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  1. Outpost campfires disappear shortly after crafting Fire Roasted Meat
  2. Opens guilds up for too much spying, imo. I could have my sooper sekret alt Retslooc join your guild and just be there looking at your scoreboard seeing where you're scoring. Or a streamer could accidentally open up the scoreboard and boom everyone knows where you guys are at. I feel there are more risks than advantages Agreed. Like, does "enemy God" mean not D'Orion or not Earth? No opinion Would be interesting if a PvE Merchant guild came along and was selling Sac shards and Hellcat Paws for 50k gold. I don't mind people playing kingmaker, there just has to be a cost benefit analysis to it. Or have mechanics that discourage it, but leave the possibility open. I dunno. If you just had to meet the requirements, there's little point to keep running around once you've qualified KGV took a fort from Corvus that had a half built Slaughterhouse and we ranked it up to 3. To me, I'd rather spend a lot of time on something and not win rather than not spend the time and lose. I guess I agree that knowing how well your opponent is doing would lead to different strategies, and there's no feedback about it for the Glory cards, like you can look at your opponent's buildings for Wealth or the map for Power (in a lot of cases). So I guess there should be some indirect way to know how you're doing on Glory relative to your competitors. I'm not sure how you would be able to do that though without directly saying Guild A is currently #1 Guild C is currently #2 Guild B is currently #3, which I don't like. Maybe if there was a guild specific sac location somewhere and the size of the fire says how well the god is pleased by your guild? Not very scalable with the number of unique guilds though. A Keep? Maybe. A Fort? Definitely not. If there's 100 guilds and only 30 forts/keeps, we're going to be fighting against 59+ other guilds constantly to try and hold onto a fort, and it's not like sieging a fort is hard.
  3. I think that just leads to a situation where everyone hoards till the end of the season to not give away info to their enemies. We'll just end up where we are now where no one knows who's in the lead, because no one will start scoring till the last second
  4. I'd love it if BowSin became an actual viable spec. @thomasblair get on it plz!
  5. I like that the cards give something for me, as a harvester main, something to contribute outside of pvp. Running caravans doesn't help with taking keeps or forts or pvp'ing, but building buildings is an objective that I can do and be productive. And while PvE objectives aren't the most engaging, it's a way for the little guys who can't take keeps or forts compete with the big dogs who'll almost always win on the Power cards (which are the most PvP-centric). I do wish they were more split into harvesting, crafting, and pvp, but I do think they're diverse enough in the current iteration. It was interesting with the overlap on Justicar's Law and Where Credit is Due. In all the test campaigns I've been in, I think this was the first time where scoring on one helps to score on another.
  6. My PoV of "The Siege" I also like how I hit Chillmate when I'm targeting the Ranger Guard
  7. I disagree with the notion that Crowfall should be Shadowbane 2.0, however you are right that Character building at the moment is rather weak and has worsened over time. Removing the mandatory restrictions in talent trees and not locking the promotion trees is a really fun idea. It'd be really cool if I could be a Brigand Ranger with the Warden's Silencing Blades , or a Swordsman Knight with the Sentinel's Slow on Pull. Another thing is that different weapons don't feel any different. Knights can use Longswords, Shortswords, Axes, and Maces. Outside of Maces being Crushing Damage, there's no meaningful difference between them. Longswords, Shortswords, and Axes are all slashing damage, all have the same attack speed and animation. The only reason to use one over the other is personal preference. What I'd really like to see weapons have different effects on the third lmb. Something like Axes apply Weapon Break debuff, Shortswords apply a Slashing Pen buff, Maces apply slow, Longswords apply a Crit Damage buff. Things like that. Another thing I'd like, which I know we won't get, is different animations for weapons. Have One-Handed Axes animate like an Axe instead of the basic Longsword animation. Though I must say: ACE has the foundation for a really good game, they just need to expand on what they have. For example, look at Traits. Templar's have Greatsword Proficiency and use Greatswords. If there was a Minor Discipline that granted Greatsword Proficiency that I could put on a Knight, I could become a Greatsword Knight. P.S. Please add Advantages and Disadvantages 👍
  8. Volatile Ice created by Shatterstomr isn't affected by the Archmage talent Flash Freeze, which shortens the time it takes Volatile Ice to explode
  9. Is the campaign going to be 0 import? Basically: should I farm today, or wait till tomorrow?
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