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  1. There was a problem on the forums with which entitlement it was checking; and I fixed that yesterday. At this point, anyone who can get into the playtests should also be able to get in an post on the test forums. Please let us know if that's not the case
  2. Where did you get a link to #/client on backers.crowfall.com ? If it's something you had bookmarked yourself, no problem; but I want to make sure we aren't sending out that link to anyone somewhere. We should only be sending https://crowfall.com/ links. Also, thanks for reporting this.
  3. I finally had a chance to fix this a few days ago. I believe I've fixed all the links in the menus on the old site to go directly to their correct location on the new site. I've also removed all the old pages that were causing confusion. Let me know if I've missed something. Thanks for all your patience.
  4. Actually, I looked at it when you reported it. I didn't notice the visual difference, but I did try it out and found it was working fine. Since your post didn't include the URL, I had to guess that this was a problem with you hitting the page from https. Since that didn't work, I spent a few hours fixing things so the page would be accessible from https. You're welcome :-) PS: Normally I close out the threads with an "it's fixed" comment, but I forgot to this time. Sorry about that.
  5. It was more of a case of hiring me to do game dev, but needing someone to quickly move us onto a web platform that gave the folks like Pann and Billy more creative control. I'm working on skills at the moment. Beyond that, well, always in motion is the future :-)
  6. Updates should be working now, and they should work regardless of whether you are using HTTP or HTTPS.
  7. The Beta 8 message should be corrected now.
  8. Do you have 3rd party cookies disabled in Firefox? That might block the calendar from loading. Here's more information on where to find them. These instructions are for disabling third party cookie -- do the opposite and enable them. Let me know if that works for you. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/disable-third-party-cookies
  9. Thanks for reporting this. The old newsroll page isn't supposed to be used at all anymore, and only exists because of the peculiarities of our cobbled-together publish system. We had also originally intended to move the store over to the new site as well, but ran out of time. At some point we'd like to clean up these things and finish the work on the web site. But for now, we are focused on building the game. I hope you agree that's the most important thing
  10. Thanks for the report. No promises on how soon I can get to these. I've added them to our bug list though.
  11. We are working on a fix for that unclear error message.
  12. Thanks, will be fixed in the next push.
  13. I'll add a "Show/Hide all Answers" button on the FAQ pages.
  14. I haven't looked at all into what it takes to change things like that on the forums (completely different system than the rest of the web stuff), but it should be straightforward so I'll see if I can make that happen. I showed this to Billy and he liked it. Expect to see that change implemented soon.
  15. Okay, I was able to get this to happen finally. Hitting the refresh button at the top corner of the safari screen fixed it. I'll look into this as soon as I get a chance. Thanks!
  16. Thanks, let me know what you discover.
  17. Thanks Aang. Looks like it was broken on Firefox. I'll have a fix shortly.
  18. Anyone else seeing this? I just checked it on a couple of iPhone 6's and didn't have any problem scrolling in portrait or landscape, even when starting in portrait. Only thing I can think of is some kind of incomplete loading problem.
  19. Okay, thanks for the report, I will investigate.
  20. Could you be more specific about where you were trying to select text from? At least the page url, please.
  21. Hmm... what browser are you using? The fix I did should have set the session duration to 30 days. It's possible that some browsers are handling the session cookie differently.
  22. It's not about protecting the content from being copied, it's about protecting the aesthetics of the site from errant mouse clicks and gestures, especially in places like the front page where you can use mouse or touch gestures to scroll content. Having the browser decide to highlight text instead (or in addition to) scrolling really makes it look ugly. Because of the way the content creation happens, it's been easier to just set up an overall "no user select" rule and override it for the specific things where people clearly need to copy the content. Sounds like the backstory stuff should be in that list too. What else should be that isn't?
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