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  1. Here's a list of some minor bugs I found while exploring 5.8. (Awesome update btw ACE.) Map Bugs Discipline Bug Switching Node Bug Master of Bows Disc. Resource Effects I'm super pumped that mounts are somewhat in (from what I've heard from others) and the new map style is really cool. Being able to take outposts to make a difference works well for smaller groups (1-2 players) especially if you're low level on that toon. I am hoping that it becomes a lot more difficult to sacrifice to level your Eternal Champions up. Mainly because there's little to no reason to have the leveling mechanic if you can just "Easily" sacrifice up to max level. I understand its purpose, but if it becomes too easy to do through sacrificing, why have the system at all? Making it more difficult will give a better sense of progression to the player as well, a sense that they're accomplishing something by Actively working towards it, rather than just throwing some unnecessary items into a firepit. My biggest recommendation for the sacrifice system would be to have each god have specific items or trophies be sacrificed to them; rather than anything. Anyone can harvest 10k knotwood over a weekend, but that's boring as hell just to reach max level. It would be more interesting, to have us look in ancient tombs or dungeons on adventure parcels for relics that the gods left behind; and that we can sacrifice to them, in order to level up. Possibly giving the character a passive buff depending on the relic. Or for us to dump our enemies' heads into the pit for Malekai, or one of the other darker gods, as a tribute to our devotion to them. Give it as sense of lore, as I feel many games just add features for the sake of features, whereas this would be adding features for the sake of building lore. Just an idea, but I do think that if I were a god, and someone was dumping a truckload of poorly made socksty lumber at my feet; I'd just tell them to f*ck off with their petty gifts and set a swarm of spiders after them.
  2. I'm really excited for where this will take the Live server, once we get there. I've uploaded a nerdy video to youtube showing my enthusiasm for this new update. Here goes! The lyrics in this song remind me of what ACE is doing with Crowfall, and that's redesigning a genre that's become stale and polluted with repetitive garbage. Easily recycled and left behind. Here are the lyrics of this verse: Left behind, we've been programmed; and designed. Piece by piece we will create this path... (Sweet Solo Lick) (This signifies the correlation between ACE's path to recreating the genre, and the fact that we as players have been designed and taught to enjoy the type of game that WOW and other mainstream games offer us. Constant same-ness, in a world of paupers; crowfall shines through.
  3. I'll update this list as I find more bugs... When switching between harvesting tools, you need to wait about 5 seconds for the tool to materialize in your hand before attempting to harvest a node. If you attempt to do so before the transition is complete you get the generic no harvesting tool message. Didn't have much time to play yesterday the performance of the server has been great!
  4. Effect of New Unity 2018.1 release on Crowfall dev

    After what the last Unity update did to Crowfall's servers I don't think ACE will be very keen on doing another one for awhile
  5. [Goon Squad] Forever Closed

    That was super fun, even though I kind've cheated to get onto the tower
  6. [Goon Squad] Forever Closed

    Sho does
  7. TEST is up!

    aaand it's gone XD
  8. TEST is up!

    Those are words of love and friendship for everyone.
  9. TEST is up!

    @Pann how long should we suspect the server to be up for?
  10. TEST is up!

    Woop woop!
  11. Do we know when the next test will begin?
  12. Holy crap @Tyrant I can't believe you actually did it! Haha, this is awesome! Thanks
  13. @Zybak do you have any plans on streaming 5.5? I always dig your Crowfall videos, just curious if there will be more of them.
  14. *slides $100 bill across table slowly* My friend Benjamin would like to speak with you @Tyrant about alpha 2 access
  15. @Tyrant How much money do I need to throw at my screen to go from an Alpha 2 tester to an Alpha 1 tester?