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  1. Speaking of such bugs (I haven't played for a few months) did the rend bugs ever get fixed?
  2. I ran into him one time out in the world. He was on his druid, and I on mine. I simply said, "Coolwaters, helper of druids." He smiled in chat. I'll miss his passion and have to +1 the idea of giving scimitar druids their only heal, "Coolwaters."
  3. A few questions were asked about the scimitar druid during the stream, mostly concerning their lack of healing. I feel the need to clarify the community's position on the issue. It's not the lack of the healing tray, it's that scim druids are unable to slot any healing abilities from discs into their bar (they were able to, a couple weeks ago). Blair countered that druids lack druid healing spells by saying that scim druids can block. Well, no, scimitar druids cannot block, not even with the Secutor disc. If your intention is to allow scimitar druids to block, please, add the functionality.
  4. Whatever ends up happening with a skill/bank wipe... 24/7 is awesome news, either way!
  5. Well said. Please, no new info or interaction until the game is released! And even then, please keep it minimal.
  6. Crem invited me...will this still be the case, Yumx? (Free centaur vessel for you...)
  7. Visually...just an awesome fight.
  8. From the update - "Once these two things have been deployed, we’ll start to see the earliest flickers of our Player-driven Economy, as kingdoms will have the capacity to become the hubs of trade and commerce they are meant to be." If this is how it's meant to be, shouldn't we be able to openly siege EKs? Does this not make sense? I realize a guild will have to do pretty well in a campaign to set up an EK trade hub, but why should the MAIN areas of commerce be 100% safe? The biggest and best castles will be in the EKs, but they will not be siegable, that's a shame. (Yes, I read the part about Kingdom duels).
  9. Why did you have to make me curious.....?
  10. Did you guys run with an all centaur group in SB, or was your crest a picture of a horse head? Something with horses and centaurs... I remember you being the enemy, but I can't remember the details.
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