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  1. Region: EU, Norway Time Zone: GMT+1 Atmosphere : Fun and furious. Casual/Hardcore: Casual ++ (Wintertime closer to hardcore, summertime casual light) Focus: PvP. Play-Style: Ranged DPS and usually backup on healer classes. Melee is fine too. Faction: No preference. Game Experience: Everquest, Anarchy Online, WoW, Conan, Shadowbane. Voice-Chat services: Teamspeak, Discord. Languages: English, Norwegian, Swedish
  2. Read the whole post, and check what has been written about EK earlier. This answer all your questions.
  3. 1) If I toggle PvP in the EK, can I adjust what parts is PvP and non-PvP? For instance if I have 5 parcels of land, can 4 be non and 1 be PvP? 2) Since the castles is modular, can I use the pieces to build, lets say, 4 piece in 4 different parcles instead of 1 big one?
  4. In this game I think that armor will be dmg reducers. It will be kinda complex to allow certain arrows to "bounce" of plate armor but penetrate chain armor or leather armor. Armor will probably give you a certain pierce/slash/crush resistance with plate giving the most resist. Since Crowfall is supposed to be a game where you can wear what armor you fancy (plate casters!) then the better armor you have should also give a disadvantage. For instance, movement speed could be reduced based on armor type and your strength. If you have a dex based toon and wear plate, you will have slower movement speed than a STR based mino wearing the same. Better armor should also lower DEX, since you IRL would be less agile in plate than in cloth... So you have to balance your DEX monkey and choose between higher dex but less resist or less dex but more resist. I like this since it basicly mean you can create several viable builds out of the same toon. There is not a one-build-rule-em-all option. Maybe armor choice should lower spell casting damage too, but most likely it will be that cloth stuff will be able to have magic enchantments (INT, pow dmg etc) but that is up to Team ACE to reveal.
  5. I have a few hopes for the ranged weapons in this game. Bows should shoot slightly farther than spells, unless you tilt it. Spells are like 30-40 meters, bows should be 50ish Tilt your bow and the arrow goes longer, great for fire arrows and other siege mechanics. (but at the cost of precision) You should not be able to carry 10 000 arrows, make it a little more realistic. If a group of rangers decide to stay outta range and just pour down arrow after arrow its killing the action. If you have a max of lets say 50 arrows, then you need to use it wiser and you cant kite a group forever. With a disipline your should be allowed to create basic arrows in the wild, but it should take some time. Stealth should be based on several factors. You should be easier to detect the closer you are to someone. If your stealthed out on 40 meters I am cool with the Ranger beein almost undetectable. Also stealth should be harder to detect if you come from behind a toon. Stalkers stealth should eventually be even better than ranger stealth, but all stealth should be visible if you attack in a 180 arch in front of the toon. Visible range should be affected by the light in that area. Night time is ofc. stealthier than day time. Camp fires will help to detect, etc.
  6. If the skill advancement system is basicly uncapped I would think that other things you can do to your toon (applying runes) will be the game breaker! There will probably be a limit to what runes and how many you can apply to your toon. PvP wise I think nobody cares that you can advance say "fishing skill" to all times high. Guess we will just have to wait and see till the next time they feed the pigeons some crumbles.
  7. All we want for Xmas is a new archtype (did I say Ranger?). Just make him ready for tomorrows euro server, no need to rush it, hehe
  8. Sweet news, will probably be some time before us alpha 2s will get in, but will be nice to see new vids coming out.
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