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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3cpeu942k437e65/F2k7286QGy.mp4 A video of the above bug with the "new" indicator dot, not moving with the chat window.
  2. Playing normally. An event happened, but I did not check it. The Events tab "new event" yellow circle was over the events tab. I resized the chat window, making it smaller. The chat window resized correctly, but the position of the yellow dot on the events tab did not move with the resized chat window.
  3. That sound is associated with lootable containers. When you get close enough to a container and it renders in to your client, that sound is played. When the container de-renders either by you or someone else looting it, it will also make that same sound. Otherwise, if you turn around and ride away, when that container is far enough away it will de-render and you'll hear the same sound. This SOUND BUG happens uniquely for EACH CONTAINER! So if you enter a village spawn with lots of houses and lots of containers, you will get spammed with what sounds like a Star Wars whoosh whoop shooolp blaster war.
  4. Nameplate, Health bars, Crest vanishing bug. The same bug where monsters and players lose their names/health/crests is still in 7.2. HOWEVER< the current workaround/fix on Live 7.1 of toggling the games video resolution NO LONGER WORKS on test. I tried many things toggling on and off, and the nameplates/health never came back until I restarted client.
  5. There is an audio sound that seems to trigger when riding upon a container that is lootable, and also the sound is triggered when riding away from that container and it de-renders.
  6. Riding around and hearing random "whoorp whoorp" sounds that seemingly come from nothing. Also near same sound is heard when looting a container, along with a beam of light that shoots up from the container as its looted.
  7. 1) Purchase new "Crafting NPC" thrall for 5k gold. 2) Place new "Crafting NPC" thrall in your EK, or inside your KEEP, or in your stall in Dregs plaza. 3) Unequip your CRAFTING DISCIPLINE from your character when not in use, and INSERT your crafting discipline into your "Crafting NPC" designated slot, belts optional. (Could limit or not, the maximum quality for NPC crafters to Blue or Purple grade items). 4) Based upon the Crafting Discipline inserted, the UI interface for end users will be determined by and show those recipes. A shopper would be shown exactly what materials will be needed to "Create" an RNG rolled item of their choosing. Additional purchases could be offered such as consumables to boost quality, chance for rerolls, and other gold sinks. 4a) Example 1: Craft a medium shield of Purple quality, focus on support power and healing crit amount as drop down selections. The UI would show a minimum "required ingredients list" to the buyer. The buyer would then gather those materials, then again open the menu and then insert those required materials. Then also insert the price/cost set by the crafter NPC owner. The crafter NPC would then create the item and it would drop into the inventory of the buyer. 4b) Example 2: Since there is no "NPC Crafter Inventory" visible to a customer, use that inventory for the owner to be able to stock it with raw materials, such as ore, wood, skins, stone, vendor purchased crafting items supplements, and other materials needed to craft or boost a craft. If the NPC Crafter was stocked with the needed materials, then an option for a "gold only" purchase for the item could be established. This option would create the same item as in 4a above, but the buyer would not provide any of the resources, instead the resources would be pulled from the inventory/stock of the Crafting NPC (which is stocked by the owner). The owner would obviously need to set a higher "crafting fee" for this type of craft to cover the cost of the materials that they themselves supplied. If not enough materials are present for a selected craft, then the buyer would be unable to choose this option and be told they must supply the materials or come back later when the NPC crafter has been restocked. 5) These NPC crafters would never really be able to "out do" or produce a better final product than the human owner itself, but it would still permit for the hard work of those crafters to not go to waste. Also, there could be an additional 'CRAFT FEE' that is set by the NPC crafter owner, to simply USE their services. This would create competition, and the supplemental options to enhance the production of the craft could also be offered by the NPC Crafter owner to entice customers over the competition. This idea is to assist in offsetting the loss of guild crafters, the difficulty of getting your wares out to the market, the prevention of near constant "loss of playtime" burden for crafters to cater to the needs of would be customers, and to overall increase the fun of the game.
  8. 1) Splitting your players into multiple "versions of the game" is not good. It lowers the maximum number of players that can interact with each other. (Shadows + Dregs + Temple + Free City). 2) Combining everything into ONE global server and incorporating specific zones that carry the Shadows ruleset (Faction V Faction V Faction), the Dregs ruleset (Guild v Guild v Factions) will permit many good things to happen. 2a) New players and players without guilds will be able to participate in the Shadows zones of the "Combined Campaign", alongside all other players, including those that typically only play in Dregs due to them being in guilds. 2b) There will be a natural transition from leaving Skypoint, and then entering the "Combined Campaign's" temple zones, and exiting out into the first "ring" of 4 zones which would fall under the Shadows ruleset. These zones would offer 1 castle in each of the 4 regional shadow zones, each would "go live regionally" each day based on the 4 global time zones of USEast, USWest, AU/NZ, and EU. See image below. 2c) Have Forts available in the Shadows ruleset zones that go live an hour after the Castle. Separate the Timber/Ingots/Boulders from Shadows and Dregs, by identifying them by unique names so that Shadows Fort supplies cannot be used in Dregs and Vice versa. 3) Transitioning from an inner ring of 4 shadows rulezone regional zones, there would be portals to the outer ring of zones, that function under the Guild V Guild V Faction ruleset aka "dregs". 3a) Unlike the current iteration of Dregs, with all regional zones adjacent, do the OPPOSITE with this new structure, by splitting up the regions across from each other so that no zone is DIRECTLY adjacent to its same region time. See image below. 3b) Forts in Dregs should be capturable 24/7, and they should pump materials out steadily over that period of time. (If the current 1 hour of Fort Live time gives 240 materials in that hour, then have the forts produce 10 material per hour over the course of 24 hours). This would give incentive to build up a forts defenses, level it up and build walls to protect the steam of resources from "fast cappers". 3c) Keep timers in the Dregs zones should be based on the FIRST KEEP and its choices made by the capturing alliance. Example, if Alliance Awesome captures a keep on day ONE of the campaign, they will be offered a ONE TIME CHOICE that will remain true for that alliance until the campaign ends. That choice would be "pick a regional time that you wish to defend your keep" (USEast, USWest, AU/NZ, or EU). Once chosen, the game will add an RNG number from 1 to 3 to that keep and alliance. The number generated will be the number of days until that keep goes "LIVE" for the first time at the regional time they chose. 3d) Anti-Zerg mechanic for Keeps and Alliances. Once 3c (see above) has been established, ANY and ALL KEEPS taken thereafter will inherit that alliances siege time/day schedule. This will cause ALL KEEPS of the same alliance to be "LIVE" at the same time (a minimum of 18 hours must pass before a captured keep can be sieged again as a minimal reset period). What this will do, is challenge the strongest alliances to hold onto territory and property they acquire by forcing them to defend separate holdings at the same time. Only the strongest can pull off this feat, and those overzealous could end up losing multiple holdings if they overreach and stretch themselves too thin.
  9. Lattice Linked Outposts/Keeps/Forts. Use Outposts as a pre-requisite capture system before respawn shrines, god shrines and forts and can be captured. This will help in preventing lame tactics of last minute captures of a fort, stealth players triggering the capture event, forcing players to sit in an empty fort for an hour because of how quick and easy it is to overtake current fort design.
  10. Keeps should inherit the timer of the alliance who claims it. When an alliance captures THIER FIRST keep in a given campaign, they should be offered a ONE TIME choice as to their preferred Siege Time based on region (US East, US West, AU/NZ, EU). Once an alliance has their Siege Time SET, then their initial keep will then get an RNG roll from 1-3 and in that many days later and the TIME they chose, their keep will be LIVE. Any additional keeps taken by this same alliance, will inherit the SAME TIMER/SAME DAY. If alliances want to be greedy and take multiple keeps, then they need to be ready to DEFEND THEM ALL AT THE SAME TIME.
  11. ONE Global Campaign "Total Conquest". 1) Choose character 2) Enter "Total Conquest" campaign 3) Start inside one of three temples based on your chosen faction, or guilds chosen faction. 4) New Player Experience hosted inside each temple, have portals around the "TREE OF LIFE" area that teleport to existing NPE zones/flowchart/quest chain. 5) Reduce size of "temple zones" back to old smaller version and add a "FREE CITY" zone that has a portal connection from each temple back and forth for PLAYER TRADE AND VENDORS. (Isolate items 4 and 5 if ACE would feel the load would be too much on one server, you all know the framework best). 6) 4 "adventure zones" formed as an "inner ring" around the 3 "temple zones", that operate under the current "SHADOWS" campaign ruleset FvFvF. (One KEEP per zone, 3 FORTS per zone (these adventure zone keeps would act as a respawn point with a bank chest and killable guards, upgrades to these forts would post archers on walls and more mages inside patrolling, upgrades to war table in a fort can fortify walls and at maximum level would require siege to break a gap in the wall). Reduce # of "respawn shrines" down to 3 per zone since the forts now also allow for respawning. These new fort styles do not "go live", they are always live and they will produce resources constantly that trickle into the chests for each faction. 7) 12 "conquest zones" formed as an "outer ring" around the 3 "adventure zones", that operate under the current "DREGS" campaign ruleset GvGvnon-guilded. Change to ONE fort per zone in the "Dregs" rulesets to match that of point 6 above. Double resource output from pig caravans. Remove excess forts down to 1. Add 2nd small KEEP to each zone, so that there are 3 total keeps per zone. During "SIEGE" windows and 30 minutes prior to "SIEGE" windows in these zones, restrict player numbers by capping PER ALLIANCE to 100 (if the current max is 250. If the current max is 200, then cap it at 80). If an alliance has MORE than 100 in a zone when a siege starts, then all players of that alliance GREATER than 100, based upon time entered zone with a first in last out priority will be PORTED to their respective TEMPLE ZONE. If a player attempts to enter while a siege is active and their faction is at 100 player cap, they will enter an alliance que and a "shared que", both will consider total time in que and percentage of existing alliance already in zone, and use a weighted factor in an attempt to establish a balance when possible, but also affording defenders a small point preference to get into zone and reach their % cap at a fast rate when multiple alliances are queued together. ALL KEEPS in a zone "GO LIVE" at the same time/night and rotate on a 3-0-3 day cycle per zone. What do these changes actually do? Consolidates the stream of players from NPE, to initial combat, to meeting other players, to forming alliances, forming friendships, having access to guilds prior to actually JOINING a guild, and through this act of consolidation provides all existing types of players and campaign rulesets into ONE shareable accessible world. The farther OUT from the temple one travels, the more complex and dangerous the world becomes. Perhaps even one day, have a "ring" outside of dregs where it is "Outlaw//NoMansLand" no alliances outside of your group, free for all pvp. 😎 Don't Die, just win.
  12. In YOUR opinion, what are the easiest/smallest changes that ACE could make, in order to improve Crowfall immediately? (biggest bang for the buck so to say) When I state "easiest/smallest", think about a feature or system, parameter or process within the game and how it links to other facets. Consider if a change would indeed possibly fit into the "easiest and smallest" category. This thread is not about writing a dissertation on how to revamp or overhaul something, it is about tweaks, number changes, positions, locations, timers, limits, and other things that could be improved upon during the course of a day or less of work. Here is what I propose and why... Regional Zones being mixed will force more cross world travel and increase the chances for large forces to cross paths = more pvp. Removes adjacent Zerg/vs/Zerg situations of the same Time Zone. Forcing neighbors from other time zones, increases the chance for alliances to mix guilds from other regions instead of all being in the same time zone, which will increase 24/7 pvp on a larger scale. Secondary change is to the "inner ring" of 4 adventure zones that are currently without keeps. Change those 4 zones to have the ruleset and functionality of what is seen in the Shadows Campaign, Faction V Faction V Faction. The "outer ring" would remain under the "Dregs Campaign" ruleset as is. Having a progression of Temple > Shadows > Dregs would permit ALL PLAYERS to be able to interact with each other in the same "game world and eco system". Having a "inner ring" of Shadows would give non-guilded players a chance to hangout with veteran and guilded players, increasing friendships, picking up potential recruits and simply making the overall experience better. In addition, the number of "siege windows" for keeps would be changed to every other night on a rotating 14 day schedule, with a 28 day Dregs cycle, all based on region time of the zone 9PM local. This is a must, as the number of players vs number of "siege windows" are significantly out of balance currently.
  13. *** #1 ISSUE with current build in Dregs **** LACK OF SIMULTANIOUS KEEP SIEGE "LIVE TIMES" PRIOR DREGS = 16 Keeps + 1 Castle for EACH REGION, 16+1 guilds could potentially own a keep/castle based on their REGIONAL TIME ZONE. CURRENT DREGS = 22 Keeps, 0 Castle for ENTIRE WORLD (4 Regions), looks great on paper until you see the reality. Current Dregs Regionally = USEast 8 (50% fewer keeps for same player base), USWest 4 (75% fewer keeps for same player base), AU 4 (75% fewer keeps for same player base), EU 6 (62.5% fewer keeps for same player base). IN ALL, PRIOR Total Number of Keeps for SAME PLAYERBASE = 64 Keeps, 4 Castles. IN ALL, CURRENT Total Number of Keeps for SAME PLAYERBASE = 22 Keeps. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, global dregs sounded great, more players accessible to each other is great too! However, the framework implement has turned out to be an utter disaster for the majority of guilds and players. What do I mean? ALL PRIOR versions of Dregs, X server and X players EVERY NIGHT had anywhere from 5-6 TARGET KEEPS that went live, EVERY NIGHT for the set of X players. THIS version of Dregs, players W, X, Y, and Z have been combined, yet the number of TARGET KEEPS that go live at ANY ONE TIME is only >>> ONE to THREE <<<!!!!! Whereas before it was 15-18 in all for the same player base!!! --- How is this a negative to the game? Small guilds, Medium sized guilds, and Large guilds that currently do NOT own a keep, have near ZERO CHANCE to capture a keep. So then, who CAN capture keeps? They ARE changing hands occasionally... ONLY THE MEGA ZERGS can capture keeps, and since the MEGA ZERG can easily "zone cap out" any zone that they choose, or may have a keep they own going "live" for that (NIGHT/TIMEZONE), it creates a one way flow of power and there is no mechanic to weaken those that continue to gain more power if they choose wisely (ie., target keeps that go 'live' at different times/days/regions to avoid EVER having to defend two keeps simultaneously. --- Regional Time Zones = W, X, Y, Z. Zone Regions assigned to; W =4 X =2 Y =2 Z =3 There are TWO keeps per regional and its associated time zone. Call them positions related to the hands on a clock. 1 O'clock till 11 O'clock, (12 O'clock is missing, so 11 and 1 are double connected to each other). 1 & 2 = West Coast, 4 keeps 3 & 4 = AU/NZ, 4 keeps 5, 6, & 7 = EU, 6 keeps 8, 9, 10, & 11 = East Coast, 8 keeps Wednesday there are NO KEEPS live. The cycle is then a 3-0-3 day cycle for all keeps, individual of each other, and by REGION. --- Average number of "live keeps" per night, per time zone; West Coast, 1-2 keeps live per night / 2 zones = 0.5 to 1.0 ratio (there are nights where only half the zones have a single keep live) Aus/NZ, 1-2 keeps live per night / 2 zones = 0.5 to 1.0 ratio (there are nights where only half the zones have a single keep live) Euro, 2 keeps live per night / 3 zones = 0.66 ratio East Coast, 2-3 keeps live per night / 4 zones 0.5 to 0.75 ratio (there are nights where only half the zones have a keep live, never are all 4 zones live at the same time)
  14. High Level crafters should not be selling their templates, and instead should be selling factory copies.
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