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  1. When on the main community site, http://community.crowfall.com/ hitting the View All link under the dev tracker on the top takes you back to the main page instead of the tracker. Using Chrome.
  2. Alright, I was going to try an explain this again but there is no point. Arguing on the internet is like the special olympics... Was it China? Probably. Can you prove it was China and not someone else? Not a chance. (Unless someone admits it)
  3. If you think an IP ban does anything at all, then yes, yes you are.
  4. Not that it really matters, but assuming that attack was ultimately controlled from the Chinese is more than a bit ignorant. From what they show in that screenshot, it looks like they got hit by an NTP amplification attack, and the IP's that are hitting them are simply misconfigured NTP servers on the open internet. Anyone can launch that kind of attack from their mother's basement anywhere in the world with the same results.
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