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  1. Coulda swore there was a specific line saying no multiboxing. Must've been in an older ToS
  2. I think what they meant was that if you are playing 2 accounts and 2 separate computers, they can't stop you. But playing 2 accounts on the same computer is a ToS violation
  3. Screen cuts off at the Sign In option on the side bar. As a workaround, I can go to beta sign up and use the already registered link to get to the login screen https://imgur.com/a/x4tITih EDIT: This is on iOS/Safari
  4. Also, wasn’t the fire arrow already an AoE burst? When’d that change?
  5. My problem is that it’s a chance to execute. And there’s nothing that tells you if your attack procc’ed the execute or not
  6. Like Months ago. Though, I thought they were removed in 5.92
  7. If 2 Hunger Crystals are too close to each other, they freeze each other https://clips.twitch.tv/UgliestCovertAardvarkSwiftRage
  8. I’m not saying you should be forced to, I’m just saying I see no difference in whether you level in a CW or in GR (other than the threat of PvP)
  9. I don’t see being forced to level in God’s Reach as part of the problem with God’s Reach. You’re probably not going to take half-leveled vessels into combat, and if someone crashed your leveling party you’re trying to not die rather than engage in the fight. So I don’t see leveling in GR or leveling in the CW as any different: You’re not going to get engaging PvP out of it
  10. Oops, meant to quote Oneply, not you
  11. I disagree. A level 30 White Vessel is more likely to win over a level 15 Purple Vessel
  12. It’s a relic of a system long gone and needs revision.
  13. AFAIK, you can't. But as an experiment, try seeing if using higher grade mats to make a parcel results in a higher rank parcel
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