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  1. It'd be nice, but take a stroll through the FAQ and you'll see why they won't do that Also we have Scree to thank for doing the useless and making malekai.org
  2. Please stop relinking Test and Live. All the work I did before yesterday's patch is gone 😩
  3. @blazzen Made a Titan build vid a month ago. Should still be accurate, don't think there were any major changes to myrms to or his discs between then and now
  4. It's only Majors we can't swap. Minors should still be swappable since they won't be part of the talent tree Also, getting a generic/unknown HTTP error when logging in.
  5. There’s one on the skill trees, which can be accessed ingame, but yea, I’d like a more convenient one
  6. Are you sure you’re hitting the cap? Haven’t extensively played Ranger since last patch, but I was hitting in the 35-40m range (depending on whether I was an Elken or not) My Mino Ranger has Arcane Archer equipped and still has 20m range. No idea if Sharpshooter increases the cap. Haven’t ever used it seriously.
  7. January 20, 2019 Hurray! Brigand Bombs don't remove stealth when they expire! The stealth LMB still reveals you even if you don't hit anyone. It's extremely annoying too, and I hate I can't take it off my bar. Hurray! 60m Rangers are back! Attacks from behind still don't show flytext or register in the combat log Same ol' Minotaur racial bugs (Bull Rush can't be slotted into the ranged tray/Bloodthirst uses class resource) Charged Shots doesn't proc off of Basic Bows Hot Foot doesn't proc off ranged LMBs,but does off of Melee ones (even if you're in melee range on a Ranged weapon) Minotaur (and I suspect Centaur too) doesn't have animations for Force Mage Force Wave New Trial of Malekai campaign screen is neat Trial of Malekai campaign screen shows up when logging into EKs too Something I've noticed when trying to loading into wolds on my potato: If the loading screen jumps from "Preparing Terrain" to "Leaving World", I'm custarded and have 0 chance of entering unless I change characters or restart the client If the loading screen jumps from "Preparing Terrain" to "Loading Zone...#%", but fails, I still have a chance of entering if I brute force my way in Not sure if this is any bit meaningful, but I'm sure someone would like to know this
  8. Yeah, pretty much any bow + a bow disc will easily hit the cap. I think an adv bow can hit the cap by themselves
  9. They do, it just doesn't show on their disc, but their Ranged Distance Bonus Cap is 25m, everyone else is 20m
  10. Did running as admin not work? Usually that only happens if I try to patch without running the patcher as admin
  11. The Ranger Savvy Talent on Ranger does not grant the Gleeful Strikes Passive. I does grant Explosive Trap, however.
  12. It reads weird to me, but if it's intentional, then I'll go with it. Also the icon thingies get cutoff on FireFox (was fine on Chrome) One of them got cutoff entirely if you clicked the wrong icon
  13. @Pann@ACE_Jackal Unnecessary period. Should read, "Crowfall is the only online Throne war game you can win." IMO.
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