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  1. Grave Goods

    "grave Goods were always supposed to be the prelude to a salvage system we just haven't got there"
  2. control right click is your friend. both suggestions would be great though. as well as a 'text search filter' for your inventory / bank e.g. 'ore' 'iron' 'common' 'rare' etc
  3. Auto text of thursday's zybak questions with todd/blair
  4. Auto text of thursday's zybak questions with todd/blair
  5. either way they have been interruptible from enemies for ages as well...
  6. auto text of unofficial edit/upload of tuesday's todd/blair stream
  7. Elevn Eyes

    it increase the distance at which you see the nameplates / faction shield and health bar above the heads of other players
  8. in general we have a very low amount of choice on the "class level" of trimmed "minimum viable powers" over time ;p [many just broken/not worth slotting] and great difference in viability or availability of racial powers too
  9. they also had the teased a power on incomplete secutor major that applied a group reactive cc [e.g. like druid's shroud of the avatar] that would proc when your group was hit. used to have a reactive heal proc on the legio as well in ye olde days.
  10. video on demand of tuesday's stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/360824914 p.s. i dont think you mentioned you were moving office at all?
  11. could do it in one hit, with plenty of damage to spare. its insane how much +max hp people can get with gear. this makes the power gap further divided.
  12. poor low max life characters with rooted Qs. [guess which!] how long does the barrier last? do we still get cc and recon break? invest in dispel! ;p cough half giant cough
  13. thought this was an interesting recent step in joining the ideas of the Eternal kingdoms and campaign worlds - being able to place player ran vendors inside the real worlds now - whether in the neutral 'free city' in the heart of the map - or just for your faction in your temple beach head. pretty easily accessible to make as well. somewhat related/inspired by @Anhrez video from the other day and the interesting ideas of vendor driven "player created 'quests' and bounties" [Bring me X (resource/ player's skull) for Y reward!] on @srathor's needful things vendor (<3 Steven King reference)