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  1. certainly far from the only example of that
  2. question context was if the ADV/DADV system would use the 'proficiency' trait tags (not crafting) e.g. that are now used to grant weapon/armor use or other traits (like what types of discs you can equip etc)
  3. Merely comparing to all previous major class releases* into tester hands, combined with the sporadic server availability and often actively unintuative in game presentation, let alone for people just following who aren't hopping onto test client *E.g. https://web.archive.org/web/20160619025135/https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/first-look-druid-powers-ui/
  4. @Harzoo's video (healing) Frostweaver powers & talents in general, bringing the class to testers without even a 'frostweaver power reveal' / class write up article (or patch notes) from ACE is fairly poor communication, which they certainly had the time to fill.
  5. Initial reaction is that crowfall already has an over abundance of visual noise* when it comes to power FX and large area of effect clusters, which this really doubles down on. Even if there is just one fw. Just picture a siege. *See also overhead ui
  6. Now survival tray is gone, can we restore switching between two combat trays to a single key (T)
  7. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/581482579?t=0h39m27s
  8. google drive folder of x4 pdfs of images (base and three promotions)
  9. i miss when the base druid had branching/chaining combo powers that meaningfully interacted with both each other and a coherent resource mechanic, before the dilution event.
  10. they edited in this post: yumx did a 2 hour stream - VOD here are screenshots - SLIDES 60 second image skim - IMGUR or galvia's ~1h40m steam - VOD
  11. any patch notes or 'power reveal: frostweaver' incoming? edit: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/26738-test-patch-notes-5110-phase-1-for-3262020/
  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/crowfall_devtracker/
  13. found the toilet paper hoarder!
  14. What Is With The Capitalized Case For Passive Text Descriptions It Reads Like William Shatner also in general: why is the font so poor to read for most in game elements? (e.g. 'blurry' with 'cut off' elements)
  15. this. only interesting thing for a guin cleric. wonder if a generic issue due to removal of survival tray (see also wood elf camo?)
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