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  1. i preferred more vague 'ranks system' rather than a raw level to denote a more resource centric approach personally p.s. is that ui for all (player/NPC) enemies or only the 'big ones'?
  2. [VOD/Autotext] ACE Q&A for December - 11 am CST, Wednesday, Dec. 4 hurrah for future half elf no longer being 'the spice that tastes like flour'
  3. "at this point i could stand to be a little perverted"
  4. the (somewhat ancient) press kit has ~431 icons for class/disc powers (188 class / 243 disc) which are broken into multi for combos. some of those likely removed too e.g. weapon discs. there are ~44 race powers/passives. = 475 @Scree / malekai data? personally i assume they counted skill training nodes into this...even if most of those are gone now too.
  5. the mentioned interview: [TenTonHammer] "Crowfall Interview: War of the Gods Marks A Major Milestone"
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