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  1. 3k gold to use the Kickstarter Arcane Weapon skin is some bull. Should be free!!!
  2. June 12 Can't join another world if your EK is loading If a tool tip mentions an effect more than once, it repeats it in the details If you mouse over the right side of the Total Melee UI, you get the pop up for the Total Ranged Also, none of them have proper descriptions transmogging mounts does not use durability (nor should it) the hunger spider mount has the same jingly sfx as the normal spider mounts, except without the jangly bits. very jarring killed the gryphon of gluttony. didn't drop any loot. Also, 500 xp for a raid boss is small Vengeful
  3. Practice dummies don't have collision, which is why it didn't connect. Using it against other players or mobs is a better test for functionality
  4. June 11, 2021 vc_short_desc text says 10, quest says 20 Frostweavers get a second Frezzing Blast power called Ice Blast Doesn't have a casting animation either nor does it convert ice, just uses the same vfx as Freezing Blast Can't search for Guilds on the Guild Panel Opening the crafting, talents, details, or map windows increases SPK by 1. Closing the map window also increases SPK by 1 The slots used UI doesn't update when you put items into or take items out of the vault This message showed up when I tried to unequip my axe without having adequ
  5. I like that you can build up the buildings in the Skypoint keeps, however, I wish it was RNG which buildings (excluding the Barracks) were placed in the keeps. That would make owning Keeps with specific buildings, or a specific combination of buildings, really important and drive the Faction warfare. I'm also imaging that this is what Shadows will look like, except with inventory looting and Divine Favor cards. 75k for the Respec tome seems excessive. A Keep is 75k. I don't think Respec is worth a Keep. 25k or 50k seems more reasonable, imo. That's like 2 hours solo farming in a re
  6. I don't like how the Castles are pre-placed on their parcels. IMO, the castle on the Imperial Palace is cooler than the one on the Mountain Citadel, but the Mountain Citadel has the cooler parcel. If I could place the Imperial Palace castle atop the Mountain Citadel, that would be cool.
  7. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Come one, come all! And let me ask you a question, “Do you hear the whispers of D’Orion?” Gaea has been slain! Arkon has been denied Justice! Kane roams Unpunished! The Hunger continues to corrupt. For these transgressions, D’Orion demands blood! He calls for the Wild Hunt! The Knights of the Golden vessel have heeded D’Orion’s call to action! We shall once again take up arms for his Conquest! We shall bring Glory, Wealth, and Power to him with the skulls of his enemies! But we Knights can’t do it alone! We call upon experienced and ma
  8. Spirit Whip does not whip the effects of the third LMB to additional targets Critical dodge activates whenever you critically hit. It should only activate if you crit while not having max dodge pips Requiem plays it's sfx every time it refreshes, which gets annoying after a time
  9. Class Name: Knight Races Available: Centaur, Guinecean, Elken, High-Elf, Human, Stoneborn What role on the battle field does this class fill?: Knight is a very versatile class and can be built to do almost anything. The Swordsman has great damage and even greater executes, as well as good mobility with Pursuit. The Sentinel has a range of Crowd Control abilities and makes a great tank or utility character. The Secutor are the Tank's tank, using Tower shields and having a huge reduction in damage taken, they are very hard to bring down without concerted effort. Depending on your promo
  10. I'm excited for launch. The most fun I ever had in Crowfall was the first campaign after the Beta launch. You couldn't walk 2 feet without finding someone to fight. And we all had a reason to fight. I hope you guys are prepared to raise the Zone caps, cuz we'll definitely have 200+ player sieges, and I'd rather the server crash than get Zone-locked out of a siege. My main worry though, is that Crowfall is an indie MMO launching into a market saturated with AAA titles. And I'm not sure it's fair to expect the same quality from 60 people that even 300+ person teams struggle to achie
  11. Throughout the years, we have tried various rulesets, but point taken, not at the same time, or concurrently. Off the top of my head, ACE currently has these rulesets: No Import Unlimited Export Unlimited Import Limited Import/Export Conquest Victory Divine Favor Victory Tug of War Faction Guild v Guild Paperdoll looting Inventory looting Gold looting No looting There were also campaigns that were decided by Most Kills or Highest K/D, but these rules aren't formally within ACE's campaign generator, I don't think.
  12. As a Minotaur Ranger, my melee lmbs were not damaging the wards in the small keep, but my bow lmb did
  13. Are you guys going to add this flavor text to the rest of the weapon/armor components? It's really cool and I like the lore it gives
  14. <Question> Is there a reason why we need to wake up our EK's and can't just enter them like with God's Reach?
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