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  1. This pacified me. I'll hold off rioting until April 25th
  2. Todd has hinted in the past that once they launch, they'll act more like a regular mmo company, which means radio silence until they have something to show us or can put a date on it
  3. I just want something to sink my teeth into, is that so hard to ask for? 😭
  4. SPOILER ALERT: You move faster on roads now. They've been talking about wanting that ever since they got the procedural world generator to link roads to places. See ya'll in 2 weeks
  5. Because the exploration game would be fun for a day or 2, but afterwards pretty much everyone would have the whole thing mapped. (It was also a pita on the dev side I believe)
  6. So, since we're all in agreement that the devs will be giving out non-answers, let's all ask non-questions! 😈
  7. You'll be invited to a free closed beta if you create an account on the website, but Crowfall is a Buy-to-Play title for the foreseeable future ($50 retail price)
  8. What about Minotaurs? They got them sturdy, beasty legs too!!!
  9. Rapid Fire requires dual pistols, I believe
  10. Glycosis only restores stamina when stamina is regening, and stamina cannot regen while it's being used. Your fear of never-ending Block won't happen
  11. Also, will Rangers/Bow users get the arrow counter UI back with this change?
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