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  1. Shadowbane 2.0

    From what I can glean, you're probably not Gimpli. He stuck around until pretty late in Shadowbane's run. And he would have killed all the people searching for him.
  2. Shadowbane 2.0

    Is Viking Nail secretly Gimpli of Nurfed?
  3. The Master of Daggers rune grants +5 piercing. Ranger daggers (the only daggers in the game ATM) do slashing damage. Of course, the rune does boost bow damage -- if you're using piecing arrows.
  4. Yeah, Craftfall is not fun. It's anti-fun. I can only hope things will change as the economy matures, and thralls are incorporated. Harvesting feels like a really boring version of PvE. Even the promise of PvP while harvesting is blunted by having to slot harvesting disciplines/passives. Frankly, the system seems designed for players who have no social life or obligations.
  5. I believe the devs intentionally made this change a few patches ago, stating something along the lines of "all PBAoEs have a 5m radius." It made me unhappy.
  6. Don't get my wrong. I prefer the magic hamster semi-automatics. I really hope the future doesn't hold the prospect of looking for lead deposits to mine. On a side note, the character sheet includes a variable for doing additional damage vs. males. It doesn't mention whether they have to be peeing. Maybe it puts them in the exposed state.
  7. I imagine they considered this question, especially when Master of Pistols was added, but they didn't want to go down the rabbit hole (or hamster hole) of dealing with ammunition for pistols. Would duelists also have to slot gunpowder and wadding? A realistic reload rate would make the rate of fire something akin to the cooldown on flintlock shot -- but each shot should ignore armor altogether. So instead they decided to give the duelists magic hamster semi-automatic pistols. But as survivability goes up, the devs should reconsider the need for arrows. Or they can make it so something like Arcane Archer eliminates the need to slot arrows.
  8. I'd like to see Master of Scimitars include a charge power similar to the knight's/myrmidon's, except it includes a channeled heal that heals nearby teammates, including the druid him/herself. It would give the druid more healing, mobility and survivability -- and it would fit into the scimitar lore. Hey, it's certainly no more powerful than mana shield/nova.
  9. Agree. What's more, I feel like the tray system is a tax on Nature classes. Since Shadowbane, ,the Temple classes have been the special pets of the devs. Shadowbane rangers could buff themselves; Shadowbane templars could strip every buff off you. Shadowbane Rangers could turn into wolves (although the power was useless for years); Shadowbane templars could turn into f-ing angels! Meanwhile, druids were only useful for power-leveling noobs. Their most "powerful" skill (Earthquake) had a ridiculous cast time/animation, and did crushing damage, mitigated by armor. Crowfall Bear is the new Earthquake. This may not be the intent, but it feels like the devs are penalizing players for choosing certain classes while rewarding them for choosing others. Confessor is the stronger(-est) DPS; Templar is the strongest tank. On top of that, the devs give confessor a weapon discipline that is superior to most major disciplines, and both classes are given an extremely strong minor discipline unusable by other classes. This all comes back to the druid, who will likely serve as an off healer. As such, he/she will be expected to help save the main healer, who will inevitably be focused by the enemy. If the off healer says, "I can't help right now because I have to swap trays and burn off essence," he/she becomes a liability on the battlefield. Teams will run another healer or another DPS or a tank that can reliably peel. In PvP, there's not much room for a second-rate healing archetype or a second-rate DPS, and the druid can only be one or the other at any given time. Of course, I'm not telling you all anything you don't already know. I'm just venting my concerns regarding current game design. It just seems like we are being pushed toward certain classes/builds, and away from others. The game design should promote diversity, not discourage it.
  10. What many testers seem to be pointing to are features of the game that are anti-fun. Druid mechanics are anti-fun. PCM is anti-fun. Characters being roped into specific passives for viability is anti-fun. Overpowered confessors are anti-fun (though the changes to fireball costs are a step in the right direction.) The ubiquity of Field Surgeon...You get the picture. The litany aside, none of us mind hurdles -- but when hurdles turn into roadblocks, frustration sets in. I don't mind bugs, but when frustration is built into a game by design, that is discouraging. Almost forgot, Rapid Fire from Master of Pistols still does nothing. This is game-breaking.
  11. Melee vs. Ranged

    Bard songs in Shadowbane sounded nothing like the drunken banjo-plucking ACE has inflicted upon us.
  12. Two issues with Master of Pistols on the Duelist: 1. A number of times I've logged in or respawned to find that my bar had reverted to the default, with pistol skills and major discipline skills removed. I believe this happened once just coming out of stealth (this was the first time I noticed it, so I'm not sure I checked the bar when I first logged in). I'm not sure this is only happening with Duelist/Master of Pistols, but I haven't noticed it on other classes. 2. I don't know whether Rapid Fire is functioning as intended. I tested it against another player standing still, and it did practically nothing: it hit for 33 damage a few times, and it did absolutely no damage a number of times, despite the fact that we were only a few meters away from each other and the reticule was dead on. The other pistol skills all performed as expected. Thanks.
  13. The class we need more than the assassin: the practice dummy. Seriously, I generally log in to find empty campaigns. When there is a decent population, folks are often embroiled in group fights in which it's tough to tell what's doing what, especially without a damage log. Practice dummies would really help us sort things out and give feedback.
  14. Ah, thanks. I'll give it another go. I think the insta-gib rats are nearly all melee. Caltrops + Impale + crit gets pretty ugly. Not to mention the expose knockdowns. Leave the poor pistol rats alone!
  15. I don't think I've seen this brought up in this forum, but the +10M distance modifier from Master of Pistols doesn't seem to be working. This is makes it nearly twice as hard/perilous to build up pips on a build that I was hoping would have a bit more utility in a team fights. No pips = no utility. The duelist doesn't really have a gap closer apart from stealth/dodge roll, and stealth gets popped in an environment where AOEs are flying around. The pistol duelist already seems underpowered, but hey, I'm a glutton for punishment. Let me find out for myself how bad it is. Just want to say, the overall dynamic of the game is quite fun. Nice work!