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  1. well now everyone has to be a death only druid until level 16 promotions...yay.... </s> yea no wicked winds or blight for pure death druid any more. and boy do i miss the days when aurora emitter combo had 8 second cooldown for all parts. and the emitter did any meaningful AoE damage ;p rip blight explosions for 'healer druids' too call storms still sickle only, so you cant keep and use it if you upgrade to staves on arch/earth. [not that healer itemisation matters much?] very watered down now and forcing to be death druid till 16... [cant even use natures avatar or leaching seed on base death when you unlock them in base tree] p.s. i dont like either "5 minute recast avatars" and the healer or 'dual tray' side isn't making too much sense either grasping roots and soothing winds [and stars align] still also to be redivided away from soon to be retired weapon disc only arch druid gets quick burn and slow growth atm see https://community.crowfall.com/topic/23169-another-druid-thread/
  2. what a special kind of hell such a bug is!
  3. @yianni this feels even more accurate now ;p just change the end to "paladin templar it is"
  4. another druid thread

    i'll be blunt: death only druid is garbage. both to play and what it brings to a group. [not even a avatar on the base!] dont force it on me until level 16+. thanks even after that point there are issues in how things are spread out. p.s. is the 'base class' stormcaller passive still spawning green orbs - or have they been at least updated to yellow orbs with resource effect? not that they will heal for much with non earthkeeper sp boosts.
  5. another druid thread

    shall we pretend a non earthkeeper +sp druid was actually doing any real healing value anyway. </s>
  6. does jump? [i remember that worked to cancel bows hah]
  7. Known Issue: Dev Tracker

    or at least hide the broken section ;p [see also 'whos online...0....not even you' bit too] ;p
  8. another druid thread

    feels pretty diluted to me now. esp pure stormcaller which has always been left click heavy but now lacks both blight and wicked winds. you should reduce the combo of entire emitter chain down to 8 sec cd on all stages again and refine its AoE power. loss of blight for earthkeeper depsite them spamming orbs alot too not really a fan of x2 avatar power choices with 5 minute re-use either earthkeeper lacks the x2 essence passives? will we see a return of soothing winds or grasping roots? [stars align too i guess] old and new screenshot comparsions https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VX7oFwZ9o9j0TCJdxAWdoOgUaeeZc9e0?usp=sharing and unlock breakdown p.s. still cannot equip natures avatar to death tray for basic unlock and basic weapon vendor lacks basic sickle ;p
  9. another druid thread

    plus the excuse for the more 'basic' design [rip combo chain design etc] of the cleric was an alternative option... [rip legio]
  10. another druid thread

    i hope you divide up master of staves well. i thought cleric was the "dummy healer"? ;p
  11. another druid thread

    so much for patch notes ;p
  12. another druid thread

    did something change? not checked out any 'new' version from last few days tho if that changed, so sorry if wrong [no patch notes!] i thought it was healing rain that was 'healer spec only' and will of wisp was a base class unlock. and barkskin was available to all - in fact it can now be slotted on death tray last i checked so even a pure death tray druid could equip it [and interact with the stormcaller barrier node].
  13. when will you fix druid's gaea's fail from a clunky projectile with a impractly long rooted channel that never hits a target [with a poor 'bounce' angle/range too] into something smoother like a raycast @srathor's video would be more interesting if it was basically made into a 'magic bow with a DoT' [whether as a tray power or lmb option] as death is far too "lmb spam" heavy atm. esp after pure death druids also lost wicked winds access.
  14. combat log export to file only appears to save 'your actions' and not 'what happened to you?'