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  1. It's Monster Month!

    https://www.mmorpg.com/crowfall/previews/crowfall-why-centaurs-make-october-even-better-1000013074 i miss rear kick working p.s. old human revenge... https://media.giphy.com/media/jxaOGBgz1K1FAMg8y4/giphy.gif
  2. It's Monster Month!

    some actual external details https://www.mmorpg.com/crowfall/interviews/crowfall-announces-monster-dynamics-1000013066
  3. there is zero NDA. you can record or stream whatever you like for the public. (many do however do bug videos as 'unlisted' rather than public videos though and paste into bug threads)
  4. It's Monster Month!

    the cleric takes a long smoke "That's a name I've not heard in a long time" <SCATTER HORDE> "GET OFF MY LAWN!"
  5. Congrats, Crows! 50k backers!

    hence the " marks ;p too lazy to type "free-but-technically-closed-beta-for-registered-accounts-before-a-cut-off-date"
  6. Congrats, Crows! 50k backers!

    "open" beta may or may not be a very chaotic time ;p [whenever that ends up being...]
  7. stream auto text / youtube:
  8. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    pro tip: don't bother trying to count names and numbers is the only way to "win"
  9. @thomasblair / @mhalashace bard hp regen - can't be slotted on to survival tray as it is considered a "heal". only usable in a combat tray. even with the +combat hp regen boost you will regen faster if you just switch to natural survival tray regen without song. sitting in the combat tray for a song would also now be a waste of durability loss ticks too. - when your group mates inevitably drop below 70% food the +hp regen is 100% worthless and there is nothing you can do about it as the caster - the in and out of combat +hp tick values are low and have no scaling [e.g. fixed values instead of % life] especially in a world where you can basically double your base hp via gear... suggestion: - make it heal % of max life per tick in combat tray. perhaps also allow it to grant a moderate +healing recived buff on group members as well, like a minor version of pixie dust - change it to a true "heal over time" rather than +hp regen so it is not disabled by food. - make it usuable in the survival tray. allow it to grant the "resting" buff from fires within a small radius of the bard which more rapidly restores health only to those also in the survival tray - the verse/guard songs also could use some love too i think i would suggest that the guard song is a "pulsing barrier" e.g. % max life as hp barrier every pulse of the song [non stacking tho?] i would suggest that the verse song is a "pulsing +dmg buff proc" e.g. each pulse of the song grants 1-3 stacks of a buff used on next dmg/heal hits that increase the damage/crit chance or something more impactful/interesting. i would make a similar proc suggestion for banner of storms granting allies a lightning damage proc....
  10. The ghosts of Furor and Tigole (A bit Salty)

    divine light for pip generation and parry counter attack spam of crits and knock downs ;p [the healing on divine light is ok, but doesn't scale and yea sensible people will move out]. devotion as group healing 'lifesteal' at least does scale.
  11. PVP Spam

    if the alt account people werent going to instantly abuse it i would have suggested this ["kill feed"] be part of tracking skill training or a minor disc to do with spirits of the dead etc
  12. Run Speed Cap

    a twisting bard can reach 40% and 15% with d'orion's accelerando. [empowered song of speed] fyi you can look at the character sheet and see what a stat caps at. or what it is buffed up to if quick. i think speedy retaliate may still be worth using with i don't know its precise stats.
  13. Run Speed Cap

    bard/friar will overwrite a trail effect as it is faster. bard [group] and friar [self only] are the same strength in terms of +speed. so do nothing extra together. both also have a minor in combat boost as well. which also overrides the ability to sprint with shift key i think [but stamina will still be consumed] on the other hand trail is out of combat only and has an activation delay.