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  1. These are all amazing suggestions, let's redesign the caravan system for ACE
  2. I completely agree with this. I really hope @jtoddcoleman and @thomasblair take a look at the suggestions we've made on this forum and take a long hard look at where Caravans are at right now. Because it does NOT feel good. I'm also not saying that this will be their final iteration; however, what they have here is very basic. I hope to see improvements like those described above as more iterations occur. Please for the love of all the gods, and that which is holy; do NOT just leave this system how it is. As a Side Note: The way I would love Caravans to work is similar to how Overwatch handles "Moving the Payload", only the payload is carrying important resources, and moves so long as you are near it. I think that anyone within your faction/guild should be able to move the Caravan, or at least be able to Tame the caravan if the Tamer perishes or gets too far away.
  3. That's what I was expecting as well, on page 1 I detailed out a bit on how I assumed this would work.
  4. I haven't done a lot of Caravan Runs, I think maybe two or three. My thoughts share a lot of the same concerns to how they've been implemented, as it seems... well, cheap. It's an F to interact that clumsily follows you. If you get out of its range, then you lose access to the object and it is free to take. Same if you die (I'm assuming). I almost think it would be better (and more obvious of a goal) if caravans were part of the stables you build within the Fort/Keep that you've captured, and pre-set routes were established. You could also have an upgrade to the stables, or a region upgrade if you own everything in a parcel that unlocks additional routes. I really like the idea of having to "Drive" the Caravan, much like Siege Perilous that was mentioned above. Perhaps have a few actions on the Caravan like "Burst Speed" to try and get away from conflicts. or "Bunker Down" that boosts the Caravan's Defenses and allows you to leave the Interactive object. Having Pre-Set routes that a caravan can take depending on which Keep/Fort they're in would be way more interesting than blundering through the map. Easier to avoid pathfinding issues. How I see this working, is you approach the Caravan Stables, F to interact and an interact-able campaign map would come up. You select from a list of routes which you want your caravan to follow. Once you select it, a button on the bottom right would say "Begin Route" and then the timer begins. Choosing a good route makes another hard decision for the player. Do I travel through the forest, and have more NPC mobs and not make use of a main road for speed? Or, do I take the road but have to deal with more potential player engagement? Then I have to consider paying mercenaries, or have guild mates guard my Caravan. Perhaps we can even hire, or gain NPC mercenaries from a Barracks building we've built in that fort/keep that guard caravans, but we have to pay them gold. This would create hotspot locations of activity to gank caravans, and further substantiate the dynamic gameplay that Crowfall *should* be known for.
  5. I'll be updating this list as testing continues but a few things: Ambient sound effects cut out randomly, this happens when moving. I noticed this in all locations, but especially in Petra. Sometimes when your cursor is over a resource (I've found this mostly with trees) it doesn't always register as a resource (the yellow border) and instead performs an attack. Performance is fairly bad, but I updated my Nvidia Drivers and that helped significantly. I was seeing 20+ FPS boost, so I definitely recommend everyone update their drivers.
  6. I'll be updating this list as testing continues but a few things: Ambient sound effects cut out randomly, this happens when moving. I noticed this in all locations, but especially in Petra. Sometimes when your cursor is over a resource (I've found this mostly with trees) it doesn't always register as a resource (the yellow border) and instead performs an attack. Performance is fairly bad, but I updated my Nvidia Drivers so perhaps that will help?
  7. Hey there Crows, OsirianLegacy here with a list of QoL features that I'd like to see in the next Major milestone of Crowfall: The Dregs This list was comprised by fellow guildmate, Votesh, and myself while playing tonight, and some stuff I've thought about for awhile. I figured why not bring em to light and see what people think. 1. Cartographers: We both thought the game would benefit from a minimap, and Fog of War. As ACE has previously teased us with Cartography in the past, we figured why not add this as the first stepping stone for the Cartographer profession? The Minimap This UI feature is disabled unless you have the following item slotted in your scroll case: Territorial Map - For Woodworking items we would see some of the following. (Feel free to put suggestions/alterations) Fine Paper (Vellum?) Pencil - For Stoneworking items we would see some of the following. (Feel free to put suggestions/alterations) Compass - A stone Compass used to chart out landscapes accurately. (In the future the Map can be toggled to filter for specific things like Types of Resources, their rank, ect...) 2. Building Materials: We felt that even though we're only two people in a Guild, that our White resources were going to waste. I was regularly sacrificing the white resources for XP to test common vessels out, rather than putting them towards benefiting the Throne War. We thought about how to solve that. - Instead of using other resources for building forts and keeps, why not use a large amount of whites; don't have higher rarity stone go towards stronger initial walls. We saw this going a few ways with more craftable items. Repair Kit: Gets a durability of 5, each use reduces it by 1. Restores 1000 hitpoints to a damaged wall. The Target cannot have taken damage for at least 5 minutes. Fort Wall: Costs 250 advanced wood, 100 advanced stone, 50 advanced leather. 75 Nails, and can be reinforced with special Additives (Like Reinforced Walls, Spike Pit outside wall(Which disables Siege Ladders)). Siege Ladder: Costs 100 advanced wood, and 20 advanced leather. Place this object to teleport up a wall, cast time of 30 seconds.(Not sure about this) Battering Ram: Costs 500 Advanced Wood. Ballistae: Costs 1000 advanced wood, 200 advanced ore. Trebuchet: Costs 850 advanced wood, 150 advanced Ore Then additive slots on walls and doors could look like this: Boiling Oil (250 Fire damage/Second for 10 seconds) Need materials to build. Fire Arrows (Gives bonus fire damage to basic attacks) Need materials to build. Inspiring Banner (Gives bonus basic attack damage, and resistances) I'm sure there's a ton more out there that everyone can suggest. Lets give ACE some solid ideas.
  8. The Long War The Battlefield, it called to me; so to it, I went... Autumn had arrived, the air grown brisk... frost lingering on the lungs with each breathe. Starved and weary, I waited at my post on the walls; staring ever onward. There are those that believed Balance were gaining hold on our lands; That we had already lost, yet still we fought, still we hungered. But I tell you brothers and sisters, That our songs of war will ignite the crisp air of winter; and we shall rise to our feet in defiance! Rise to the challenge of our oppressors and make them rue the day they dared claim dominion on the shattered worlds.
  9. Tried to upload a photo from google drive but apparently I must be doing something wrong, or I can't do it from google drive. I picked Stormcaller Druid, yet there's no slot for my buckler on the character sheet. I was able to right click and equip a crappy one I found laying around, and I see the model on my character; yet I cannot see it on the character sheet, nor can I equip a different one. Which makes me a sad druid, because I just spent 1350GP on a Rare Quality shield at the market. Which is cool that we can do that now, but bad, because I can't use it I love this patch other than the bugs though. Also the new map looks F*cking beautiful. Keep it up ACE. EDIT: I would check the Base attack for Sickles as it doesn't always trigger damage when on a target. Also, the animation is bugged which causes lightning to flow into the sickle from offscreen but the lightning looks 2D. Otherwise having it flow in from the sky would be *SICK*. Just sayin.
  10. I feel like it would behoove them to release some sort of "This is what we have planned for Release" and "This is what is planned after release". I'm honestly thinking they should postpone soft launch until Summer of next year to give them more polish time though.
  11. Good call on Relics! I definitely didn't mean to leave those out. The idea of getting a large statue of Arkon, or Kane and showing it off in your EK would be amazing as a reward. I just hope they include the buffs that they were supposed to let you chose from.
  12. I feel like if anything Performance/Caravans/Mounts will be the most necessary to me personally, as well as Frostweaver and a little more character customizations. I like the Idea of Dregs, but an entire mode of play is not as big of a concern for me as having one SOLID game mode.
  13. I know, I know! But that's not necessarily a feature; however I will say I'm insanely excited to throw around some Ice magic!! I l freaking love the concept of Frostweaver.
  14. I keep telling myself when I get frustrated: "It has so much more coming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming" So I figured I'd post here and remind myself; as well as many of you about a few things we're still missing that will make this all feel so much more alive and busy. PLEASE, correct me on anything that is going to be *Post Launch* or has been discontinued. I haven't been keeping 100% up with all the videos and changes. Caravans will be a huge creator of conflict. Having to run large amounts of resources between keeps/forts to upgrade them will provide dynamic PVP content. We will need bodyguards, scouts, and to set up ambushes along the routes these Caravans take. I am assuming that they will be Static routes between each keep/fort. Tracking, though we haven't gotten many, if at all; concrete details on how this system will work, it is something that will bring with it more interesting roles within the Throne War itself. Where the Ranger and Assassin classes can really shine. This makes having allies with you that can detect those that would try and slit your throat all the more important. Mounts, though we have the statistical benefit of mounts; it will FEEL so much better to actually be galloping on horseback (Or whatever the hell centaurs will do) on a mount throughout the dying worlds. The Dregs will make for some interesting mechanics for us to toy with. Creating our own cities in a large scale "EK" that can be attacked and sieged dynamically, or on siege timers (We don't know which yet) being able to be actual mercenaries for the highest bidders, there is a lot that can be done with the game once The Dregs come online. Performance is currently being worked on, and although I personally haven't been in more than just PVE fights on the Test server when the snap test for 5.9 was up, I can say the movement feels WAY better. When using dodge moves it feels like gravity is actually weighing us down, as a minotaur, or half-giant I actually felt like this large intimidating mass of flesh ready to tear apart some limbs. Even just walking felt way more believable and "real". As far as performance increases go, I couldn't see an actual FPS increase, but I did notice there were fewer drops in FPS. Though I was only on for maybe two hours testing all the classes. Frostweaver, though not really "Content" has been the most wanted class out've pretty much all of them. Being able to sling around ice magic while looking like a badass is needed in Crowfall. Seriously, who doesn't like Ice magic? Relics Are those boons you receive from winning campaigns. A statue of the Gods, a monument to Hero, these give you a small statistical buff and can be equipped to your EK. This was talked about during the Kickstarter days, will they still exist? EK Tax system City/Town Parcels are supposed to require upkeep, which is somehow lessened or eliminated by placing appropriate type/rank of resource parcels next to it. This may or may not be part of release, but will make or break people coming to your EK. Have a huge EK with tons of markets for people to buy from? Raise them taxes! The Embargo System I really wish this was in a more finished state at this point, as a lot of us are currently able to just Spirit Bank anything and everything we collect. This will not be the case once this system comes online. Your Equipment, Resources, Items, and Gold, ect... will be stuck in the campaign that character is currently in. Once a victor of the Throne War is determined the Winner is given a reward, and can bring back a certain amount of their collected Spoils. The Losers of the campaign, will bring in fewer rewards. This to me is the sole reason that Crowfall seems unbalanced right now, as guilds are able to craft ass-tons of powerful equipment and hand them out to whomever they want throughout different campaigns. This will not be the case once this system comes online, unless ACE decided to flush it, which I seriously hope they didn't. Now, I will say this much of ACE: They made a HUGE decision with the Race/Class split. I think a lot of us forget that the Race/Class split was not in the books from the get go. They were doing really well with performance in Hunger Dome, and Siege Perilous felt okay for how early in the stages they were at the time. Making the choice to give us more options put them in a MAJOR setback, I'm sure @jtoddcoleman and @Tyrant can both agree that it wasn't an easy decision to make. However, it makes the game more interesting and gives us more options. The game is moving slowly, and sure it's not where *WE* want it right now; but ACE also isn't a multi-million dollar company that's releasing their 5th or 6th game as a studio. This is their first, and although they have a lot of talent, such as @Hanseshadow (Whom I think is a badass btw) and Blair(SP?) on their side they're learning how to be a team together. Anyways, I hope this has rekindled a bit of what is hopefully to come in the next year. Don't let your light fade ARTCRAFT ENTERTAINMENT! -OsirianLegacy-
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