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  1. remember when @Pann would literally post anything about a livestream either prior or after [or starting weekend event] on either the site's news article or news forum section? hope the youtube video copy is uploaded within the next month this time too
  2. CU has a consistent public update cadence of: - Weekly article (+email) of 'top ten(ish)' summary of developed tasks etc https://camelotunchained.com/v3/category/news/ - Weekly update/casual QA stream (30-60+ minutes) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=end+of+week+wrap+up+citystategames&sp=CAI%253D - Monthly newsletter summary + extras https://camelotunchained.com/v3/newsletter/ Difference style, not as shiny/fluff focused. Some might find it "dry". Still has an NDA in place when it comes to visuals of test contents. And forums still viewable for backers only. Generally 'not in hype or money generation mode' is their line.
  3. wtb advantages/disadvantages... (but probably will be lackluster minor stat effects) promotions, talents, skills and discs are largely an illusion of choice atm... rip enchants/weapon discs 😜
  4. sssh or todd will make it a new race/wartribe
  5. when you return and pretend you still know what is going on mfw watching videos
  6. for gmail email notifications i did a filter... ;p too much spam
  7. IG post Dave Greco [ArtCraft Entertainment's Art Lead] ArtStation Twitch Youtube Instagram Twitter
  8. yes, being able to optionally turn off - desperately by enemy/group/ally - - faction shield [and scale size...] - guild shield [also an option to display text names of guilds...?] - names would be handy as well
  9. please see suggestion thread with regards reducing the visual noise of health bars https://community.crowfall.com/topic/25972-visual-noise-health-bar-options/ tl;dr a client option to auto hide bars when they are full would work wonders as would a reduction it their size
  10. example of issue regarding 'scaling' at a distance of UI elements relative to body size AT A DISTANCE: UP CLOSE:
  11. and i'm too bad to pull that off well [paint.net for liiife]
  12. related issue: no scaling based on distance for: shields, names and bars. fixed sizes, whether displaying at maximum render distance or on top of you at a distance they tower above the size of actual player models, especially in a crowd.
  13. (terrible) mass example of smaller width and hiding full
  14. example cba to get a picture from a siege. they are complete cluster ****s
  15. yea - hiding full healthbars would retain their Faction/Guild shield and (white/red) coloured name. seems like the simplest to implement optional solution as well.
  16. @nblottie mass fights still result in a large degree of 'visual noise'. a large part of this is the excessively large health bars, but there are obviously many other elements going on as well. any possibility of a client setting option that would allow you to automatically hide a health bar when it is full? bonus if you can set: - separately for enemies, allies and group. - to only display when lower than a defined % - to only display when either damaged/healed/shielded within last ~5 (X) seconds - controls over the maximum size/width of the bar (probably 2-3 times as wide as it should be atm...) or alternative shapes such as a minimalist globe [e.g. tyranny minimal 'traffic globe' example]
  17. Why is the video unlisted? Also your article reposting has resulted in breaking the above FULL STORY link
  18. 'member youtube uploads? 9 days on... and out of "july".
  19. they teased this improved 'project ui' design in december 2017 but yet to see it implemented...
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