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  1. 3 hours ago, Thalenax said:

    I too am feeling like this "intentional fix" breaks more than it fixes. As for the Myrmidon's Berserk Crash prevention, this really messes up their viability in large scale combat, in just about every specialization. As far as Champion Whirling Pain ability... I don't see the point of FORCING me to use some other ability because I'm using an AE power, especially considering that Whirling Pain has a cooldown. Myrm can spam Whirlwind, but I cannot continually cast Whirling Pain.

    Are there any other channeled abilities affected in this same way? 

    Can we get some clarification please?



    I think I can help. There is both an intentional change and a bug:

    The intentional change was to stop the cancellation of the whirlwind by hitting the button again, because people were cancelling it accidentally. Now it should only interrupt via something like a dodge or interrupt power (not sure which, if any, those might be for a Myrmidon). 

    The bug is that if whirlwind finished normally, no other powers are usable except dodges, jumps, and interrupt powers. 

    We definitely understand how painful the bug part of that is, and are working to get it fixed.


  2. 2 minutes ago, Kraahk said:

    I remember mentioning this issue a long while ago (shortly after TEST started) and Gordon explained that/why we cant have our reward strongholds on both.

    It's still a not too unimportant issue, because things just cant be tested that might have to be tested - as the current situations shows.


    So, how about providing [TESTING COPY] deeds based on the pledge level or the highest backer reward stronghold?

    Like: Emerald gets a large castle, but for testing purposes (and to let them drool for more ... ok, and to get stuff tested) emeralds get a [Testing Copy] Citadel. And so on.

    Or: Player owns 257 Citadels and 5 large castles and/and/and. So highest is a Citadel. Player gets a [Testing Copy] Citadel.

    Or something like that. Because, as is said back then and as it proofs to be true now, we just cant test stuff otherwise before it comes to LIVE. (I mean - in the end its not really necessary, we still have enough time to test things on LIVE, right - so, who really cares, righ'?)



    I was thinking along the same lines. It might not be the highest level, but at very least there need to be testing copies of some of the forms of things that broke this time around. Thanks for the excellent suggestion!

  3. 2 minutes ago, pamintandrei said:

    No,i would've liked if they would figure out how to solve problems like this without wiping.If a problem likes this happens at launch how will they solve it?

    We would have liked that too. None of us are happy about this, but the alternative was to leave the people who got bad imports stuck with them until 5.8. That would have been grossly unfair to those folks. Sometimes we make mistakes. When that happens, we just have to choose the way to resolve them that is most fair to all involved and has the least impact overall. 

    Glad to hear that you are back and enjoying the game aside from the unexpected extra wipe.

  4. 1 minute ago, Jah said:

    That is because our bundles weren't all given to us on TEST. I didn't have access to most of my EK assets on TEST.

    That explains it. I hope it didn't sound like I was blaming you guys for not finding this -- that wasn't my intent. 

    I wish we had a good way to let you guys import your stuff into both test and live.

  5. 1 minute ago, pamintandrei said:

    There is a difference between wiping before a patch and wiping after 24 after a new patch is on,they had test up for how many weeks? how did they not find such a major bug that needs a wipe.If they can't catch problems like that now with weeks of testing how will they do it when the game goes live?Will they wipe every 2 weeks on live aswell?

    In QA's defense, this was a particularly odd set of circumstances. They tested imports of common bundles, but they just missed the particular bundles that were broken. They are going to make sure those are added to the bundles they test in the future. And, as you said, this was up on test with players using it for weeks, and no players noticed it either. 

    We appreciate your patience with the occasional bug that slips through.

  6. 3 hours ago, Kraahk said:

    Something is wrong with your rewards.

    Current 5.7 KS large castle bundle content:


    Wall parts seem to be not enough. Overall quality is poor (no battlement options). No centerpiece building. Partially old building part names (not in current crafting list). Two parcels.

    Yeah, that is wrong, and we've found where the problem is happening. We'll probably have to do another bank/EK/campaign EK wipe to fix it. Stayed tuned for more info.

  7. 28 minutes ago, entityofsin said:

    I'll give you a 10 second lead on killing me.. just identify yourself ahead of time and with proof.. then I'll proceed to stabbing your face like a dart board. Don't worry about whatever you're carrying, I'll put it to good use. I promise. :P

    As long as it goes to a good use, well that's more than fair!

    28 minutes ago, entityofsin said:

    Btw, what do you work on for Crowfall?

    Mostly server side stuff -- architected the Central Service, which handles login and skills and all the stuff that has to work for everyone all the time (Tim has taken over server side of skills for this latest iteration). In game I did Secure Trading, and now I'm doing the NPC stuff. So that first 5.5 build where the server fell over under the load of the NPCs -- that you can blame me for...

    Funny story about that. Designers were complaining we couldn't get more than about 50 NPCs in the game, so Chris redid the whole thing to make it like 4x more efficient (and easier for Mark to work with too boot). Then he left and turned it over to me. I was still just figuring out the basics of how to keep them from bumping into walls and drooling on themselves when suddenly the designers decided to put to put 1,200 NPCs into wrath. Since I'm sure they know that 50 x 4 is only 200, not 1200, I think a stray line got misread as a 1 on a whiteboard somewhere. Either that or Blair hates me. :-)

  8. 13 hours ago, Scree said:

    The promise of reserved guild names WAS fulfilled in the order of purchase. 

    Claiming this is living up to your promise of the Kickstarter campaign is nonsense because you've already abandoned the name reservation system and didn't blink twice. The problem to me is that character names, originally a Kickstarter reward, are still being given away for free to everyone and yet you cited living up to Kickstarter promises as your reason for selling Guild Name Reservations.

    I apologize for misunderstanding. When he said reserved names I thought he was talking about reserved guild names, not reserved character names.

    I'll make sure Todd and Gordon are aware of your concerns.

  9. On 12/15/2017 at 1:00 PM, Scree said:

    A massive grant? You mean like, opening up guild registration to the public? sort of like how name reservation was promised at Kickstarter, but instead sort of just happened without much fanfare? They massively granted name reservation to anyone who made a free Crowfall account. That didn't seem to bother you then. Why now?

    Are you sure that's correct? I only built the reservation system, I didn't actually do the rollout of the guild name reservations to players. But I know the way Gordon had described it to me was that the guild creation would be rolled out in small batches, based on the order people had purchased a guild name reservation. And I built the system to make that possible. Only after those who had paid for a reserved name had a chance to create their guilds were others supposed to be allowed to do so. 

    That seems to me like it's fulfilling the promise, but maybe I'm missing something? Did the rollout not go as I just described? Can you clarify?

  10. I added "Spoiler" as a button, and according to the settings in the admin console you should all have both a preview and a code editor (the later only lets you insert code, not view the code for what you have already added with the wysiwyg editor). Here's what I see:

    1) code insert button
    2) newly added spoiler section button
    3) preview button

    Can you confirm you all have the same buttons I do from a desktop (not mobile) browser?


  11. Nice work @Kraahk. I've just added an option to shift the center point of the emblem between top left, top center, top right, center, and bottom center; so I'm afraid you'll need to redo your math :-)

     We'll get the rest of the expanded set of emblems up as soon as they come in from the artists. And, as you mentioned, people who have those enhanced emblems will get to update their crests when the full set is ready.

    Also, you are indeed correct that everyone who creates a guild should have at least one crest save. The few people who posted early on about this were missing the crest save entitlement (still not sure why), but I added it those folks as I saw them post. I probably should have posted about it before so people didn't think it just fixed itself. So yeah, anyone who has still has the default crest and can't see "Guild Crest" tab (or who can't save) should definitely send an email to support and we can get this straightened out for them.

  12. 1 hour ago, Jah said:

    Currently the forums only give the option to use Gravatar for a profile portrait. This was not the case in the past. Uploading an image and using a link to an image were both options before. Is this new restriction intended? I suspect that the vast majority of profile pics on this forum are not Gravatar photos. Mine isn't.

    I don't know if the Gravatar option actually works, I haven't tried it. In the past it didn't, and so the advice I always gave was to to put your image on imgur and use a link to that.


    Are you still seeing only those two options now? I see Upload Image and from URL as well.

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