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  1. That gif was the hold-up, wasn’t it? Does any harvesting Axe work, including basic axes?
  2. No Thursday Update?

    Dave artwork confirmed!
  3. Myrmidon 5.5 statement

    Bersek uptime should be 50% uptime, 60% max. I very much dislike having 5 or so seconds to damage a Myrm before they bersek again. 10- 15 seconds is more reasonable to me.
  4. Etheral Sight only applies to Slag, Cobblestone, and Knotwood. If that's by design, please add that note to the tool tip. (please don't be by design) Poisoner takes 100 dust instead of 2
  5. High-Elf Assassins how their weapons backwards (dunno about other High-Elf classes)
  6. Just loaded my EK up, and the parcels/buildings I placed are still there
  7. When trying to start up my EK, i get an "Failed- Can't find an available server" message"
  8. Minotaur horns are borked too. All but the defualt horns make the head turn invisible
  9. Only encountered 1 bug: I jumped on the edge of a slope in the Beachhead (over near the stone arc) and insta-died. The adventure parcels, Oh my god, the adventure parcels! @jonnycab did goo! Give that man a raise. Chancing upon a canyon that slopes down instead of up was ridiculously awesome. The Quarry too was nice, with so many passageways and overheads. But the risen mine takes the cake. Seriously creepy with the abandoned buildings. (Didn't get a chance to see the spider canyon). Seriously cool. Now next on the list: Day/Night Cycle please!
  10. Welcome to 5.5!

  11. Welcome to 5.5!

  12. Bring on the economy!!!
  13. When playing as a Guinea Knight, camera has a tendency to zoom itself into first person. Switching vessels sometimes fixes it. When I swapped vessels in a CW, it stopped. When I swapped vessels in an EK, the problem persisted. Don't know if other races/classes are effected by this, or if it's just me.
  14. Todd sure likes his contradictions Embers of Chaos coming from the Sun, which belongs to the Order God Arkon. Dust of Order coming from the Moon, which belongs to the Chaos God Kane.