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  1. Patch notes state: You now gain +1 Attack Power for each point of your class Attribute You now gain +0.1% Critical Hit Chance for each point of your class Attribute You now gain +0.1% Critical Healing Chance for each point of your class Attribute You now gain +0.1% Critical Hit Damage for each point of your class Attribute You now gain +0.1% Critical Healing Amount for each point of your class Attribute Crit chance, crit healing chance and crit healing amount are all still driven by different stats (dex, spirit and int, respectively). These changes don’t seem to have been made.
  2. Did they take the health off the armor, and if so, did they add it back anywhere else (class/race)? Edit: From your subsequent post, it seems the health is still on the armor, though I can’t tell how much (the images are strangely blurry).
  3. @KrakkenSmacken isn’t calling for a nerf to stealth. He’s actually calling for a buff.
  4. ...and bake its effects into the class. Rangers have enough issues right now without having to lose a slot to a passive that seems mandatory rather than optional. I’d like to see the same thing happen with the Knight’s Resolve
  5. If the devs allow traps to be slotted in the ranged tray, they probably shouldn’t allow Brigands to slot the Booby Traps passive in the ranged tray. The traps would be purely utility (knockup, shield, anti-stealth). Conversely, they could allow Brigands to slot the passive in the ranged tray (so their traps are retain the effects when trays are swapped) but not allow the trap abilities to be slotted in the ranged trays.
  6. Is it true that heavy axes reduce your left-click damage but increase your ability damage? If so, they may be less than ideal for a myrm. But I may try one out on my Brigand.
  7. Wait, has Transcendence switched to Chaos? No wonder there are only about 7 people in Faction (Order) when I log in.
  8. Log-in bug is getting worse, it seems. It sometimes takes me 8 attempts to get into the game.
  9. I don't think Hot Foot has ever worked on ranged basic attacks, making Phantom Feints useless for ranged characters that don't have a ranged snare in their class arsenal. Reactive Barrier, on other hand, has worked in the past (still working on Live). I hope they didn't intentionally change something.
  10. Pwca

    Archdruid Talent Choices

    Edit: Oops, didn't click on last talent screen above. Seems you're running Stormcaller. Nice build, nonetheless. Thanks again for posting it.
  11. Pwca

    Archdruid Talent Choices

    Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll try out some combinations of gear and disciplines before committing some of those final points. With decent Nature penetration, Banshee might be fun. I had been focusing on healing disciplines to offset the lackluster support power, but I'll probably wind up with 2/3s damage, 1/3 healing.rather than an even split. Most of my time/essence generation in the healing tray is spent dropping orbs anyway. I'll look into Leeching Seed. I may need the extra defensive skill since my mobility is a bit limited (Half-Elf), and I have the extra slot from the racial. Could be nice when combined with either Wee One (Pixie) or Haunt (Banshee). Too many appealing choices! Thanks again.
  12. As a former member of Servants of the Shroud (all-shade guild on Mourning), I endorse this message.
  13. Hey, all: I'm currently trying to figure out where to put my last 15 points for my Archdruid talents. The choices are (current training in parentheses): Thick Skin: Improves Physical Armor by 1% (4/5) Foresight: Improves Critical Healing Chance by 1% (0/5) Yielding Roots: Improves Control Defense by 10% (0/3) Embedded Spores: Improves Critical Hit Defense by 3% (0/3) Ironwood Skin: Improves Physical Armor by 2% (0/3) Magic Dance: Improves Personal Healing Modifier by 1/5% (1/3) Dream Away: Improves Critical Healing Amount by 5%) (0/3) Loved by the Sun: Improves Healing Bonus by 2% (0/3) Leeching Seed (0/1) Yielding Roots and Leeching Seed aren't really under consideration. Ironwood Skin and Loved by the Sun seem to be obvious choices. I initially was leaning toward talents that work in both trays (e.g., Magic Dance, Embedded Spores) and would improve my survivability. However, since adding Friar to the build, my Critical Healing numbers are better than I anticipated. Hence my confusion. Any help you can lend would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Pwca

    Item Wipe

    Wouldn't the wooden board exploit demand a wipe anyway? Not that I fully understand the exploit, mind you.
  15. More resists or faster dodge-pip regeneration for leather would be nice. I would just like to see health tied to class/race/con instead of the armor itself.
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