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  1. Malekai.org | The Crowfall Database

    i don't represent malekai, but given the scale i'd say the responsibility to make sensible and accurate tooltips is on ACE p.s. not even going to mention that absolution still says it hits 3 targets when been single target for over a year now? hah!
  2. why can I only withdraw now?

    does everyone see this - or only us europeans?
  3. or in image form - also with the races https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8JM16v3Hr0aaEdnTXQ3Q1RPM3M + the combos https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8JM16v3Hr0aNWh5U1RCVFl5bTg
  4. Could we maybe never leave pre-alpha?

    "certain people" in relation to the 'person' with the highest quantity of posts on the forum... [rather than about jamesgoblin himself] [quantity and quality are not always linked and next to none of said count has ever been in the feedback or bug forums]
  5. Could we maybe never leave pre-alpha?

    imagine certain people's ratio without @JamesGoblin around
  6. Interesting. Any plans to say negatively manipulate this stat via environment [e.g. weather, day/night, season] or potentially even debuffs ['nearsight' - possibly also reducing +ranged bonus stat too]
  7. you can use it freely during the tests [and they are only usuable in the EKs rather than CWs]
  8. its like 6:30am now in texas ;p
  9. This was not mentioned at all in patch notes, which might have caused confusion over it's intended purpose. Out of interest - does this require a passive or is it a +stat on the stone? How is this represented within stat sheet - is it the mystery 'Intuitive' stat? Which @Xarrayne also pointed out is now appearing on bows? Any plan to roll out such stats [or some passives/active powers] to the mapping only 'Scout' stone?
  10. Points in Skill Trees

    i imagine your trying to train an advanced crafting tree - in which case you need 100 in the 'basic crafting' node to progress...
  11. State of the knight 5.3.0

    I laughed. Can knight get mana back just for block resource to call it even?
  12. p.s. also only now just compared the 'home page' when logged in vs logged out... its er pretty random when logged in... clicking creation / destruction change the random assortment of news? the videos/articles don't exactly show the latest ones or anything predicable. [july/june?] the videos all have the same 'dates' clicking on the 'trying the new combat system' video launches the 'game overview' video instead... home page links to media/streams that is not visible when logged out or part of the top level navigation at all
  13. Newer class designs have featured less to zero chaining or branching 'combo powers' [e.g. cleric or assassin] compared to earlier class designs [which never explored the possibilities fully either in my view] With limited tray slots and numbers of powers, this seems a shame. Will you possibly apply such a 'multiple power in one' button to the class or combat discipline level? [or even 'weak spot' like elements!] When will we see the 'action harvesting' be activated to damage walls/trees in the context of sieges rather than normal combat powers?
  14. content observation: home/what is crowfall focus. [some content / key phrases now missing. i preferred old layouts and navigation. more out of the way and less fluid to view] e.g. you've dropped mention of: 'throne war' 'eternal heroes, dying worlds' 'the hunger' / 'winter' 'thralls' 'points of interest e.g. mines quarries' 'disciplines name examples' 'advantages and disadvantages and examples' OLD: https://web.archive.org/web/20171108212129/https://www.crowfall.com/#one the news issue Accidentally disabling *years* of news articles is painful A limited selection of the 'older' articles can now load via the 'news' section - which only goes back about 1 year - not via say google or another site or a link from the old news threads] but far from all. There is currently no way to manually change an old news article url to make it viewable. Google cache can work...for a time...