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  1. Whenever you don't see a time zone, assume US Central Time.
  2. The Live server will be down starting at 8am for approximately 2 hours for some database upgrades.
  3. As long as it goes to a good use, well that's more than fair! Mostly server side stuff -- architected the Central Service, which handles login and skills and all the stuff that has to work for everyone all the time (Tim has taken over server side of skills for this latest iteration). In game I did Secure Trading, and now I'm doing the NPC stuff. So that first 5.5 build where the server fell over under the load of the NPCs -- that you can blame me for... Funny story about that. Designers were complaining we couldn't get more than about 50 NPCs in the game, so Chris redid the whole thing to make it like 4x more efficient (and easier for Mark to work with too boot). Then he left and turned it over to me. I was still just figuring out the basics of how to keep them from bumping into walls and drooling on themselves when suddenly the designers decided to put to put 1,200 NPCs into wrath. Since I'm sure they know that 50 x 4 is only 200, not 1200, I think a stray line got misread as a 1 on a whiteboard somewhere. Either that or Blair hates me. :-)
  4. Opps, was logged in from wrong account.
  5. I apologize for misunderstanding. When he said reserved names I thought he was talking about reserved guild names, not reserved character names. I'll make sure Todd and Gordon are aware of your concerns.
  6. Are you sure that's correct? I only built the reservation system, I didn't actually do the rollout of the guild name reservations to players. But I know the way Gordon had described it to me was that the guild creation would be rolled out in small batches, based on the order people had purchased a guild name reservation. And I built the system to make that possible. Only after those who had paid for a reserved name had a chance to create their guilds were others supposed to be allowed to do so. That seems to me like it's fulfilling the promise, but maybe I'm missing something? Did the rollout not go as I just described? Can you clarify?
  7. I keep suggesting "talons" but Todd and Gordon just nod and smile...
  8. @Tinnis, just FYI, I'm working on game stuff these days, but I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you. I've made sure the project lead for the site revamp is aware of this.
  9. Yeah, I don't know why Invision would think this is an improvement. But the full bbcode preview seems to be completely gone as an option. Sorry about that.
  10. I added "Spoiler" as a button, and according to the settings in the admin console you should all have both a preview and a code editor (the later only lets you insert code, not view the code for what you have already added with the wysiwyg editor). Here's what I see: 1) code insert button 2) newly added spoiler section button 3) preview button Can you confirm you all have the same buttons I do from a desktop (not mobile) browser?
  11. Okay. Thanks. It helps to have a context for when the feature went away. I'll look into it more.
  12. Nice work @Kraahk. I've just added an option to shift the center point of the emblem between top left, top center, top right, center, and bottom center; so I'm afraid you'll need to redo your math :-) We'll get the rest of the expanded set of emblems up as soon as they come in from the artists. And, as you mentioned, people who have those enhanced emblems will get to update their crests when the full set is ready. Also, you are indeed correct that everyone who creates a guild should have at least one crest save. The few people who posted early on about this were missing the crest save entitlement (still not sure why), but I added it those folks as I saw them post. I probably should have posted about it before so people didn't think it just fixed itself. So yeah, anyone who has still has the default crest and can't see "Guild Crest" tab (or who can't save) should definitely send an email to support and we can get this straightened out for them.
  13. Sorry folks. This doesn't seem to be a matter I can resolve directly. I've submitted a support ticket to our forum software provider and hopefully they can resolve this quickly.
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