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  1. State of the Knight 5.8

    chain pull and dodge pip removal combo will WRECK a wood-elf or nethari [with their slower dodge pip regen] unless RNG god's intervene.
  2. State of the Knight 5.8

    the only unique utility on knight is dodge pip removal and its subsequent refresh tick issues ;p
  3. at the moment player's can place player ran vendors both inside a faction's temple beachead OR the 'free city' for all factions to use
  4. this is another key design problem: to best do orb explosions you'd want to run without a group................entirely losing the utility of group PACK AVATAR [p.s. 5m recast is terrible - really wish 'basic avatar' was still an option in general for archdruid and for offensive ess generation too. RIP +1 chain avatar on earthkeeper as well for the 5 seconds we had that.
  5. this is an old debate. technically you also see hints of enemy "invisible" orb bloom being placed too. [the yellow's flower bloom fx] generally i'd weigh on it being incredibly gimmicky. it was fun when you could through it out every now and then on your healer with other utility - but now it has all been severely watered down on all three. and to rely on it 'full time' without other elements would drive me mad.
  6. wut: legacy mounts OP? ;p whats going on here then also is the druid orb adjustment up or down? [i assume down]
  7. Groups appearing on you.

    i imagine swift mount speed doesn't help for this either ;p zoooom
  8. would be great if applying barriers on both self or allies would be displayed as +X white flytext [as well as being able to see the 'overlay' on your own health bar]. going to be even more important after the generic change to Qs from invuln to % life barriers...
  9. Grave Goods

    "grave Goods were always supposed to be the prelude to a salvage system we just haven't got there"
  10. control right click is your friend. both suggestions would be great though. as well as a 'text search filter' for your inventory / bank e.g. 'ore' 'iron' 'common' 'rare' etc
  11. Auto text of thursday's zybak questions with todd/blair
  12. Auto text of thursday's zybak questions with todd/blair
  13. either way they have been interruptible from enemies for ages as well...
  14. auto text of unofficial edit/upload of tuesday's todd/blair stream
  15. Elevn Eyes

    it increase the distance at which you see the nameplates / faction shield and health bar above the heads of other players
  16. in general we have a very low amount of choice on the "class level" of trimmed "minimum viable powers" over time ;p [many just broken/not worth slotting] and great difference in viability or availability of racial powers too
  17. poor low max life characters with rooted Qs. [guess which!] how long does the barrier last? do we still get cc and recon break? invest in dispel! ;p cough half giant cough
  18. they also had the teased a power on incomplete secutor major that applied a group reactive cc [e.g. like druid's shroud of the avatar] that would proc when your group was hit. used to have a reactive heal proc on the legio as well in ye olde days.
  19. video on demand of tuesday's stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/360824914 p.s. i dont think you mentioned you were moving office at all?
  20. could do it in one hit, with plenty of damage to spare. its insane how much +max hp people can get with gear. this makes the power gap further divided.
  21. thought this was an interesting recent step in joining the ideas of the Eternal kingdoms and campaign worlds - being able to place player ran vendors inside the real worlds now - whether in the neutral 'free city' in the heart of the map - or just for your faction in your temple beach head. pretty easily accessible to make as well. somewhat related/inspired by @Anhrez video from the other day and the interesting ideas of vendor driven "player created 'quests' and bounties" [Bring me X (resource/ player's skull) for Y reward!] on @srathor's needful things vendor (<3 Steven King reference)
  22. Feel the burn tho :(

    more dmg than thorns. nerf. /s