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  1. will the x4 power unlocks for each major discipline be in a 'pre defined order' or will players get to select the order of disc powers they unlock for each talent point spent? you should really give more details on patch notes about the changes [also test client patch notes didnt even reach the forum?] dryad crafting description indicates 'grasping roots' [aoe root] should be added, but not present on the stone
  2. wasnt there...thats 'go home time' ;p no idea what is going on with this event with regard anyone recording it or not
  3. got to like the irony of burning ex-trees to heal a tree, oh the trauma. see also: 'rescue' on trees too. ;p
  4. i'd like to hear about whats going on design wise with fog of war / cartography and map exploration
  5. yea those both been broken so long now too. if they can't be fixed, at least hiding them would have been a way to go, if possible.
  6. if i edit a post it does not display the changes made and in some cases if i attempt to add additional replies they fail to appear as well. see also issues here re: notifications/timestamps https://community.crowfall.com/topic/23833-forum-notificationtimestamp-odditity/
  7. also if i attempt to edit a post it actually just still display the original content without the changes taking effect
  8. i keep getting an unread notification for the following post https://community.crowfall.com/topic/23787-581-live-feedback-and-bug-reports-for-012419/?page=8&tab=comments#comment-417715 and it is stuck as "22 minutes" ago.....forever test
  9. so is that going to be streamed on twitch [for later youtube] or are people might to 'join' the server to take part 'in the moment' only?
  10. also 'fog of war' exploring the map is now gone as well. (and seeing snapshots of resources/buildings on the map too) would be good to hear something from @jtoddcoleman about it - either in a text article or their pre recorded monthly Q&A video. i vaguely asked him via twitter, but not the right place for an answer!
  11. @thomasblair an alternative simple solution to dodge pip removal: in addition to removing the dodge pips, shield bash applies a debuff to target that sets their dodge pip regen stat to 0 for 10 seconds [call it 'winded' or 'hobbled'?]
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