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  1. Sprint is currently available in combat stance only. Full Sprint would be available only in Survival stance -- and it would replace the right-click with a toggle? I'm confused.
  2. If you land your Faerie Traps and supplement with Force Mage, brigand can be fairly durable. I'm reluctant to use the word "tanky" because the build won't stand up to the kind of sustained or focused damage that pit fighter/battle rager/secutor will -- but then again, neither will a warden (see Nuk's post above). Mail armor has become less important since most of the health bonuses were removed. Brigand's damage is better -- and the class is a lot of fun. You should give it a try. The biggest problem I have with rangers right now is Gleeful Strike. Having to slot two class-based passives leaves only two (maximum) for discipline passives. Really ticks me off.
  3. Centaurs already have a great racial ability in Wild Charge, making them one of the best choices for Champions and arguably the best choice for Knights. Centaur clerics don't shine quite so much, but that could be remedied through making auras less fragile and/or giving centaurs a bit more Spirit. Frankly, most centaur builds would be hard pressed to slot another racial ability, especially one that eats stamina, a much needed resource for retaliating and blocking. The race doesn't really need a fix at this point. Look how many melee characters are centaurs. Stoneborn on the other hand... By the way, Centaurs already need to consume more food than smaller races.
  4. Gestalt shares a cooldown with Awareness, so you're really just getting Trailmaster, the perception bonus, a range cap bonus (if you decide to focus on range), and the added con/strength. Trailmaster has become less useful since the advent of pack pigs, but it sometimes makes sense to run around unmounted so you can use Awareness. The additional con has a greater impact on barrier-heavy builds (brigands with force mage), but it doesn't hurt. For Warden, I think I would go with either mino or wood elf (blink is still an amazing racial, even if you can no longer use it to get through walls). It's hard to make a bad choice with the races available. For example, humans can get an additonal 10% damage reduction (3% inherent, 7% from Armor of Faith), or simply slot more abilities -- what's more, they don't need to take Demon's Pact, which is in high demand right now.
  5. ...and bake its effects into the class. Rangers have enough issues right now without having to lose a slot to a passive that seems mandatory rather than optional. I’d like to see the same thing happen with the Knight’s Resolve
  6. Is it true that heavy axes reduce your left-click damage but increase your ability damage? If so, they may be less than ideal for a myrm. But I may try one out on my Brigand.
  7. Wait, has Transcendence switched to Chaos? No wonder there are only about 7 people in Faction (Order) when I log in.
  8. Pwca

    Archdruid Talent Choices

    Edit: Oops, didn't click on last talent screen above. Seems you're running Stormcaller. Nice build, nonetheless. Thanks again for posting it.
  9. Pwca

    Archdruid Talent Choices

    Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll try out some combinations of gear and disciplines before committing some of those final points. With decent Nature penetration, Banshee might be fun. I had been focusing on healing disciplines to offset the lackluster support power, but I'll probably wind up with 2/3s damage, 1/3 healing.rather than an even split. Most of my time/essence generation in the healing tray is spent dropping orbs anyway. I'll look into Leeching Seed. I may need the extra defensive skill since my mobility is a bit limited (Half-Elf), and I have the extra slot from the racial. Could be nice when combined with either Wee One (Pixie) or Haunt (Banshee). Too many appealing choices! Thanks again.
  10. Hey, all: I'm currently trying to figure out where to put my last 15 points for my Archdruid talents. The choices are (current training in parentheses): Thick Skin: Improves Physical Armor by 1% (4/5) Foresight: Improves Critical Healing Chance by 1% (0/5) Yielding Roots: Improves Control Defense by 10% (0/3) Embedded Spores: Improves Critical Hit Defense by 3% (0/3) Ironwood Skin: Improves Physical Armor by 2% (0/3) Magic Dance: Improves Personal Healing Modifier by 1/5% (1/3) Dream Away: Improves Critical Healing Amount by 5%) (0/3) Loved by the Sun: Improves Healing Bonus by 2% (0/3) Leeching Seed (0/1) Yielding Roots and Leeching Seed aren't really under consideration. Ironwood Skin and Loved by the Sun seem to be obvious choices. I initially was leaning toward talents that work in both trays (e.g., Magic Dance, Embedded Spores) and would improve my survivability. However, since adding Friar to the build, my Critical Healing numbers are better than I anticipated. Hence my confusion. Any help you can lend would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Pwca

    Item Wipe

    Wouldn't the wooden board exploit demand a wipe anyway? Not that I fully understand the exploit, mind you.
  12. More resists or faster dodge-pip regeneration for leather would be nice. I would just like to see health tied to class/race/con instead of the armor itself.
  13. I'd rather see them reduce the amount of health attached to plate (and armor in general) than have them nerf one tree.
  14. You give up a lot of damage, not only from the Dirge tree but also from the Caltrops debuff (if you're using Agent Provocateur). In return you get improved survivability, better uptime on targets, easier target switching, and easier resource generation. Combined with okay-ish damage, a pistol Dirge can be a fairly decent utility/dps build -- using Plague Lord or Shield Breaker, for example. Rapier is better for solo play, but in group play, healing can cancel out the bleed from Impale, and you may not want to be in melee range with the heavies. If Resist Pain had a shorter cooldown, staying in melee range would be less risky. The built-in expose punish from Flintlock Shot pairs well with Plague Lord, as does the increased hard control intensity. By foregoing the melee-related skills, you free up points for survivability skills (personal healing modifier, hard control defense). Foregoing the Dirge passive makes room for other passives (Rot, Rupture Barrier). Not everyone's cup of tea, but not totally crazy. Of course, this raises the question of whether you want to bring any kind of Duelist to a group fight, instead of one of the meta classes. But some people just love the class. Sorry for the lack of organization above. It's been a long day.
  15. Even with the range bonus Dirge gets, you would still be within the range of pretty much every class/ability you listed. It’s always perilous to try to read the devs' minds, but I think they envisioned this class as one that relies on catching enemies at unawares, relying on dizzy downs and expose knockdowns (though snipe removes you from stealth). That said, the risk far outweighs the reward right now. I like the idea of increased stealth speed (and mail!), not to mention your suggestion for the reduced ult cooldown. I think vanguards have to live with the prospect of being popped from stealth on a regular basis. With a few changes, they’ll also be able to live through it. One last note: I don’t think pistol Dirges would be happy trading the range bonus for the Vanguard’s health bonus. They already get a health bonus of their own, so the gains would marginal while they would be giving up a lot. Maybe the default range of pistol powers should be changed to something in the 20-25m range, now that Duelist damage has been toned down.
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