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  1. I'd be nice if Shadow Sight revealed Warden traps. It's annoying when you're tryna be sneaking and then hit a random trap since Wardens just poop them out everywhere. They're not like brigands where you know the general location the trap is at. You just have no idea where the traps are
  2. Knight Block was going on Cooldown for 30s for no reason Duelist Feral Instincts doesn't activate My 2 crafted guns aren't being recognized as Dual Pistols, but the Starter Guns are
  3. Title. I can't start a Topic in the ECS'21 General Discussion subforum. Not sure if bug or feature, but it seems weird to have a Discussion forum where we can't make any topics.
  4. @ACE-Tiggs I don't know where best to put this, so I'm doing it here. Showing what the Powers and Passives do that each talent grants would be helpful to new players who might be joining specifically for the tournament. I might know what Black Ice does, but does Joe Schmoe?
  5. There's a link to the build in the original post, but here it is for your convenience: https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/High-Elf-Inquisitor-Archetype
  6. Yeah, Posioner + Cross Slash scream melee warden to me, but then they take Faerie Flames over Survivalist and use Explosive Trap. Burning is the weakest DoT in the game, so I'm not sure why you'd use it if your weren't trying to maximize your lifesteal from Draining Blades. Like Barria said, not a bad build, but there is a more synergistic build out there. Also Poisoned Weapons and Faerie Flames are at odds with each other
  7. I agree. Vanguard Scout is better for the Sneaky Stealth playstyle. Slayer is all about getting crits and using Feeling Lucky with Inconceivable, which you can't really do by camping stealth.
  8. No Brigand either, and that's not a troll build!
  9. This article explains the particulars of Exploration Discipline advancement. For a quick rundown in harvesting advancement, you start with the vendor white disc and intermediate tools crafted at a Runemaking station. Harvesting nodes in the Infected server have a chance to drop green versions of the discipline. Once you have the green version, you can also buy the green specialty belt from the Exploration vendor. Keep harvesting until you have enough disciplines to upgrade to the purple discipline (it is recommended to go white -> green -> purple. It takes 3 greens to make a blue, and 3
  10. The Duelist is listed as Vanguard on the Character Select screen on the lobby UI, instead of it's full name: Vanguard Scout
  11. Blinds take too long to clear up after the debuff expires
  12. Only advanced armor and weapons show in the tabs. Novice weapons and Cloth armor don't show under those tabs
  13. F10 does not hide the debugger info, nor is there an option to rebind F10 Holding left and right mouse buttons with Close UI on Movement off does not auto run. I dodge then attack forever, but don't run forward.
  14. Arrowheads can't be experimented on Advanced Arrows can't be experimented on (and also don't stack) Campaign Score card is wrong:
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