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  1. He posts everywhere BUT the forums.... It's what makes JamesGoblin, JamesGolbin
  2. We will see it on Test, just as one big patch instead of piecemeal as originally planned
  3. They answered this last Q&A. In short: no. In long: Building placement is using the token system from EK parcels that limits what and how much you can build. Theoretically we could build anywhere (we mostly could in EKs before the token system was added), but I there will definitely be parcels that have 0 tokens (i.e. no build). I imagine those will be limited to parcels with complex geography (Mountains, Creeks, Hills, Canyons, etc.) or POIs. I remember in the past, they said the goal was "most everywhere", but no idea if that's still the goal, or if technical limitations arose during implementation
  4. Mobility is better, Rangers are squishy and being able to get away is import. Wood-Elf is better for that, but I personally live and die by the Minotaur Brigand (mostly die, but that's beside the point). The leather dmg bonus is only 5%, iirc, so it isn't much and definitely doesn't make up for being squishier. I would advise against Human Ranger, mostly because they don't have the mobility of other races/classes. Also, Attributes are dependent on Class, not Race, so DEX does Armor, Crit Chance, and Attack Power for both. The only difference is the Cap for the attributes (which can be raised with crafted vessels)
  5. Brigand is better than blackguard in groups, definitely. Warden is great for anti-stealth (especially is you spec for it), but doesn't have as much damage as Brigand or Archer, and also doesn't have a whole lot of utility outside of their suppress. It is tankier than either Brigand or Archer, though
  6. I believe the reason for no critical harvest is because the loot tables are designed so that you can't get more than one head/torso or 2 arms/legs from a single grave. Because people would find that weird, or something. Additives should drop from graves tho, agreed. Would make Grave Goods actually useful
  7. Have you tried killing Rank 8, 9, or 10 mobs?
  8. They prolly also include mob powers, considering most mobs have 4 different charges, I can see it adding up
  9. Looks like it was a Mega Deed: Castle Wall Panels: Door 1x1 attached to a Mega Deed: Castle Defenses: Wedge Wall 3x1. I assume it's the tier 1 version since all the other walls didn't have battlements
  10. wtb Surging Spirit Also, Master of Axes MVP!
  11. I voted no for the same reason as many others (full wipe or no), but let me just say: I like the pace of training at 3x. At the high end, it's practically one pip per day and that feels nice. 1x training felt like a slog when it was up for a short while on a previous TEST build. JOIN MY 3x TRAINING LOBBY SO THAT 3x GETS SET AS THE BASELINE
  12. Whatchu talkin' bout? You got the choice between a longsword or a shortsword But no seriously, I don't like how Axes aren't useful for any Knight Builds. I loved my Master of Axes Knight build way back when. A lot of build diversity has either been removed or nerfed to the ground, and that makes me sad
  13. Just ask them for their account names, if they already have an account. (If they don't, they need to make one)
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