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  1. Yeah, I'm sure it was the passive. I stopped using abilities and just let the shield time out while standing next to a mob at full health. No fly text, nothing in the combat log, but the mob's health went down (not by much) and it started attacking me.
  2. Wreckoning "worked" last night when I tested it. It took the tiniest sliver of health off an R1 spider in the starting area -- but there was no fly text. The damage was so staggeringly low, it leads me to believe a coefficient was left out of the calculation.
  3. Figures that it would be confessor's ult that makes you immune to fall damage. The devs are probably trying to rework Sustain to make rangers take more fall damage while it's active.
  4. This makes me wonder whether the node is actually meant to give 0.015%, which would be 1/15th of a percent, rather than 1.5 percent.
  5. Think you’re referring to Rune Caster. Flirt with slapping that one on too, but I find the radius of Sanctuary annoyingly small.
  6. I even flirted with slapping Pixie on my utility/support secutor (along with Standard Bearer) to take advantage of the knight’s cooldown reduction. Note: this would only make sense if one were augmenting the healing of the actual healer. At the end of the day, I couldn’t give up Shield Fighter. Nor could I justify such a build in a five-man group.
  7. Unless you’re running with a semi-stealth group, Invisibility is of limited use on a healing Druid, since you are visible when moving. Dissipate is the skill that really sets Wood Elves apart. Camouflage is just a bonus.
  8. I would prefer Gleeful Strike be baked into the melee and ranged trays. It's frustrating when classes are forced to slot passives that are in no way optional. Brigand needs to slot Gleeful Strike and Booby Traps in melee, with Weapon Finesse and Careless Whisper being near-necessities on some builds. That leaves little room for complementary passives such as Hot Foot and Phantom Feints. Baking Gleeful Strike's effects into the class would promote class diversity.
  9. Stormcallers get Plasma Spark, which increases their crit chance by 50% after three successive basic attacks. And Fae druids get Faerie Fire.
  10. 5.8.3 SNAP TEST Illusionist passives Hot Foot and Phantom Feints can be slotted into Ranger ranged tray, but they seem to do nothing -- at least as far as test dummies are concerned. They apply their respective effects in melee.
  11. I think what got to Yuukai is that the current testing environment allows players to exploit bugs without consequences. If you are knowingly using a bug to your advantage, you are exploiting. When I stumbled upon the Brigand permastealth bug, I reported it and stopped using the rotation that caused it -- even though it meant changing my playstyle. And I'm waiting to see whether the new Illusionist power will allow other classes to exploit the same bug, since the power seems based on the Wood Elf racial.
  12. Are all the weapon mastery discs gone now or did they just remove that power?
  13. This may explain why the game frequently crashes when I open this screen.
  14. I guess I'm learning that the hard way. Not the best approach to instill trust in your player/tester base.
  15. You put LIVE into maintenance mode while some of us were trying to bank our gear. Any chance you'll give us more time? Edit: Looks like we're getting another day for each campaign. The rollback seems to have extended pretty far. Gear I crafted/transferred last night isn't on certain characters.
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