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  1. in the 'real' game: - minor disciplines will drop from specific monsters directly and whole (e.g. 'zombies have a chance of dropping XYZ etc'). not in visible craft list. - major disciplines will require you to hunt down a Thrall ('ghost') spirit of a specific type (e.g. 'Bard spirit') - presumably involving combat - and for its soul to be captured into a soulstone item (found by another harvester) by a specalised soul harvester (???), then this soul is bound and crafted into a runestone by a crafter (runemaker presumably) using one recipe with a wildcard slot rather than 'a visible craft list of each type'. - you can't remove a discipline when it is attached to a vessel - you will need to invest x4 talent points to a major to get all of its elements assuming the above is still the design plan, yet to really see it presented or implemented yet obviously p.s. you could just have x2 crafter vessels tho 😜
  2. irrespective of performance implications, its a visual overload
  3. technically the system will randomly select only x1 of your equipped items to take a 'durability loss' against a tick every X seconds of being in combat stance. the older system was infinite durability if you didn't die, with very heavy durability loss tied to death instead. it had "slippery slope" issues. but yea, don't afk with your weapon out, or run around with it out when you don't need it [which is also slower movement etc] 😜 it is far from perfect, especially for healers or classes which have their resource generation/management tied to hanging out in combat mode... i would prefer it if they tied the durability system instead to the same mechanic they use to charge soulpower (fuels 'ultimate Q powers' use) - whereby it would only count when you either ATTACK, HEAL, OR ARE HIT for a few seconds around that.
  4. if we are going to talk FAQs, then i don't think they managed to be 'light on in combat healing' and 'avoid firehose healing' either 😜
  5. yea zero notice about this was bad [only got via email twitch follow going online]. youtube incoming?
  6. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/391778336
  7. are we pretending that generally there is any meaningful choice by the end? 😜 [or even along the way, with the hard gating] personally i am waiting for proper talent point integration into talent tree before revisiting and judging it
  8. obviously because you sounded too dwarven for the elves to tolerate 😜
  9. mounting should take the same amount of time as a recall or rez channel IMO [10+ seconds] and more meaningful 'disabling' [or 'delay'] effects.... also....half elves current meta = EVER 😜 p.s. NO CAPES! and even then, just watered down human...
  10. +1 and rip weapon discs. "also: cleric design compared to legio" [see generically less use of branching or chaining combo powers on limited ability bars]
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