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  1. auto caption text/timestamps
  2. the yellow flair text on a basic or intermediate mystical staff has a typo
  3. 2v1 in a fort

    it is so annoying that any healing or +hp buffs on a stealthed character knocks them out of stealth [this is what happened with your burrow and the last tick of remold...]
  4. video on demand of the stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/275076544 clips: stoneborn no armor https://clips.twitch.tv/SleepyZealousFrogPoooound?tt_content=video_title armor https://clips.twitch.tv/FastQuaintLarkHassaanChop?tt_content=video_title customisation talk https://clips.twitch.tv/DeterminedBetterElephantPanicVis?tt_content=video_title barrel roll dodge https://clips.twitch.tv/EsteemedShortFoxAsianGlow?tt_content=video_title female half giant https://clips.twitch.tv/VainIcyStingrayGivePLZ?tt_content=video_title https://clips.twitch.tv/SuavePrettiestChipmunkFailFish?tt_content=video_title new attribute stat caps of 250 - with races skewing these stats up or down [anywhere from 50 to 150!] https://clips.twitch.tv/AmazonianResoluteButterflyCmonBruh https://clips.twitch.tv/DelightfulLongBearPJSugar?tt_content=video_title https://clips.twitch.tv/ColdObliviousSageCoolCat?tt_content=video_title https://clips.twitch.tv/PricklyCulturedVelociraptorCoolCat?tt_content=video_title
  5. with regards 5.7 "fixing" the group size back down from the unknown '6' to the intended '5': i think that cleric MIRACLE should have a debuff on healed targets that prevent them from receving the healing from another miracle until the effect has ended [e.g. the current duration of the +crit buff of 15 seconds] [see other similar implementations on rescue or rallying banner to prevent 'stacking'...]
  6. you can only have one cleric aura active from a single cleric at once [either veneful or holy]. with two different clerics a group can have both going. similar: a centuar can only have one of their auras active from a single centuar. two different centuars can do both. the only toggle type with the more twisting nature are the 'songs' from bard and troubadour major disciplines. [while again you can only actively play one song at a time from a single player - these have a linger duration and even a 'twisting' minor discipline and passive power to empower the effects] as as the others: multiple players can play different songs continuously as well.
  7. if you have your toggle power slotted into both your survival and combat tray it should persist on tray swap [if the power can be slotted on to both trays - some can not]
  8. i'd hope that the multi zone campaign worlds coming up soon would take this into account myself [for both biomes and their related resources!]
  9. High Elf Feedback

    suggestion: - immunity to movement CC effects if you are hit with them from behind [e.g. mirror of the mino one] and/or - after a movement cc effect on you ends - you gain a 3 second maximum movement speed buff [e.g. old forest step speed boost on ranger] either idea applicable to half elf [oh god please something] or high elf i guess....
  10. mine for record (my tweets auto delete after a month heh) - allow crafters to write their own item "flair text" (possible exclude from poor/common. also auto display where crafted e.g. SRATHORS LAWN or MOURNING world et could go a step further for cw e.g. forged in the Keep of Ganelon in Mourning cw.....depends how much such names will be reused and if each cw will have unique name too - would also be nice if a crafter could choose to stamp the item with their guild name as well - do vendor's display owner names? perhaps a button on vendor interact that auto complete chat /w name. any plans for people to see offline whispers when they next come online? - also bein able to search ek lobby by names. and a "tag" system e.g. flag ek as "blacksmith" etc and let people filter via tags. - display guild crests/names above vendor heads or on stalls. any plans for player or guild to share vendors? placeable trade and storage chests in eks? placeable permanent campfires in eks? p.s. placeable training dummies too
  11. @jtoddcoleman just making a thread on forum and reddit to see if more suggestions
  12. High Elf Feedback

    IMO the number one thing they should do with regards the races is has a broad set of advantages and disadvantage choices that are tied to either race/class sub trees e.g. "sylvan" exclusive ones e.g. "fighter" exclusive ones perhaps even certain combinations e.g. "sylvan + fighter" exclusive ones only etc
  13. High Elf Feedback

    yea like the old ranger forest step that gave max movement speed for 3 seconds after the teleport... but imo the half elf needs something like that too. no spice.
  14. High Elf Feedback

    yea too much low rng 3 dodge pip would be interesting perhaps they could also make a stacking buff after a dodge is used sort of like half giant "making me mad" (perhaps after you spam 3 stacks in a sort time you get temporaily faster dodge pip regen etc)
  15. there has been one on cross slash too for ages. no patch note ofc. not that rangers bother entering melee, even after energy regen change. https://community.crowfall.com/topic/17871-fun-vs-56-new-players/?do=findComment&comment=357687