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  1. What I meant was, Thornshield and Retribution are both 50 Thorns, but used together they hit the 75 cap. They don't overwrite each other.
  2. Skill Trees were removed. You can buy a Crafting Exploration rune from the Discipline vendors in the lobby. Everytime you craft an completed item (some component items count) you have a chance to drop a green discipline for that craft. (For example, crafting a Recurve Bow has a change to drop the Woodworker rune). Combining these runes into higher tiers is how you advance.
  3. That's what I'm saying. Combine Secutor and Sentinel for a better Melee Tank, and then turn Sentinel into a Ranged Tank. I've felt like Secutor and Sentinel should've been 1 spec since they were introduced, but pre-6.2 there was a distinct role for both to play. However Secutor has felt lost since they moved it's key abilities to disciplines. (Which I like actually. It always felt like Shieldmanship should be a Knight thing rather than a Secutor one)
  4. Bearer's Insignia giving a barrier at low health is much MUCH more important to know rather than it increasing OOC Health Regen. Putting the OOC Health Regen on the short description causes it to be discarded since OOC HP regen is a terribad stat. Also, why is it given to Champions? Champions can't heal others, so that part of the passive is worthless. Alpha Warriors still have Justice, so they can take it if they want it
  5. I agree with a lot of this here. Endurance is nice, but it's not enough. Knights (or more specifically Sentinel) can get a hefty amount of Stuns and Knockdowns, but Swordsman and Sentinel take heavy trade-offs to get to a similar level. Endurance would feel better if it proc'ed off Pulls, Dazes, and Roots too. (Roots might be a little much given how spammable Throw Illusion Shield is) Resolve just isn't impactful. It heals 1200HP, regens 80 Stamina and 100 Energy over 4 seconds. In the heat of combat, that 1200 is gone in a flash and when you die, you wonder if it ever proc'ed in t
  6. Whyyyyy??? This makes switching accounts more tedious. What's the point of the Log Out option now if logging out forces you to Quit Game?
  7. This is a stat that cannot be modified by any existing gear and doesn't need to be in the details page Found on a Ranger
  8. Sanctifier's barrier from Blink of Faith and Meteor Purge don't stack
  9. Potion of Sapho buff, Mind in Motion, doesn't display the duration Book of Arkon has discolored pages: Book of Arkon: Centaur has it's pages clipping through the cover when stowed Book of Arkon: High-Elf also has it's pages clipping Book of Arkon: Nethari has overlapping textures on the top and bottom of the book Sickle: Minotaur has the icon for Sickle: Stoneborn and Sickle: Stoneborn has the icon for Sickle: Minotaur Sickle: Nethari has the icon for Sickle: Human and Sickle: Human has the icon for Sickle: Nethari Druid Static Bolt cannot be used to dism
  10. You know, they could've kept the passive tree and added this system on top of it. Either wait months to cap your stats, or grind for a month and cap your stats. Best of both worlds, imo.
  11. Or better yet, make charges (specifically Headbutt, Bull Rush, and Wild Charge) channeled abilities so we can control when to stop instead of always charging the full distance
  12. Left some EK feedback at the bottom of this bug report
  13. When you place down and pick up a mega deed, it's name changes to the name of the deed that was placed, causing them to not stack The Stone Corner and Tower Deed only has the Stone Corner deed, but not the Stone Tower The player marker appears in the air in the EK map The map grid and the cursor grid don't line up The 3x2 Gatehouse with Merlons has the merlons in weird positions The 3x1 Gatehouse Deed doesn't have the Stone Battlement rank, only merlons and wooden battlements (the 2x1 Gatehouse has all 3) The Level of Detail on the Stone Corner with Stone Battleme
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