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  1. The View all link under the Dev Tracker redirects to the homepage instead of the Dev Tracker page
  2. Guild List Bugs

    Guild page isn't very mobile friendly
  3. I don't expect a "Meet the Frostweaver" update until after Assassin is in-game, at the earliest.
  4. Spellblade class?

    There are Disciplines, so it is possible to make a Knight or a Templar, for example, into a Spellblade. Though, I don't think any of the current disciplines will give you the feel you're looking for, but ACE can and will add more in the future.
  5. Meet the Stoneborn! - Official Discussion Thread

    @1:00 Confirmed, Stoneborn are shorter than Humans
  6. Nice to have the race discs consolidated in one place. Also, doesn't seem like Nethari Templars and Assassins get much, unless Intellect is important for those classes. (You guys should really do a news post on what Attribute does what for who) Obligatory "5.3 when?"
  7. Dev Tracker isn't showing recent Dev posts...yet again...
  8. Meet the Stoneborn! - Official Discussion Thread

    They were revealed in Livestreams, I think. Tinnis will probably link them later- he's resourceful like that
  9. Meet the Stoneborn! - Official Discussion Thread

    I think the races that can be Chivalry, Mercenary and Divine Classes would have the best chance at winning. So it would come down to Stoneborn vs Centaurs, IMO
  10. Meet the Stoneborn! - Official Discussion Thread

    Disappointed Stoneborn didn't get Strength of the Mountain Still cool all races have been revealed Obligatory "5.3 when?"
  11. Meet the Half-Elf - Official Discussion Thread

    I feel as if they're missing an active power, maybe the give them the Human's Candle that Burns power also? But maybe their attributes make up for it
  12. Guild field added to forum profile page

    Need uh, need a little help there?
  13. Guild field added to forum profile page

    One small step towards the Guild System...
  14. Is all this stuff coming in 5.3.0? Or are you guys going to stagger it, i.e. R/C Split 5.3.0, Environment Update 5.3.1, Action Harvesting 5.3.2, etc.? The more stuff I hear is coming with 5.3, the more likely I feel it'll be a total poorly made socksshow for PA1 and 2s Keep up the good work, and work faster!