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  1. A loot all option would be nice as well as when the loot window opens it does not also open the inventory menu (which takes up 2/3 of the screen i might add). Just the loot window is enough cause having both open at same time is obstructive to what we can see in game. This is the only game i know of where the inventory window opens up with the loot window.
  2. Even with the Stomcaller "Weather Sense" talent the gear slot for shields is missing. I can equip a buckler shield but am unable to unequip it nor does the armor stat increase at all. We should be able to see a shield slot in our character sheet to enabling us to equip/unequip bucklers. So as of now this issue still hasn't been fixed in game. Can anyone else confirm this or is it just me?? Update: Never mind. I reloaded game & now it's properly displaying the slot & stat bonuses
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