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  1. inb4 VN comments on his professional CS:GO and moba competitive career and how it directly impacts how knowledgeable he is. Why do you take the bait from VN? You're not going to win the discussion because VN doesn't ever know what he's talking about. You're literally getting trolled every time you respond to him.
  2. Tehrror


    Espionage is always better executed outside of the game. forums, Chat channels, Voice comms. If you're wanting some kind of in game mechanic for this. You're silly.
  3. Stop being sensitive. Your response was full of ignorance. That is not my problem and that is not a personal attack. As much as I'd LOVE to have a VN level slap fight with you. From your posting, I have a real good feeling you're going to ragequit this game once you realize that it's an MMORPG and not a moba. As well as I already know what I'd learn from you is that you're not cut out for niche sandbox games such as this, EVE Online, Darkfall Online, or Shadowbane. But I already learned that. You're another of the types who like cuddle snuggling people's feelings and that just isn't my prerogative at all. I simply speak my mind and if you feel personally insulted..... There is a comment to be made about boots and their fit....... But by all means. go back to your ignorant complaining and whining. It has never ever stopped the other bads from doing the same and I'm going to apologize that all my proverbial boots keep fitting you so well. I shall attempt to stop being right to keep those proverbial boots from finding their perfect fit in you and offending you so much.
  4. This moba reference really shows your ignorance. Kindly keep that to your self.
  5. Seems like you're a solid player and you grasp the different needs of a guild and of an mmorpg. You looking for a guild?
  6. Hey... Let's use some EVE mentality here. you ain't gotta be solo PvP god. Just show up and show you can hit what you're told to hit and dance in the victory tides of blood and tears. Enthusiasm goes a long way. the ones who find it repulsive could easily pack their bags and head back to WoW or SWTOR. Because the niche game fulfills a niche yo.
  7. They'll be alright, Time to be big kids and get the custard over it. This system is much better than the craptastic hope they had for traditional MMO qualities.
  8. Muhrder is on TD slack. Dunno why you're calling me him. So let me get this straight. After 20+ videos of them giving the disclaimer that poorly made socks might change. Something changed and people are mad? So it's ACE's fault because a majority of KS supporters may or may not be entitled pretentious douchebags who can't comprehend the multiple warnings ACE devs gave them saying THINGS MAY CHANGE?
  9. I honestly haven't seen too many roleplayers pitching a gripe. Mainly the white knight crowd fighting for their perceived slights or something.
  10. Please keep bad suggestions in your head. Especially the part where you are splerging about your moba addiction.
  11. What is with you kids trying to compare a moba to an MMORPG? Bodyswitching in the middle of a battle should be as difficult as it is in EVE to fly to a station and dock up and change ships and meaningful PvP? Like capturing resource nodes and kicking over sandcastles and resource denial of other guilds? Why is it while all these kids are freaking out because this system isn't like their precious WOW,GW2,ESO,SWTOR, AND the like systems they suddenly forget a few features. Like the whole premise of a Campaign World. Vessels are crafted. A majority of every day fighting vessels will be crafted vessels to fulfill a certain role in a certain type of conflict. If a new person today was reading these forums. They'd think it's hollywood body switchers from all the sperg being generated by the exceedly soft carebears coming from the theme park MMOs. Literally every EVE player who's played in null sec or low sec and Darkfall players are grinning ear to ear as the 50+ page monstrosity of tears is rolling out. I'm enjoying it anyways. #RPLivesMatter2016
  12. It's amusing how many people VN hooks with his terrible posting and his useless sperg about non factor games that mean nothing to this game. Never ceases to amaze me how many people with rush to try to argue with the wonderful person. Yall need some Jesus.
  13. Isn't it? Everyone screaming about the roleplayers. White knights digging real deep now. WHAT ABOUT THE ROLEPLAYERS? GUIZ WHAT ABOUT THE ROLEPLAYERS????? #RPLivesMatter2016
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