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  1. they would want the "unlisted" setting, not "private"
  2. i preferred more vague 'ranks system' rather than a raw level to denote a more resource centric approach personally p.s. is that ui for all (player/NPC) enemies or only the 'big ones'?
  3. [VOD/Autotext] ACE Q&A for December - 11 am CST, Wednesday, Dec. 4 hurrah for future half elf no longer being 'the spice that tastes like flour'
  4. "at this point i could stand to be a little perverted"
  5. the (somewhat ancient) press kit has ~431 icons for class/disc powers (188 class / 243 disc) which are broken into multi for combos. some of those likely removed too e.g. weapon discs. there are ~44 race powers/passives. = 475 @Scree / malekai data? personally i assume they counted skill training nodes into this...even if most of those are gone now too.
  6. the mentioned interview: [TenTonHammer] "Crowfall Interview: War of the Gods Marks A Major Milestone"
  7. @Medicaid @PaleOne Twitch video on demand - valid for 14 days only https://www.twitch.tv/videos/486637480?t=04m43s permanent audio only podcast archive/mirror: https://huffduffer.com/crowfallmp3/549952 don't hold your breath for ACE to upload to youtube, still waiting on the last one...
  8. also i had to set up a new gmail filter to auto delete the many 'guest streamers going online!' twitch alerts as well.... (just like i filtered out the 'war stories' from my reddit news bot too) if you missed the august Q&A, @ZYBAK has the one and only bootleg copy at this point and for the foreseeable future.
  9. 38 days since we had last heard anything (with no details) about this from ACE on this matter via the official site. Being radio silent simply isn't polite and doesn't inspire the community to engage.
  10. what is factually incorrect or mistoned about the title or the opening post? the lack of an upload or literally no communication on the matter for such a time is professionally poor in my view and frankly inexcusable for such a basic task.
  11. okay...you rearranged it due to sickness. *fine*. that happens. https://community.crowfall.com/topic/25988-ace-qa-for-august-cancelled/ however you then failed to: - post a forum or news article for when it was rearranged [aug 29th] - post the stream video on your youtube channel in addition the twitch VOD (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/474006839) has now expired beyond the 14 days of archiving. even missed out in the newsletter that went out on the 14th sept obviously too. so literally inaccessible to anyone at this point it time, if they even knew it happened.
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