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  1. State of the Knight 5.2.10 (Oct 2017)

    p.s. i'd love it if scimtiar druid got something like templar devotion that heals self/group based on their damage output, rather than the pathetic single target ~250 hp green orb spawns on unknown % and timer....[no where near often enough]
  2. you have volunteered as tribute
  3. Knocking off the rust

    *generously applies grease* [just over a year ago, ah rooted power use, my old friend...]
  4. I think many of these feelings are the result of seeing practical examples of what 'soft launch' actually means with regards features. There is also a lack of clarity where systems appear to be presented in the context of a faction world foremost and if this would vary by ruleset.
  5. State of the Knight 5.2.10 (Oct 2017)

    also the damage that a templar does via a counterattack (or execute or anything) is a 100% damage spreadheal in a 5 man group with devotion up [devotion can heal ~20% damage dealt] so if i hit someone for 1,000 damage [single target] that will heal self/group for 20% = 200 hp each = 200*5 = 1,000 healing and then throw in some AoE damage on that counterattack....good value for both self tanking and minor group sustain p.s. druids can block literally forever, not that block is terrible useful compared to mobility and assassin/recon countering will only make that worse. a cleric blocking with say field surgeon's 'noble purpose' and eminently punchable's 'hit me' {+half giant bloodline] will probably also be infinite too ;p
  6. Dev Tracker Borked Again...

    i can also confirm main page redirect [win 10, firefox, no cache] i notice the link to the 'view all' dev tracker from the forum page contains a # in the url http://crowfall.com/#/devtracker so when i click that button it takes me to the home page as a http://crowfall.com/devtracker only upon then refreshing said adress will i see the view all dev tracker with addition of a closing / on the url as http://crowfall.com/devtracker/
  7. p.s. i can't remember if vessels are subject to decay or not these days? [with regards storing in a bank and summoning them etc] will we be able to store a 'free' vessel in a bank when not using it e.g. the old 'key chain of bodies' idea to switch things around - or can only crafted bodies be stored (with decay)
  8. How will Caravan inventories function? Like a player inventory or trade chest - any one (faction or friendly) can add or loot? [how are they controlled and how is owner log on/off handled etc?] [and for players....log off count down should probably cancel on damage to stop people logging out to avoid being looted potentially]
  9. i wonder how that 'thief' and 'pickpocket' will fit in re: storage! :0
  10. re: alts i dont see why people wouldnt just park an alt account in a fort [enjoying a larger base inventory size vs small local bank] and if it is taken when logged out they will be safely teleported away to nearest other spawn with no decay hit ;0
  11. *cough* kickstarter *cough* i wonder if the current inventory size and slots and stack sizes are 'final' designs [e.g. ore etc used to stack in far lower amounts than current 50 etc]
  12. tbh i think it was export only rather than import. and you cannot then import something back that you locked there. risk vs reward of traveling/ambushing and decision making between using a resource in this world, or squirreling it away for next
  13. Guild List Bugs

    feels like we should get either a forum alert/pm or an email when we are invited to a guild - nothing came through
  14. this could be as easy as scaling slot space between a 'trade chest' [unsafe and anyone can use] and 'local bank' [safe and instanced only to yourself] inside a fort e.g. trade chest 50 slots, local bank 10 slots etc [with the x1 trade chest being used by everyone e.g. faction/guild bank]
  15. blair maths vs 'storing my ore in stacks of 4' WHO WINS?!?!?! ;p