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  1. sssh or todd will make it a new race/wartribe
  2. when you return and pretend you still know what is going on mfw watching videos
  3. for gmail email notifications i did a filter... ;p too much spam
  4. IG post Dave Greco [ArtCraft Entertainment's Art Lead] ArtStation Twitch Youtube Instagram Twitter
  5. yes, being able to optionally turn off - desperately by enemy/group/ally - - faction shield [and scale size...] - guild shield [also an option to display text names of guilds...?] - names would be handy as well
  6. please see suggestion thread with regards reducing the visual noise of health bars https://community.crowfall.com/topic/25972-visual-noise-health-bar-options/ tl;dr a client option to auto hide bars when they are full would work wonders as would a reduction it their size
  7. example of issue regarding 'scaling' at a distance of UI elements relative to body size AT A DISTANCE: UP CLOSE:
  8. gotta keep up to date on formats...
  9. and i'm too bad to pull that off well [paint.net for liiife]
  10. why is this 'auto target' a thing again?
  11. related issue: no scaling based on distance for: shields, names and bars. fixed sizes, whether displaying at maximum render distance or on top of you at a distance they tower above the size of actual player models, especially in a crowd.
  12. (terrible) mass example of smaller width and hiding full
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