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  1. This. Starting a new lobby: 9 Slot Power Bar or Bust! Join now!
  2. March 27, 2020 Stat Name +5? Elken think they're Minotaurs .... again Text is being cutoff on the experimentation screen Some artifact binds of the same type and color did not stack Knight's Shield Slam Cooldown did not show on UI Binding the Middle Mouse Wheel shows as None Guild Crests don't always show on other characters. Faction Crest does, however. Finish Him! should work on Frostweavers too! Placing Frostweaver Ice feels random. Sometimes they'll place 30m away, other times they'll place right in front of me. I would prefer if they worked like Druid Orbs, where you had an indicator of where you placed them Cool Ice is healing me, even though I specced as Archmage (DPS spec) You only get 55 talent points from leveling to 30. We got 60 in 5.100. Intended? Resurrection fails when used on uneven terrain Caravans are awesome Corner Tower deed doesn't have the Hexagonal tower You cannot connect two walls with battlements on top to the Corner Tower at 90 degrees. The Corner Towers should have smart connectors to fix that. Ranger doesn't have any class specific UI like the Frostweaver or Assassin
  3. Knowing something twice never heart nobody (I did read them after I posted that)
  4. March 26, 2020 5.11! IT'S HERE! OHMYGOD! THURSDAY AT NOON! GEHFDZHSBSZFHba:fshb:fgfslb Everything is so bright and shiny! There's even a moon in the sky...THAT'S CRACKED! Game looks MUCH better than 5.10 Fae Frostweaver T-posed when retaliating Retaliate does not proc if you were hit with a Knockup+Knockdown (Elken Charge, Bull Rush, Fire Tornadoes, etc) Brown Bog Bear had some ranged attack that didn't have vfx Also BEARS!!!!! Horses! Lost connection to the chat server and couldn't send anything. Logs given to mDonley Frostweaver has potential to have very interesting capabilities, if I ever figure out how Ice Storage is supposed to work I like the grunting noises characters make now Melee mobs can still hit from afar, but it appears less egregious than before. I need more testing. Some trees near the Temple can't be harvested. Sprinting is annoying. You have to be in-combat to sprint, and using a power only puts you in combat for about 3 seconds. Sprinting might need to be revisited Can we buy major disciplines in the temple? I didn't see a vendor when I ran through, though I wasn't looking very hard Also there's no white resource vendors Sentinels are pretty. Underhill HUD icon make them look like badgers, but their models are 1:1 with Guineceans Also they have pistols??? Which Guineceans are only supposed to know how to use? Uncharted villages and ruins were awesome Loved getting levels from harvesting The pants on Elkens and Minotaurs in the character are pitch black The Moon Temple zone got hung up
  5. Yeah, test went down about an hour ago due to server hangups
  6. The test server is down for internal testing, which is why you see that error message.
  7. Hnnnnnnnnng! The anticipation is killing me!!!!!
  8. Can I help reproduce this bug? I can’t do anything to solve it, but I can try various things to make it emerge!
  9. I think you could get to level 5 off sacrificing basic weapons
  10. You will log into test every hour, AND YOU'LL LIKE IT!
  11. The way Blair described it in the January(maybe February?) Q&A leads me to believe it's a 4th minor instead of a free minor
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