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  1. Still unable to enter stealth on Duelist. Brigand stealth seems to be working The Alchemy station on the Alchemist hut is different from the actual Alchemy station: vs. Knowledges don't have flavor text Zone mouse overs aren't reporting the correct number of caputre objectives This text doesn't make sense, since you don't "choose a structure from the list below" There's a bug with looting mobs: The items bug out when I try to force them into my inventory, and I also get a "Cannot be looted" message in the me tab
  2. Can we get Survivalist Campfires back? I miss the group food effect
  3. Can dodge regen go back to 10s/20s? It was increased to 11s/22s because the Skill Trees granted 1s Dodge regen reduction, but since this is no longer in the game, dodges should go back to 10/20s
  4. The Caldera parcel is beautiful but too small! The canyon is too small to place any of the bigger buildings in a nice way. You get a lot of Environmental object errors when looking for spots. The parcel really needs to be 5x5 or 6x6, but 4x4 is entirely too small
  5. In case you didn't know, Villein is 50% decay reduction, VIP is 25%. Tool Decay also caps at 50%, so it's not like you can stack them. I don't see anything inherently P2W in this.
  6. string text if you don't have a promo yet New trade window UI doesn't indicate that the other user has not accepted trade clearly Screen froze when I picked up the caldera parcel while standing on it. Could still interact with the UI, but couldn't see anything because screen was froze. Had to alt+f4 to get out (i was running 2 clients at the same time, so that may be part of it)
  7. Bloodletter Exanguinate doesn't say how much it increases bleed damage and duration
  8. WTB Free parcel vendor so I don't have to spend 9 hours testing if parcels work WTB Free Runic recipe vendor I don't like this change. It's GG if you get gate camped, especially since Damage Immunity from zoning doesn't make you CC immune Thorns needs a 1 second ICD and to not proc off non-periodic damage. It's too punishing to certain playstyles otherwise Aura of Chivalry plays it's SFX every time it refreshes. It gets annoying Thank you for adding Promotion Classes on character mouse over LoD on Hunger Crystals is too short. You see their VFX long before
  9. Can't enter the stealth tray on brigand or duelist Spider mount is not grounded as a guineacean Floating NPCs Is this image a placeholder, or is it really what runegates are going to use? Archmage Cold Stare not consistently stacking to 5 with Ice Stores Next Chat Tab and Leaderboard are both Tab by default... Switch chat filter does nothing (noticeable) Master of Focus Resource Shield isn't granted to Frost Rangers ...take 50% of lost health over the next 8 seconds Explosive Trap doesn't list the damage from burning The bleed damage on Cross
  10. Not sure if this is a bug, but you can't enter the ranged tray without a bow equipped. Other trays don't have those restrictions
  11. It'll probably be a campaign reward, if not a rare drop
  12. <Question> What's the plan for using seasonings and other additives in Cooking?
  13. It'd be cool if the Sentinels in the Keeps matched the Sentinel of their respective faction, i.e. Meave Sentinel looks like the Sentinel of Sun Can shields get a slot to add hunger shards and/ or treated steel? It's weird how they're the only weapons without an additive slot Cooking Additives (namely Seasonings) still don't affect the food produced Can the wildcard slots say what stat the combination gives instead of the name? Knowing Tin + Silver + Aurelieum is Electrum is nice, but knowing Electrum is Attack Power and Slashing Pen is better None of the passives in the
  14. Items Collected UI can get stuck on the screen and not disappear until you zone New holes in the castle Panels in battlements not showing up Sentinel not applying debuff. Leaving and reentering the parcel also did not trigger the effect No VFX or SFX plays when Beneficial Harvest procs No SFX plays when you get a critical harvest The line under the consumable bar still walks away when harvesting Rank 1 Slaughterhouse doesn't have a cooking station
  15. Not regening dodge pips on Guinecean Duelist Not gettint a warning about using imports when joining Dregs
  16. <Question> Will the Shadows ruleset make a return so we can test the City Building systems with it? <Question> Will we see advantages and disadvantages before launch? <Question> Combat pets when? <Question> Launch seems pretty imminent, will EKs and stonemasonry see a QoL pass before then?
  17. no, it's a flat 75 AP and 10% PDM. Tooltip is wrong. It doesn't scale based on enemies anymore.
  18. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please) about 6.400 on TEST (things you feel we're doing great on for TEST only). New lobby is much cooler and more functional than the last one(s). Though, I do wish we could see promotion and exploration discs on the character mouse-over. Crowpedia is very much welcome. It's so much better theorycrafting in-game than through a 3rd party spreadsheet. Though, I do wish I could search by powers or stats on a disc. The recent changes to LMBs feel much better. You should apply this to the harvesting lmbs too. Respec. Respec is a godse
  19. The FX for Frigid Ground has this rotating oval that's not aligned with the box The combo tooltip is wrong on Free weaving. This implies that Shape Alliance can be used to cast Frigid and Volatile Ice, when it can't Block Bonus updates with every other point of CON. For example, if I start with 50 CON and 5.0% block bonus and add another point of CON, it'll stay as 5.0% block bonus. if I add another point, so I have 52 CON, it'll increase to 5.2% Block bonus, skipping 5.1% entirely. Haunt shows a 5meter radius, rather than a 5m range
  20. SFX cut out when a group of 3 elk charged me at the same time.
  21. Would be nice if the Free City in Campaigns felt more like a city, a la:
  22. Yeah, skinning. Need blood for my Toxins Nah, i swapped to green after the first one. Still took like 45 minutes to get the second one.
  23. Just spent 2 hours farming, got 2 discs. Yes, you're on crazy pills
  24. You mean this? Could be more descriptive and eye-catching, though. "Hold left ctrl to view combos" in yellow/orange text or something, would be better
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