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  1. in your talent tree at the end, you get to pick one of three domains, a different variety for each promotion. "Choosing a Domain grants you access to certain disciplines*. Some disciplines appear in multiple Domains while some are unique to a Domain." *your 2 major, 3 minor discipline slots that add additional powers or passives. as well as some other domain related elements they have yet to talk about yet. you also get some discipline access from your race and base class selection.
  2. Isn't Arbiter melee control instead of ranged control then? If i read that it does not get throwing hammer prof (only for Radical) Will certainly be an impact for the Crusader's healer soul power generation to only be melee. Ah, the days of legio rage melee healing... rip cleric bard, no music domain. unless on a race/class. - <nervous druid noises>
  3. which isn't a choice in the case of healers for a class and could be similar for the domain disc for role/utility. i have reservations about the disc locking (example end ~17 major total choices from 110 pool) and the disc two power/passive dilution and rigid domain selection per promotion. need to see more detail. also classes with less race options (especially one for the duelist) suffer from less flexiblity to alter their selection. i hope this is accounted for when assigning the 'class discs'.
  4. Is the 'coin flip' buff power still a thing? When do they get stealth & related powers? (recon/tunnel, melee/ranged ambush etc) - Will duelists get a broader selection of 'class granted discs' (compared to other classes) to counter balance only having one race option?
  5. You get an array of disc choice (but not a main 'domain') from: - base class - race https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQa3yQTNmkIDEIzEoYAsGV0ddpXscW0unn5Lr477r2ZqlGApZkH-zZn88QiQhI5BHQsWKcb05EjHWZT/pubhtml
  6. typo --- at the moment the main news sub section is drowned frequent & inconsequential test updates, which would be better served in the same section as patch notes. while actual juicy news article threads are being posted in general discussion? alternatively: a restored RSS feed for your site's news article section. entry for this one does not have discussion button link to this thread.
  7. @Yoink re: 'thinner discs' [38m] "you'll also notice that generally majors have two powers and two stats associated with them across the board uh and minor formula is now that it will have a power or a passive and they also have stats" ... [39m] "solely combat disciplines now and there's 110 of those in the new paradigm there used to be 32 " --- given the class idenitiy/dilution issues with regards talents & leveling flow for the druid, curious to see how that tree shakes out. and classes which more heavily relied on being propped up by strong concen
  8. Stream autotext transcript & ACE's text write up https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/crowfall-character-specialization
  9. Stream autotext transcript - could these go in the NEWS forum next time? related: would also personally love if now frequent the 'test update' posts went in the TEST NEWS forum myself too....
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