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  1. Bombs hitting twice has been a bug since at least 5.8.0 (no idea about before then, we didn’t have a combat log then), but from my own testing it’s only a visual bug (for example Faerie trap doesn’t reapply the barriers). It’s caused by the Booby Traps passive (or the DoTs applied by the passive). The bug didn’t happen when the passive wasn’t equipped
  2. Little known fact: ctrl+right click Enjoy (It does have issues trying to combine stacks that exceed the stack limit, just as a fair warning)
  3. There may be some in God’s Reach, but there’s definitely some in the campaigns
  4. It’s a buff that increases your crit harvest chance, stam regen, and OOC movement speed. Very good for getting high yields from harvesting
  5. Also 03:39:00 is a good example of the Ranger Brigand Booby Traps Passive causing traps to explode repeatedly
  6. Mob charges stun/knockdown before the charge connects with you also loading screen issues. getting stuck on Loading Zone and not progressing
  7. It’s only power queuing on channeled powers that’s broken, and yes combat feels really clunky on classes that have them
  8. I think he's saying that after whirlwind completes animating, you have to do a new dodge, jump, etc. to be able to use another power
  9. May 14, 2019 EK Keeps have funky floors Rank 3 Shire parcels are 2x3, whereas Rank 1 Shire parcels (and all others) are 2x2 I imported a Rank 2 Town Parcel, but I got a Rank 1 Town Parcel instead. I know ya'll got Parcel Ranks working because my Rank 3 Shire parcel has way more tokens than my Rank 1 Shire parcel Farm parcels stitch badly This irks me greatly and my head implodes to try to make sense of it It was also way harder than it needed to be to get that panel to socket there... Elites in God's Reach barely drop any more gold than the minion mobs Channel powers not queuing is very frustrating. I have to wait for my previous power to stop before I can hold to channel my next power Interaction with buildings and tables breaks often and you have to restart your EK to fix it. One way to break it is to move off the target while channeling an interact. On Duelist, if you change from the Stealth Tray to the Harvest Tray, your avatar will animate as if leaving the burrow, but you don't actually leave the Stealth Tray. You have to toggle the Stealth tray for it to switch to the Harvest Tray when that happens Ranger Brigand Booby Traps passive causes Traps to explode repeatedly There are no Dragon Statues in any of the training zones in God's Reach to rez at.
  10. Werewolf erp? It’s the vampire erp that has the good stuffs
  11. Something similar happened to Jingeltap's Fort and Forth-Rah's Fort
  12. May 10-12, 2019 You can craft Runic Staves without the need for a recipe scroll The brazier in the Starter Zone still has TEMP textures The moss shader is applied to player characters Blocky grass in the Colosseum area on Basic graphics Runegates all facing to the left Ranger Brigand capstone passive Booby Traps causes traps to explode repeatedly after they've been triggered; can be quite loud, especially if there are 5 targets near when the bomb went off. DoT hit fx stay on mobs after they've become corpses If feels as though the charges from the Wartribes apply their CC at the beginning of the charge instead of when the charge connects with you. This means that you can't reasonably dodge the knockdown/stun when they use them Turned shadows on to see if not having shadows caused the terrain to fail to render, and it caused even more terrain to appear unrendered until I relogged. This was on basic graphics Is soul essence/ soul of harvesting drop chance affected by critical harvests? I think soul essence/soul of harvesting should be affected by critical harvests Rangers cannot equip Piercing Quivers without a discipline (all other quivers should require the relevant discipline) Campfire outposts didn't give the resting buff when I stood near them Capture UI is still funky with Outposts. They often don't appear, and if it does appear, it uses the UI of the fort you most recently visited Leaderboard does not list players, it's entirely blank It seems 2 forts are live every hour between 8am-12am local time. There should be at least 1 fort up for grabs between that 8-hour dead period Got 1300 gold from killing a group boss. Got 100 gold from killing a captain. The wage gap is real! Guinecean burrow sfx plays when Assassins or Brigands are in stealth too Using Duelist Tunnel to an invalid location should not put the power on full cooldown Sigil: Haste and Runestone: Haste don't have icons Aracoix Assassins seem to ignore Faerie Fire and Minotaur Frontal Stun immunity when they go into stealth mid-fight and reappear behind you (I specifically turn around, because I know they'll pop back up behind me) The transition from night to dawn isn't as smooth as the transition from dusk to night Sunrise kinda feels the same as sunset. It'll feel better if Sunrise was brighter than Sunset, IMO Shadows at night are sometimes black abysses. I think I likey. How are Major Disciplines supposed to be obtained in 5.90? In 5.8.6, they're on hungerform mobs, but mobs don't hungerfy every night anymore so it seems impossible to obtain them until Thralls come online. The Spider Queen is the size of the regular mobs, but her carcass is much larger
  13. It’d be like a minor league dregs campaign, I imagine.
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