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  1. @ACE_Jackal e.g. this is what felt like the natural reading would have been. current time at the top - with a clear major "mark" [like a watchface], slight gap between season. <shrug> e.g. noon - or if you want to keep it how it is, shove a clear mark on the left instead.
  2. The state of the game

    just give us a werebeaver discipline next
  3. e.g. 1 e.g. 2 are we meant to read it from here? that is my guess and really not very intuitive/obvious until i did this time lapse personally... [the lighting can also vary a lot as you move/position too] p.s. winter is currently 10 minutes day, 30 minutes night [is not represented in a change of the indicator though!] dawn = middle of day = dusk/sunet = middle of night = p.s.
  4. i was watching the world countdown to see what would happen. timer round to 11 months and 30 days. server still up. i noticed the other week that my "crash log" uses non summer adjusted time - is it the case that my "local timer" ended an hour earlier than it should have or something... confusing. p.s. i still can make no sense of the "day/night" part of this clock personally see
  5. feedback: now we can no longer see "skill node ranks" - or required points on unlocked nodes [can't see], or if "needed to rank up" figures are per pip or for the entire node, combined with "hidden" information about point gain rates etc > it is very difficult to gauge how long skill unlocks are going to take you e.g. the old X days to complete inductions and easy display of skill rank nodes affecting point requirements etc the "day/night" part of the new clock UI makes zero sense to me in terms of readability against what is going on in the sky or being able to read what time of day it is etc
  6. now i regret i did not call it a furweaver >:P
  7. catweaver https://crowfall.com/en/pantheon/illara/
  8. Passive Skill Tree is Very Alarming!

    *cracks whip at mandalore* "brought a raven to an ancient crow fight"
  9. what is the status of balistas? might be neat if they were a hippo upgrade for the double tower outposts?
  10. well, what are your plans on the player facing presenation of say multiple world maps? <inserts my terrible paint job from older thread>
  11. The state of the game

    the hunger has claimed further victims
  12. does it only ever "improve" the previous values - or would you now ever get "a negative value" from using a crap basic weapon etc? e.g. worse healing value than a previous version with a poor weapon
  13. is there any interaction with the PCM changes and lmb healing on a druid? is this only relevant for LMB or all damage powers?
  14. Spirit and Crafting

    and all the others relevant for harvesting too. and combat obviously...