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  1. Would a Minor disc drop & equip that grants access to a second domain be too potent? could limit it to only one domain this way (shared 'unique equip' value). - or have a 'background' character creation option to pick a desired domain from full list. - for either could potentially have a themeatic disadvantage lock e.g. picking Light locks Shadow & Dark etc
  2. good stuff. added link & build url place into my 'Disc builder' - bugs: (desktop chrome) champ > barb > battle (blurry image) frostweaver & myrm (all images are 'stretched' and resulting font in images harder to read. wrong aspect ratio?) knight > swordsman > top domain for war links to wrong image (sectuor's bulwark) ranger - bottom of tree - survivalist and draining blades images wrong way around templar fury - top domain (fire) has no image - suggestion: add a pop up for minor disc node saying 'unlocks extra minor discipli
  3. added link & build url placement to include Aedius' talent calc in the 'build your own' version - example output
  4. in the templar class article, it states that Vindactor's should get the PROTECTION domain - however on test it is instead replaced by the FIRE domain. can you please confirm which is correct. (see also myrm titan switch from article FIRE to test BATTLE)
  5. Now updated to include legendary discipline runestone stats
  6. except OP humans, with 8. also despite duelists being the only class limited to one race - therefore lacking flexibility there - they have the least amount of class granted discs (doesn't even get FENCER rip)
  7. in the myrm class article, it states that myrm Titans should get the FIRE domain - however on test it is instead replaced by the BATTLE domain. can you please confirm which is correct.
  8. example ~2m30s how to [resulting shareable html url]
  9. build your own combo edition (req google sheets log in)
  10. @Tiggs in the article, it states that myrm Titans should get the FIRE domain - however on test it is instead replaced by the BATTLE domain. can you please confirm which is correct.
  11. HTML published table showing the new discipline options and sources (race, class, domains) Discipline option table Arranged by source, by disc and then by cascading class choices. (More pivot tables than even Ross would demand) - edit: build your own combo edition (req google sheets log in) plus data access that way if you want bad format
  12. my initial reaction to the system from hearing about it from streams: Let characters pick a single domain - out of the entire list - at character creation ('a background'). Then they can choose against their promotion choice at end of talent tree. For a total of two domains - and then race/class options. - OR Two domain choice. Primarily domain - can pick discs options. Secondary domain - can only pick MINORS from that domain
  13. re: https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/new-domains-ldw and the class reveals - Please post News article discussion threads in the 'news forum' - not in 'general discussion' https://community.crowfall.com/forum/6-news-announcements/ https://community.crowfall.com/forum/2-general-discussion/ As in, threads that link to an article on the news section of the site https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles Please also don't pin 13 topics... (and then 'feature' a further sub selection of pinning within pinning). If everything is pinned, nothing is.
  14. Q: When assigning disciplines to base classes, will you account for classes with fewer race choices than others, such as the Duelist?
  15. I will collate such future info when it is also available into a presentable & sharable format. This beats trawling through 11 seperate highly vertical articles where a chunk of the info is inside images rather than text.
  16. Good stuff for templar at a glance. - with regards the general forum, how long are you planning on having way too many sticky threads though now this is done. - recap of the Promotion & role domain table
  17. Overview table of the completed revealed domain assignments, sorted by Promotions and Roles HTML text version Image version:
  18. potentially. (OCT dev Q&A stream) Todd wants 'hard choices' to play more of a role. they have however diluted disciplines numbers out - e.g. majors adding 2 powers or passives and some more stats (rather than say current 3-4) & added some new presumably. before: 32 major combat discs. now: 110 majors now: 90 minors
  19. in your talent tree at the end, you get to pick one of three domains, a different variety for each promotion. "Choosing a Domain grants you access to certain disciplines*. Some disciplines appear in multiple Domains while some are unique to a Domain." *your 2 major, 3 minor discipline slots that add additional powers or passives. as well as some other domain related elements they have yet to talk about yet. you also get some discipline access from your race and base class selection.
  20. Isn't Arbiter melee control instead of ranged control then? If i read that it does not get throwing hammer prof (only for Radical) Will certainly be an impact for the Crusader's healer soul power generation to only be melee. Ah, the days of legio rage melee healing... rip cleric bard, no music domain. unless on a race/class. - <nervous druid noises>
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