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  1. - Allow bard songs to be added to the consumable bar

    - Condense into one button branching combo chain for 4 options

    the two "out of combat" utility songs:

    - Speed song to also give +mount speed. Perhaps make your dodge pips regen 10% faster etc.

    - Grant the hp regen song the same out of combat "resting" buff as campfires (or just make it % life based). Let it grant class resource regen in combat.

    The two "combat songs" are both ineffective and boring/impossible to see the impact of

    1) convert the ap/sp to grant allies procs of either:

      - blademaster like orbs that heal and grant short but more impactful ap/sp

      - old legio "discilpine" buff that will heal for your next X hits. Or add a dmg proc you can see for next X hits.

    2) convert the group mitgation buff into a group hp barrier that regens on song refresh. Or steal frost armor like mechanic of x mitgation for y hits.


  2. Not really a fan of giving away carbon copies of interesting racial powers to discs personally (wood elf)

    Bard was already a joke when mounts were added. More so with no survival tray and 8 slots

  3. ever since templar/cleric were introduced, 'large fights' devolved into stacking allied (rather than group limited) targeting persistent AoE ground target heals.

    my first comment re: frostweaver:  

    On 3/28/2020 at 11:17 PM, Tinnis said:

    Initial reaction is that crowfall already has an over abundance of visual noise* when it comes to power FX and large area of effect clusters, which this really doubles down on. Even if there is just one fw. Just picture a siege.

    in the past I have suggested that ground target ally AoE effects be converted to deliver their healing by (invisible or not) a buff that either only stacks once, or to a smaller maximum e.g. 3

    8 minutes ago, BarriaKarl said:

    Some of those are really good ideas. To add something else, if people find themselves thinking the UI is too small (Ex: It is hard to gauge the health of my enemies or something) we could have the option to expand the display if we are aiming at someone. Once I am focusing on someone I wouldnt mind having their info take a *bit* more space. Could also be useful to healers and such.

    Quite like this one:


    plus just hiding health bars when they are full would be a huge boon... (with user defined preferences for group, ally, enemy).

    and making them as narrow as the shields.


  4. those buff/debuff icons are visually unsuable, even on your own area - let alone on others. you just read the text.

    let alone the overhead UI clutter (health bars, faction shields, fly status messages etc)

    previous suggestion

    even older suggestion

    its sort of embarassing to watch 'large scale' fight videos at this point.

    not a newly raised issue either.

    all you see are shields, health bars and ability effect spam/text.





    In-Game Rules of Conduct

    Crowfall is a game centered on immersive group and faction-based PvP conflict. Therefore, it is to be expected that players will be entrenched in a hard-hitting, ferociously competitive in-game experience. In the midst of winning and losing, emotions can and will run high.

    It is also to be expected that certain other aspects of conflict, including espionage and betrayal, will feature heavily in the tactics employed by players. So long as such activities are undertaken within the parameters set forth by the Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct—meaning that no exploits or other abuses of Art+Craft's rules and policies occur—it is considered appropriate play.

    Specifically, the elements below are allowed in-game so long as the context is within the in-game conflict: ridicule, mock, taunt, stalk, threaten, harass, betray, scam, intimidate or abuse.


    No elements of speech related to race, ethnicity, religion, country of origin and/or lifestyle preference are allowed in-game.If any of these behaviors/actions can be reasonably seen to be directed or intended outside of the in-game role playing context, the Rules of Conduct will apply.

    All other prohibited behaviors, such as using exploits or making real world threats (as noted in the General Rules of Conduct) are still considered actionable offenses and may result in disciplinary action against your game account.

    In consideration of the in-game atmosphere, we will be more lenient on language used within the game world. Players will have the option of tuning out harsh language or communication by specific players by using the Chat Filter and/or Ignore function.







    6 hours ago, Brylicious said:

    I dig camouflage, for sure, but I have some questions... 

    When you move around, you obviously aren’t stealthed, but the rippled, transparent mode seems like it would be difficult to detect. I have never run into a wood elf running around with it on, but can anyone tell me their experiences with it? Also, is there any way to increase the camouflage? Like does it work better in night vs day, etc. 

    Thanks in advance!


    2 hours ago, yianni said:

     To the other person it looks like as a  normal unstealthed player. 

    this is old footage [feb 2018] 

    outside of the nameplate display range (which is shorter for enemies than allies) it was significantly harder to spot a camo player when on the move

    sources of +Far-sight stat e.g. bows or minor disciplines such as elven eyes which increase the range at which you see nameplates would help to counter act this.

    allies would presumably see you clearer in terms of effect and have a longer range at which nameplates display

    p.s. this all may be very out of date


  7. 13 hours ago, DocHollidaze said:

    Ranger power: "Sweep"

    This power has a combo into either "Jab" for a knockdown or "Disengage" for a backwards leap into ranged tray.

    The opener attack Sweep has a 23 second cooldown. The secondary combo Jab has a cooldown of 9 seconds.


    What is the point of Jab having a reduced cooldown if the opener which is required first has a longer cooldown? If anything the cooldown values should be swapped with the opener having a shorter cooldown. That would be consistent with other big combo power sets.

    initially and for a long time the ranger's sweep had a 3 second cooldown, as did jab.

  8. 19 hours ago, Cartric said:

    If you played an Animist in DAOC, you'll know the class (ice instead of mushrooms).   Extremely useful in set pieces at bottlenecks and keeps, and the first one dead in running encounters.  The first enemy through a breach into an ice minefield will feel a lot of pain.


    17 hours ago, APE said:

    Can't imagine what would happen to the servers if FW were like Animists. People think FW visuals are lag inducing. :lol:

    Really wish other games would of attempted to go with the variety that DAoC had. Don't believe I've played another MMO with as many options. So many unique classes beyond the ~10 standard that most others go with.

    would of preferred a Theurgist model! (one of my favs when i revisted phoenix shard). interrupt god (+group defensive utility)


    17 minutes ago, BarriaKarl said:

    I dont think we should. The few post I saw were funny and the owner hasnt being spamming comments or anything.

    I'd say keep an eye on it and if they take it too far hit them with the ban hammer. Getting a laugh out of a bad situation can be helpful.

    not really interested in input on this.

    22 minutes ago, BarriaKarl said:

    I live in Brazil. 40 min drive from Rio. And I can say that exactly nothing changed.

    there is a reason for that and its not a good one


  10. ot, but can you @Pann ban hammer a re-name to this gimmick account, it was never funny even at it's creation and it is in poor taste to let it remain.


    if people want some escapism, i heavily recommend getting into a hobby of fiction audio podcasts:

    p.s. for those new to podcasts:

    My (free) podcast apps of choice would be:

    due to their fully featured organisational and player features & customisations.

    other hobby i've picked up that i've been meaning to try for awhile (and to avoid shopping)

    taken up home brewing (got some cider & wine on the go!)

  11. outside of the leveling flow itself, the core issue is that druid's shift to promotions (+removal of weapon discs) was just a dilution of one class into 3 weak & disjointed parts.

    the core design idea of the druid was a balanced shift between life and death and was most interesting when it had the full suite of powers on one spec.

    the original druid's true resource was "time" - what you spent doing what, when. you could always be doing something. resource management was down to both player skill and agency.

    unlike most of the other classes with their limited single trays & slots / 'hard capped' resources...


    - stormcaller is just a poor man's mana class with LMB spam and sustain issues (also "use a power once every 5 minutes?")

    - archdruid is a gimmicky bomber that can't do much healing (while being burdened with a "group damage buff" while also being 'encouraged' to not group due to orb wastage by allies) 

    - earthkeeper is basically life tray only at this point, especially now the cap stone is mandatory. hope you like left click. has a promotion power that actively removes group support elements. (making barkskin self only. not that it ever had sensible scaling). natures avatar still gone from this too? can't remember

  12. 5 minutes ago, Extintor said:

    If you're planning to level an earthkeeper you need to spend your talent points in healing talents because now you don't have enough talent points to take damage talents too, but you can't heal at all until you take the promotion. :(

    By the way, Dryad discipline require a trait called gaea something. You get that trait as druid when you take the promotions archdruid or earthkeeper. Is there any other class with that trait? I find strange this discipline gives you healing orbs apparently worst than you already have.

    i saw this when i was screenshotting a level 1 frostweaver. wonder if on cleric/templar/paladin too?


  13. yea the first power unlock being faerie fire is 100% a noob trap, a huge essence dump (this was actually a pro when it was a life/death weave class) that is literally useless for a solo PvE druid. i fed this back immediately upon it's talent unlock introduction...

    first unlock should be barkskin

    previously even maintaining their auto attack in a group leveling setting was unsustainable, let alone any other meaningful group contributions, or balancing their health (let alone the group's health) vs essence sustain.

    leveling a druid whether solo or in a group is a constant war of attrition versus your health/essence.

    i can't imagine that losing the capacity to manually switch between combat and out of combat states has helped this flow.

    promoting to the 'real druid' is also very jarring and counter-intuitive to the newbies it was supposedly 'easing into' the system

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