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  1. long overdue, both for reader fatigue and production pressure.
  2. good stuff. for the crafting/harvesting guides, i'd suggest you touch upon the grade tiers/colours perhaps?
  3. good starting place is: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/24742-a-beginners-guide-to-crowfall/
  4. thanks to coming to my TED talk. p.s. we can't see the majority of past news anyway
  5. @ACE_JackalBark the article lacks a link to the video. the image thumbnail has no link attached to it.
  6. observed via chrome top header displays two duplicate links to forums. the top one is invalid leading to https://crowfall.com/en-US//community.crowfall.com some examples of news articles have invalid 'discuss' buttons which are meant to lead to corresponding forum thread for instance the 'the sentinel' article points to the invalid path of https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/25286-the-sentinel-official-discussion-thread/ while 'WAR STORY OF THE WEEK: GROOVIN' article points to https://community.crowfall.com/forum/6-news-announcements/?do=add
  7. @vkromas which version will we invest x4 talent points per major discipline to unlock their powers? Will it be free pick or a predetermined 1,2,3,4 order as listed on the stone?
  8. @vkromas whats the status of 'advantage / disadvantage' system for vessels?
  9. stormcaller has no meaningful unique flavour or utility [and severe tray restrictions] and just stacks multiple long cooldown powers with an unsustainable LMB my previous suggestions within existing tech: have the promotion unlock a new style of LMB - essentially acting as a charge and shoot 'electric bow' [e.g. charging and throwing lightning bolts zeus style] give the class a 'shield' themed power e.g. a (ranged) RMB style templar 'parry and counter attack' [e.g. a lightning shield 'redirect flow' style power] a passive that generates barriers to self/group based on damage done (like templar's devotion) or grants a buff to allies that restores health/resource when they hit the enemy for the next X number of hits (e.g. old legio 'discipline/command' buff system) change the proc orbs from green to yellow [more hp and resource generation buff] perhaps make the stormcaller version an AoE around target that picks it up.
  10. thats not what i said 😜 more about if you will have 'ally' status [e.g. multiple allied groups] in addition to 5 man 'group' status. not 'friendly fire within your group'
  11. more the eternal debate of whether the dregs is 'your guild is your faction' mechanically (e.g multiple group friendly fire immunities) or whether it is 'single group is your faction only' (with regards friendly fire immunities)
  12. i think it's been touched on in the thread abit, but the other elephant in the room is the heavy focus on testing 'faction' rulesets, with no real talk about how many ingrained/related systems are going to realistically translate to a 'free for all' dregs ruleset [or even say the status of 'shadow vs dregs' etc]
  13. i'd suggest: unclaimed outposts/forts etc spawn with zombies until first faction claim. [rather than just no contest circle sitting] once guards are bought, they have an eventual respawn time. adjust base price. have it in adjustable 'ranks' as well of multiple upgrades (or even guard type selection)
  14. i'm putting together a team of 11 guineceans... 😜
  15. Tinnis

    Clerics basic weapon

    and that third lmb combo can do an alright amount! *cries in druid spark - unsustainable ['pure healer will be doing it 0% of the time and has poor soul power gen] and no damage progression per stage*
  16. Tinnis

    Clerics basic weapon

    you throw your hammer for optimal soul power charging for miracle, rather than the damage itself. [but obviously far smoother / more contribution compared to say the druid]
  17. the original currency: APPLE TAX
  18. unofficial community discord = https://discordapp.com/invite/ESr5KPj [3948 members]
  19. our team of scientists have finally broken the blair math drop rate of discs! /s
  20. Tinnis

    Only 10 FPS

    "Well, there's your problem"
  21. to disabe the forum previews: click "display as a link" dialogue at bottom of edit box after paste, it can be annoying. for youtube descriptions/comments within a video you can simply type 5:30 to link to 5 minutes and 30 seconds for that video or for longer 01:15:30 would be 1 hour 15 minutes and 30 seconds etc
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