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  1. The FAQ is no help because it hasn't been updated in months. I'm in Beta 2 but never received an email or anything, is my group testing now?
  2. I can't see any of the charts on the Powers Predictions article. The display for the article works but when I access the article all I see is a placeholder and when I click on it, it tells me come back later.
  3. How about if a smaller guild would enter into an alliance with a larger guild and be able to call upon each other during guild conflicts. This could encourage guilds to specialize to be able to play roles in the alliance, like griefing enemies, crafting certain kinds of gear, favoring certain kinds of play styles, and more.
  4. So? Wouldn't you want an mmo where the developers put their maximum effort into making it? A lot of good games have been ruined because they were too underdeveloped and poorly built. I am willing to wait a lot longer then they promised if I knew that they were willing to work out every single detail of the game right to the last bit rather than bear the shame of releasing a game they knew they could have done a better job on (As long as I received updates on the progress, that's what I believe just a small possibility of the many MANY possible reasons why EQN died. :'-(
  5. Does a player select their archetype when they create their crow or can they have multiple vessels with different archetypes? If you choose one archetype, are you bound by the skills and weapons available to that archetype or can you mix and match (with limits), for example, a sorcerer-like character who can use AOE spells and can equip heavy armor and use one-handed swords?
  6. In most MMO's crafting systems that allow you to customize your weapon do offer different styles and shapes, but that is just mostly for appearances sake. In real life, weapons with different shapes were meant for specialized forms of combat, and could deliver different kinds of wounds. I had an idea a while ago that damage in an RPG could have a scale to it, and the scale would be effected by how the weapon was made and what it was made of. The maximum damage would be determined by the weapon's sharpness, the minimum damage being determined by the weapon's weight, and the weapon's hardness would affect puncturing damage, which would be a base number added on to the damage done. A few examples would be a broadsword made out of Iron having a very high minimum damage against heavily armored enemies, a rapier made out of sterling and used with thrusting attacks dealing hits with solid base amounts, and a cutlass made out of steel would dish out attacks with high damage, but would be susceptible to armor. The handles could also have an effect on how the weapon performs. A sword with a curved handle would add on a bonus damage percentage to slashing attacks, a sword with a katana handle reducing the cooldown between weapon attacks, and a hand and a half sword handle enabling the sword to use both one-handed and two-handed sword skills. I have a lot of other ideas too, like a hook weapon being able to deal base damage with slashing skills, a war hammer with a spike on top being able to be used with thrusting skills, a polearm with a more elastic handle reducing the base damage of an attack when used in a blocking skill, and a pegged mace that does high minimum damage combined with multiple hits of base damage. Do you have any ideas that could be added on to this? Leave a comment!
  7. I was thinking that with alchemy, different ingredients would produce different effects, along with the processes used to craft it, such as distillation, calcination, sublimation, fermentation, putrefaction, congelation, and more. Like one ingredient could heal hp and a certain process could decide whether it heals a fixed number or a solid percent. Some effects could be combined by processing the ingredients differently and mixing them, like using the essence of an herb in water and mixing in a mushroom put through a calcinator and using a moarter and pestle on some berries and using an alembic to mix in the fumes from the juice. But to balance it all using potions would have a cooldown, with more potent potions having a longer cooldown. And for lore's sake they could say that using too many potions at one time could turn them into poison in the body.
  8. I wonder if players will be able to make their own trademark symbol and attach it to to the stat menu of the things they craft.
  9. I saw that article, but I don't see how either of those relate to what I posted. The chart gives special properties each metal has, but it doesn't say anything about weight, ability to hold an edge or hardness (to determine puncturing power).
  10. Did they have articles that said the exact same things I said? Can you post links to them please?
  11. I don't think they ever mentioned how damage with weapons would work. I saw some Alpha testing videos and it looked quite different from what I proposed, Instead of having a scale they just have a solid number and classifications of damage that each armor has more resistance to. Edit: Okay I checked again and they do have a scale to damage, but I'm not sure how what the weapon is made of contributes to it, and I don't know if they have a base to hit number.
  12. I went in-depth about how the materials would influence the properties of the weapon and how different weapons could have different properties and uses.
  13. New MMO's in development are taking crafting in a different direction. Instead of some resources being better than others, they are focusing on different resources having different properties. So I've been thinking about how this could be applied. For most weapons in both real-life and in games there are three types of damage, cutting, blunt and piercing. The advantage in cutting is the ability to deliver large wounds, the advantage in blunt being able to ignore armor and do internal damage and the advantage in piercing being able to deliver wounds being more lethal. What if each weapon had a form of scale of how much damage it could do and a set number that added on to the damage of each hit, with these properties being controlled by what kind of weapon it is and what it is made out of. The weight of the weapon would determine the minimum amount of damage it could do, the sharpness of the weapon determines the maximum amount of damage a weapon could do and the piercing ability would determine the base damage that would be added on to each hit. An example would be a pure iron war hammer having a high minimum damage, so It would work very well against heavily armored foes, but each hit wouldn't do very much damage and it would also be slow to swing. Another would be a bronze one-handed dagger having a very high maximum damage, being able to make a lot of hits in a short amount of time and if used in tandem with a lunging skill would be able to deliver a lot of damage to a single enemy, but wouldn't be very effective against heavily armored foes. This system would also work with armor as well, Such as a leather-padded chest plate-armor greatly reducing the damage of a bladed mace, by both subtracting the armor from the maximum damage and taking off a percentage of the base damage.Of course there are other factors to consider when crafting weapons as well, like reach, area-of effect, enchantment bonuses, stat contributions and more. A player who knows how to mix recipes and resources to fit any situation would be a force to be reckoned with on any battlefield. A guild that has many members with skills that can make weapons be unmatched in their type of use would gain a lot of revenue. And a faction that has captured the areas that have certain resources would control how well-armed their enemies are. Have some ideas to add-on? Leave a comment!
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