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  1. - Allow bard songs to be added to the consumable bar - Condense into one button branching combo chain for 4 options the two "out of combat" utility songs: - Speed song to also give +mount speed. Perhaps make your dodge pips regen 10% faster etc. - Grant the hp regen song the same out of combat "resting" buff as campfires (or just make it % life based). Let it grant class resource regen in combat. The two "combat songs" are both ineffective and boring/impossible to see the impact of 1) convert the ap/sp to grant allies procs of either: - blademaster like orbs that heal and grant short but more impactful ap/sp - old legio "discilpine" buff that will heal for your next X hits. Or add a dmg proc you can see for next X hits. 2) convert the group mitgation buff into a group hp barrier that regens on song refresh. Or steal frost armor like mechanic of x mitgation for y hits.
  2. we'll make our own basic "articles"
  3. i see a fight with two losers 😜 (class wise anyway) at least it wasn't earthkeeper vs earthkeeper
  4. Not really a fan of giving away carbon copies of interesting racial powers to discs personally (wood elf) Bard was already a joke when mounts were added. More so with no survival tray and 8 slots
  5. like why the dergs is the health for a single target triplicated in increasingly over the top widths? and the near/far size scaling is still busted NEAR FAR
  6. ever since templar/cleric were introduced, 'large fights' devolved into stacking allied (rather than group limited) targeting persistent AoE ground target heals. my first comment re: frostweaver: in the past I have suggested that ground target ally AoE effects be converted to deliver their healing by (invisible or not) a buff that either only stacks once, or to a smaller maximum e.g. 3 plus just hiding health bars when they are full would be a huge boon... (with user defined preferences for group, ally, enemy). and making them as narrow as the shields.
  7. those buff/debuff icons are visually unsuable, even on your own area - let alone on others. you just read the text. let alone the overhead UI clutter (health bars, faction shields, fly status messages etc) previous suggestion even older suggestion its sort of embarassing to watch 'large scale' fight videos at this point. not a newly raised issue either. all you see are shields, health bars and ability effect spam/text. p.s.
  8. UI bloat is painful to look at: (not including overhead UI and visual effects...)
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