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  1. Have you tried killing Rank 8, 9, or 10 mobs?
  2. They prolly also include mob powers, considering most mobs have 4 different charges, I can see it adding up
  3. Looks like it was a Mega Deed: Castle Wall Panels: Door 1x1 attached to a Mega Deed: Castle Defenses: Wedge Wall 3x1. I assume it's the tier 1 version since all the other walls didn't have battlements
  4. wtb Surging Spirit Also, Master of Axes MVP!
  5. I voted no for the same reason as many others (full wipe or no), but let me just say: I like the pace of training at 3x. At the high end, it's practically one pip per day and that feels nice. 1x training felt like a slog when it was up for a short while on a previous TEST build. JOIN MY 3x TRAINING LOBBY SO THAT 3x GETS SET AS THE BASELINE
  6. Whatchu talkin' bout? You got the choice between a longsword or a shortsword But no seriously, I don't like how Axes aren't useful for any Knight Builds. I loved my Master of Axes Knight build way back when. A lot of build diversity has either been removed or nerfed to the ground, and that makes me sad
  7. Just ask them for their account names, if they already have an account. (If they don't, they need to make one)
  8. I'm not saying there isn't a problem, just saying it might be a game feedback problem vs a game mechanics one
  9. There's 2 gods left, Yaga and D'Orion (3 if you include Hero, 5 if you include Yaemir and Lyessa), but yes I think this is just to give them a buffer between campaigns
  10. I will play devil's advocate! Are you sure, you missed your auto-attacks? Flytext is buggy right now, which causes some flytext to use the wrong colors (I've had some of my attacks turn green while Sustain was up)
  11. I died, and when I respawned I still had my inv, which means cairns don't drop
  12. It's either a GR with PvP, or a mini campaign that exists to be a junction between GR and CWs that comes up when a campaign is down so we're not stuck on GR twiddling our thumbs
  13. Coulda swore there was a specific line saying no multiboxing. Must've been in an older ToS
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