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  1. I am digging the summon a player button, so long as you cannot summon a player in combat.
  2. Here is a video that provides proof that I am the real me If anyone is interested, It's basically just a few screenshots showing my character selection screens in the games i have played under the aliases Ronan Dawn and Ronin Dawn.
  3. Fine ya got me there, I will not play a video game 72 hours straight for the sake of entertainment. My point was not really about how many hours a day we played, I was referring to the measurement that a single match may last in ranked player vs player, but it's all good. So do you like...set up your desktop and mini fridge next to the toilet or maybe install one of those pro gamer Ostomy Pouching Systems?
  4. Lord Agelmar? I did not expect to see a darkfriend here!
  5. I herald from thy Sprial....'twas thine birthplace of merriment, verve and elation...A harbor for long-lasting fellowships.

  6. Hey...This community is lively! The forums are already a good read! I like it!
  7. Seems like you guys might have bumped into a few youngsters. I would not write an entire playerbase of an mmo off as being non-competitive especially without having experienced it. It was a family friendly mmo that had a young crowd's attention for sure, but there are plenty of adult players involved in the w101 community who also have experience with games like DOTA, Lotro, WoW, Aion, Everquest, Starcraft, League of Legends etc... W101 had quite a learning curve in itself, Imagine the things that might take place during a 4 hour long 4v4 arena match... Counting Cards Opportunistic Flexibility in Adapting Strategies and Tactics to Situation Evaluation of Constants and Patterns Maintaining a constant watch on your teams and your opponent's resources Risk vs Reward management Deception and the "shaping" of a favorable outcome while not being obvious. The Avoidance of being deceived and Shaped Maintaining level heads inside communication ( 30 sec planning phases among 4 individuals ) Keep in mind this is a strategy game, not a reaction based game. Research, obtaining foreknowledge about opponent's play styles Anticipating opponents plays in order to maintain a lead. tedious amounts of gathering all the right gear for all the right situations Bluffing offensively in attempt to waste opponent's defensive resources Bluffing offensively in a false defensive manner in attempt to lead opponents into letting down guards There are many more examples but i think that makes a point. I am not claiming anything except that maybe there is more than meets the eyes to the W101 community. Once the game launches those who love it will stay, and those who find it too difficult will leave, in the end there will be your community. I am excited.
  8. I herald from thy Sprial....'twas thine birthplace of merriment, verve and elation...A harbor for long-lasting fellowships.
  9. Kaboom! The time stamps, the links, and the man's words laid before you... confusion dismantled. Nothing to see here folks...except for an objective truth.
  10. Yo yo yo friends! This is Ronan Dawn, guess someone already took my name so i'm spelling it Ronin now I am pretty sure this guild was not made by any Team Perfect Catch members since i was just talking to Kev about this game and he didn't mention anything about creating it. haha...anyways it's good to see familiar names on here!
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