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  1. Hey, I've been away a while. Is there controller support or no? Thanks!
  2. I kinda feel like "Stealth" classes will have some advantages when it comes to gathering resources in hostel PVP/PVE environments. Seems like they would have a better ability to go nearly anywhere to get what they need and get out safely. I plan on devoting most of my time to gathering resources and crafting. I feel like the RANGER class could satisfy all my needs. Example: if I want Spy or Recon an area of the map, I can do that. If I want to support my team in a fight, I can do that. If I want to go out and find high end resources on my own, I can do that safely. If I just want to sell my resources on the open market, I can do that. If I want to set up a workshop in my keep to build the best weapons in the game...I can do that. The Ranger seems like the perfect choice for me.
  3. REDLION here from The Bounty Hunters Guild (BHG)
  4. Speaking mainly of a character archetype that's focused on martial arts, or empty hand combat. Kinda like a Monk (dodge tank) or the old school SWG TKM. Have all the archetypes been announced? Just wondering. Really loved that back in the day.
  5. Anyone remember the SWG Creature Handler? Getting jumped by Bounty Hunters, and dropping 3 Elite Rancors on them! So much fun.
  6. Thinking about the Ranger class as it relates to trap design and implementation. Traps could be used in PVP or to help protect Player structures (Keeps). Traps would be an items crafted and used by Rangers. They could be placed and given a 72 hour time limit before decaying and vanishing. You could give counter skills to the STALKER, to combat the use of these devices on the battlefield. A skill such as "disarm" or "locate trap" could be a way to maintain a healthy balance. This could be something unique to the archetype and would give players another aspect of the game to develop. It adds another fun feature to the game and makes game play more interesting. Just some thoughts
  7. Anyone here remember Rancor hunts on Dath? Killing Krayts on Tat? How about making a DWB run? This is what I'm hoping for CF
  8. Community... We had Community in SWG, until the NGE hit. It was really an amazing game at one point. It wasn't about the graphics, content, or gameplay. It was the people that kept me coming back. It was the Community that kept us all coming back. I haven't played an MMORPG really since I left SWG. It just wasn't the same. Really hoping this game could bring back all the things we loved. *fingers crossed*
  9. Me too! Miss that old game.
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