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  1. sent just ran in and blew up easy as that nothing to it
  2. well first off all DFO ended but if that game was up i would be playing it
  3. i wouldn't want to come from either of those.
  4. you never played darkfall why should we listen to you?
  5. we know almost nothing about the game lol
  6. yea i agree having stuff to lose makes poorly made socks more fun
  7. maybe some sort of alignment system but being limted to griefing would be gay
  8. DFO: LiLMarz DF:UW Flux pavilion i played with strazi up there and all of the same peeps he did really hope this game is some what like dfo
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OlEInx1KK4 Combat like this DFO vid would be amazing
  10. Darkfall was amazing alot of the people i knew who quit left because the poorly made socks company known as Aventurine Handled everything horribly
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