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  1. What’s more bannable?

    childs play. i used npc zombies to friendly fire an allied fort tark set up a faction cctv private twitch camera etc
  2. What’s more bannable?

    a setting for faction pick up permissions could solve this particular issue (self only, group only, any from faction) but just one of many faction issues
  3. Druidic Tendencies

    oh at last someone using camo, the wood elf treat we arent all on about yet heh at guild thread bump wars
  4. What’s more bannable?

    faction worlds are going to filled with questionable shenanigans however ACE should be compelled to fix design and system mechanics rather than enforce moderation
  5. have fun, im away this weekend, which is a shame - need to test out new computer on a large fight and missed that 'siege test' as well!
  6. curious if the stun opener only ignores *resolve* but not *immunity* myself [they are different!]
  7. [-W-] Winterblades

    wtb epilepsy warning / runestone ;p ssssh that end clip - don't reveal our druid helicopter flying secrets to outsiders!
  8. Expansive cooking system.

    put that fae on the fire and lets get some wings a cooking ;p
  9. at least this is single target rather than all the other AoEs. curious to see what "CC" the frostweaver might bring... [like generally there is more AoE cc than single target cc for the most part]
  10. [talking about druid scimitar green orb procs on hit rather than toxins e.g. we dont know if say toxins works on a % chance per hit or like stormcaller which instead has a 100% proc on an internal cooldown of once every ~7 seconds was my point]
  11. via testing stormcaller just has an internal cooldown of ~7sec between procs at basically 100% [on a "direct" hit] fun fact: a target would get more hp regen from out of combat passive hp regen than a scimitar druid could provide at 100% proc rate intervals from sustained attacks [which they cannot sustain due to essence over time issues] wtb yellow stormcaller procs!
  12. p.s. you also failed to mention the 'counter attack' interaction with recon on the Diffusion power in the video [or what value recon gives at all to assassin, e.g. increased pip generation or what have you as well or generally - removing block's cc immunity etc]
  13. This is the ruleset that brings ACE the most $$$

    i invoke "the beard" @jtoddcoleman to perhaps comment before this spirals even further in the typical way these threads always do.
  14. which reminds me - along with missing information on toxin effects there is also a lack of information on its application chances and mechanics [see also things like stormcaller!]