeiria, and I'm super excited for this game!! I supported back during kickstarter because I came from SWOTR and Wizard101 and I seen J Todd coleman promoting this new game on social media, so I had to dip in! I have played in several play tests mostly the hunger dome. It's been a little while since I've played but I'm getting ready to jump back into Early access and figure out what's been going on. I am in the EST timezone and I work a 40 hr per week job like normal, so my most active times will most likely be at night after 6pm EST time and weekends af
  3. I think I'm just gonna run like a little girl the entire time. Blue light here I come!
  4. I don't think they will make VIP 50$ a month, you probably don't have to worry about that. I think I saw somewhere someone rough estimated it at being 15$ a month. It's not like you'll have to buy the game each month to achieve VIP status, it will be a whole separate thing.
  5. Well of course if this was implemented, you could choose to mute/ignore a player that was annoying the hell out of you. That's why I think this is a great idea. People can only hear you when you get near them, and if they happen to be annoying pests, then just mute them and go on with your life. I agree that this would make things much easier, as long as it is accompanied with a mute button,
  6. I know this sounds odd, but I would like a pet that could also double as a mount. Maybe a form of a pet, not all pets. Maybe each pet has different abilities once you "tame" them. A pet with the ability to morph into a mount at will, and become a pet when in battle. Maybe if you tame a bear in the wild you can train him to ride and also attack when in combat. A side note, I would like to see pets with different abilities depending on its species. Maybe you tame a wolf and it's an aggressive fighter, but if you tame a rabbit its friendly and provides extra warmth in the winter. Maybe t
  7. The fact that they're giving us the last 2 Stretch goals is just incredibly generous and shows us how grateful they are. I so cannot wait for this game ! You guys are amazing and I'm so excited to watch your game grow from here!!
  8. I successfully picked up a gold solely because of this chat! A HUGE thanks to Elvine and Shilo for this wonderful thing!~
  9. I can see where you're coming from, maybe they only did that too keep it even increments? Even then they could've went by 5's. Maybe it's a cost thing.
  10. I saw a post somewhere of a graph showing the general climb of the pledge $'s and it said it would end up around $1,500,000, but honestly I think it can get to around 1,600,000 with the rush of last-minute pledges.
  11. It will be just like a business in real life. Set up, provide quality products/services, and market like a lunatic. Tell your friends about it, tell your friends to tell their friends about it, tell your friend's friends to tell their friends about it etc. When you get a good flow coming in, cater to your customers, or in your case citizens, and always look out for their needs or they will leave. Sure, the local McDonalds kingdom will have tons of visitors, but if they aren't catering to their citizens their reputation will suffer.
  12. This is so amazing, Congratulations!! I absolutely cannot wait. Your hardwork is gonna pay off for sure Come on 2016
  13. I truly CANNOT wait for the amazing things that will come of this game. I back it 100% of the way. I will keep an eye out for all your new ideas. As an avid lover of Wizard101, SWTOR, and Game of Thrones, one can only imagine my excitement as this project unravels!!
  14. This is some amazing art-- You can really tell the difference between common concept artists and artists like these.
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