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  1. I bought one parcel. Where can i find it? I see the transaction at my account menu but didn't see it as backer reward.
  2. Amber backers have the CEs included but we don't have to introduce any adress. When ACE confirm adresses should have it into account
  3. Bueno pues el servidor en EU ya esta instalado. En Alemania. Perfect
  4. Hi mates. I'm an Blizzard MVP for spanish people. I hope that we can play this game very soon. I'm very excited
  5. Bueno la proxima meta (que se alcanzara en nada) sera un nuevo arquetipo. El asesino masculino. A ver que historia le dan. Espero que se dediquen a cazar a las pxxxxx de las asesinas femenias que matan hombres.
  6. I love e-sports but i prefer that CW go far away from them. Actually we have more e-sports and less fun and fellowship. Large scale pvp could be very funny but can't be an e-sport. I see and play other genres based on e-sports but MMOs are based in other concepts imo.
  7. Welcome to the Jungle of Crowfall
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