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  1. Reposting just in case the other bug thread gets obscured
  2. High Elf Hair has terrible animations. WTB Hair physics. I refuse to play High-Elves specifically because their hair is awful to look at when running
  3. Archmage talent Piercing Cold giving +7 Ranged Distance Bonus Cap is useless. Frostweaver has very limited ways to get Ranged Distance Bonus. You can get ~+5 from a Vessel, ~+5 from 2 rings, and +10 if you're High Elf or Wood Elf with the Heritage Minor and another + 3 from food, but you still can't get that last 15m from anything, and you're still below the previous Cap. The talent should rather give +7 Ranged Distance Bonus, since it's a herculean effort just to get to the cap.
  4. Worth considering for who? If you're not Archer, ranged distance bonus typically caps out at 20m, which you can easily get on a SpellBound Bow, so adding + 5 ranged distance bonus is only useful on Archer (maybe, I haven't seen how their Ranged Distance Bonus vs Cap is like in 6.2). Ice and Fire bonus is fine, since we only have Fire and Ice Arrows (wtb electric arrows that have a chance to strike twice), but the +Fire and Ice Damage Bonuses should be closer to 10% since none of the classes that can use Arcane Archer have access to many other elemental attacks. While we're talking about Arc
  5. Taking fall damage as a Frostweaver with the Cold to the Touch Passive puts Ice Crystals on me Piercing Lance is not doing Execution damage, at all. (Crystal Lance does) Feral Instincts Buff doesn't align with the Passive (even though it's a 100% chance, it shouldn't be worded as such) Arrows and Quivers aren't being added to Ranged Weapon Damage
  6. Night Terror is in the Wind Domain, but only Blackguard Assassin can make use of it. Should be in the Shadow Domain instead
  7. Is it still the case that Moderate DoTs stack 3 times and Severe DoTs stack once and override Moderate DoTs? I don't think I've seen many Moderate DoTs in 6.2
  8. Can Rangers get Gleeful Strike back? Kthxbye PS. Can Fire Wall make a comeback? KKthxbye PSS. Can Found Resources be added back as a minor? Kthxbyebye
  9. Limestone is labeled as Granite Granite for comparison Cleric the Centaur 😏 I rebound Show/Hide UI from Alt+Z to Alt+H, but Alt+Z still hides the UI
  10. Bow Limbs: Recurve Minotaur made a Recurve Bow: Human instead
  11. WTB Found Resources Minor. Don't wanna take a Major just to get pips in Stealth
  12. Disengage already roots, but dropping Root Stake is an interesting upgrade. AoE Root rather than single target
  13. Disengage uses arrows as it's resource. Are you using Piercing Arrows?
  14. Using Tunnel on a non-Duelist Guineacean removes them from stealth after the port The right ear on the Merchant Pack pig goes into it's head Non-Archer Rangers are granted Triple Shots by defualt instead of Double Shots String Text on Triple Shots Shadow Sight from Gestalt does not grant +25 Perception Axes and Bows move to weird spots when you're in combat on a mounted Minotaur Capital i's and lower case L's don't like to show up in the chat
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