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  1. Need some more details on what you mean by "competitive crafting stations". Design seems decent, overall. I think whatever parcel buffs Forts have will determine whether or not large guilds will bring 30+ people to siege a Fort meant for 5-15 people. Group Boss-level Daemans for small-man groups sound fun (especially if they also have a bunch of motherlodes for harvesting), though I would like to see something more added to them, like a flat amount of Conquest points or Divine Favor cards tied to killing them.
  2. Should probably have a quest that mentions how disciplines and discipline progression works and directs them to the appropriate side quest(s). Not sure if it's necessary, but I can imagine people saying, "I don't need no stinkin' tutorial!" and being confused about all the non-siege, non-pvp features.
  3. Pretty much Pope's idea, but I'll just reiterate my opinions/suggestions on Hideouts. Pope says these should be instanced areas. I think you can get away with having 3-5 Hideouts per zone and have them function similarly to Keeps (or more accurately, Forts pre-5.125, when the Small Keeps were Forts). In a Dregs like Neriyan, that'll be 33-55 Hideouts for groups of 1-20 players to own and fight over. I'm also assuming/hoping that the 100+ small guilds don't feel a barrier to siege hideouts and they continuously swap hands between the small guilds. (Assuming the only barriers being signing up as an attacker and showing up at the correct time) This will have an added benefit of getting small guilds to care about running caravans and controlling Forts (Fort zerging will still be a problem however) All Hideouts should have a Bell Tower, a Caravansary, a Hero Statue and 1 Class D plot. The number of Class A, B, C, and D type buildings can vary as Pope lays out in his plan. I think that's interesting and might lead to more conflicts at certain Hideouts (and less at others) Some new tech that would be needed: Way to prevent guilds/alliances that own Keeps from owning Hideouts (and revoking ownership if your guild/alliance claims a keep while also owning hideouts). Way to limit Hideout sieges to 1-4 groups v 1-4 groups without reserving an entire zone for 10% of the capacity +1 to dodges being actual dodges. Though, Blocks would need a rework. If dodges had an iframe, it would make dodge objectively better than Block. I wouldn't mind if Blocks also became iFrames, but how long you can block for would need to be adjusted (along making Righteous Defense use stamina instead of Pips. Templar's would be near invulnerable while still dishing out decent damage as they can block infinitely under certain circumstances). Also fix Block not Blocking attacks that were cast before block was used Along with other ideas about Achievements and Personal Contribution rewards, I think a Campaign-long Battlepass type system would be fun. Generate points for doing certain activities (Kill players, take outposts, harvest, etc.) and get rewards and cosmetics as you progress through the tiers. You can even stick on a VIP-only line to monetise it like other games do in their Battlepass systems. I would recommend referencing Dauntless and Phantasy Star Online 2 (the base game, specifically, not New Genesis) for examples on what items to put into a Battlepass. Those are not the only games with Battlepasses, and probably not even the best examples, but those are the only games where I actively tried to progress through the tiers for specific rewards. Also for having low-level harvesters and crafters be important in the economy, I think it's good enough just to require an item of the lower quality to produce items of higher quality. I.e., in order to craft an Epic (Purple) Axe, you need a crafted Rare (Blue) Axe, along with the Epic Axe Head, Shaft, and Hilt. Repeat for all tiers (except Common (White), since that's the lowest tier). You can just add a wildcard slot where the rarity of the input item determines the rarity+1 of the output (like the Quality Assurance Kit in Stonemasonry). Probably doesn't work for professions like Alchemy, Necromancy, Runemaking, or Jewelcrafting, but does create a need for White, Green, and Blue resources to craft Purple and Legendary gear. (No-Import campaigns would also need to be designed around the fact that we'd need Rank 3-6 Nodes to harvest Green resources in sizeable quantities). The main idea here is that only the rarity of the crafted item matters, not it's stats, so low-level crafters can sell their poorly made crafts to max-level crafters to use as fodder for a higher quality item. Might also want to restrict the fodder item to original crafts and not factory copies. The idea here being lowbie crafters can't use factories, so max-level crafters are more inclined to source their fodders from lowbies rather than make it themselves and use a store of copies. Also bring back Hungerdome and make some new maps for 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 teams. Since team sizes can support up to 10 players, these would allow for 10v10x6 along side the usual 5v5x12 and also allow you guys to use the appropriate map if the full 60 players don't queue at the same time (within a time-limit). Also allow for queuing from anywhere, so you're not stuck watching the lobby for 40min waiting for a match.
  4. You can hit all of the relevant caps with any (properly built) crafter. The only reason Guineas are better is because you get extra Experimentation Difficulty Reduction on the ring, which High Elves also get from the second Necklace, and the cap for it is impossible to reach.
  5. In the Njalea Campaign, the Knights of the Golden Vessel allied alongside Hax, Fist of Empires, YggBrasil, and DabbSquad and helped to make Hax victorious over all other guilds! We Knights also sought to bring Divine Favor to D'Orion and have succeeded in bringing him Glory, Wealth, and Power! We now prepare to enter the Neriyan Campaign and once again fight in the Wild Hunt!
  6. Ah, I was getting spam DM's from random people in other discords I was in so I turned off letting random people message me. I'll change the recruitment message so that, in the future, people will send me DM's on the forums, since those are more likely to get through to me
  7. I'll go a step further and say you don't need a new Temple map every campaign. There's nothing in them that warrants a new map. Hand design one and copy paste between campaigns. No one will care.
  8. These seem very good. I'll add that I think every quest in the Sun Temple after killing the Bog Bear spirit can be removed. Every quest after that point is just "Talk to X NPC" or "Kill X Sun Elves". No new mechanics or lore are introduced during those quests, thus removing them changes nothing. Another suggestion that I have, which may be out of scope for this NPE revamp, is rewriting the Storyline to more focus on the War between the Gods and the motivations of the Factions. You kinda start off with this in the Earth Temple, but if falls off half-way through and gets thrown to the way-side by the time you reach the Sun Temple. I would like it if each Temple was like, "Here's God X and this is what they're about. Here's God Y and this is why they fight. Here's God Z and this is why they should reign supreme. These Gods comprise Faction XYZ and this is why Faction XYZ fights against Factions ABC and DEF. I do like the current lore that's given in the NPE, but I feel there's something critical missing when explaining to new players that they're Immortal beings that are in servitude to the Gods and why they fight for God X or Faction Y. The current NPE feels very abrupt when you're suddenly asked to pick a faction, when you spent the last 4 hours running errands for random NPC's that have nothing to do with the Gods or a Faction.
  9. The market parcels in the temples are too spread out to be effective replacements for the Free City. They're good to have in addition to the Free City, but they need to be clustered together better. Noone wants to run half-way across and empty zone just to check what a vendor is selling
  10. The racial bonus is nice in the beginning, but it's not necessary at end-game. Because Woodworking gets Experimentation Points from Strength, a Strength-based class is most suitable to reaching the Strength Cap. This makes Knights, Templars, Myrmidons, and Champions the best Classes for Woodworking. Guineacean is best because they can get 3 rings. You can put +Strength Cap and +Experimentation Difficulty Reduction on rings, which means Guineaceans can reach the 250 Strength Cap easier than other races AND the extra Experimentation Difficulty Reduction means Guineaceans have a better chance at higher rolls during experimentation. You can't use 3 Woodworking Rings, however, you can do 2 Woodworking and 1 Blacksmithing and still get the +Strength Cap and +Experimentation Difficulty Reduction. The same is true for all crafts, not just Woodworking. Though for all the other crafts (except Blacksmithing, which is also Strength-based), Guineacean Duelist is best because they have the greatest balance between Intellect and Dexterity, which are the 2 main Attributes for the other crafts.
  11. I think you're overthinking this. It should just be for preventing you from joining the winning faction at the thirteenth hour and getting rewards. Though it probably needs to be a one way either/or, and not both. If someone joins at the thirteenth hour and captures 100 outposts, they probably deserve some reward, but you definitely shouldn't be rewarded just for joining a faction right before the campaign ends.
  12. You might want to look into giving a scroll bar to vendors (System Vendors, at least. Dunno if Player Vendors need them, but not opposed to them getting them too.), so you can infinitely add more and varied rewards without needing extra vendors to house more. For cosmetic rewards, you could add skins for Thrones, Walls, Fort Lodges, and Keep Greathalls. There was a post a long while back that concepted some different wall styles. If those assets exist, it'd be great to give them out as campaign rewards. Also expanding the Personal Scoreboard, so things like harvesting, killing Bosses, and running caravans earn points and those points determine rewards.
  13. <Question> With the recent initiative to share design docs with the community to review, can we get an idea of the timeline between posting the docs to the community, the devs building the system, and us players seeing it in-game?
  14. I've been wanting something like this since they turned the old Forts into Mini-Keeps. Something small, probably with wooden walls, that 1-4 groups of people can call home. I don't know how I feel about them being instanced. I think there's something to be said about seeing a structure you own in the overworld. I think if there's 5 of these per zone (even in zones with the castle or without keeps) and they disallow people who own keeps (or are allied to someone who owns a keep) from claiming them, they'd be really good for small guild content. The dregs on Test has 15 zones, so 60 small guilds could own at least 1, and the rest should be able to fight the 60 who own them without too many barriers. It could probably fit well within their Handshake siege system, though they would probably need a way to lock people out of a parcel. I don't think these would warrant locking down an entire zone for the siege duration. I don't think there's any reason to restrict the Hideouts to Rank 2. Let them be built to rank 3 so anyone and everyone can enjoy the benefits. There should also be Class C-focused ones, so you can build Rank 3 crafting stations for newly formed Econ guilds who don't have access to fully built EKs or Potions of Sappho. Also, all Hideouts should have a Caravansary (for pig running) and the large Hideouts should have a Class E plot for Sentinels. I think it would make Raids more interesting because small guilds would be more open to experimenting with the other Sentinels outside Maeve and Yaga. The buildings themselves should also be slightly cheaper than other Structures, since I'm expecting these will be built primarily through Caravans rather than Forts (or buff Caravans). I also think the Conquest and Spy system is convoluted and unnecessary. Let them accrue penalty points just like Keeps and Castles and successful raiders gain everything the defenders left behind. The map already lets you view points gained at Forts, Keeps, and Castles, unless the spy system is going to be added to everything, why wouldn't it show points for hideouts as well? Though, sacc'ing specific people's skull is an interesting idea. I don't get the point of Soul Binding either. Just have it be a regular Respawn statue. Final note: the sieges for these things should only last 30 minutes since there's no bane trees to destroy to end the siege early. It was brutal defending the old Forts for a whole hour, even if there was constant action.
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