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  1. A fix for this has been pushed live. You will probably need to clear your browser cache to pick up the fix.
  2. The General category in English was the only place in the FAQs I found this. All the rest appeared to already be selectable. And General should be fixed now too. Let me know if you all find any other FAQs or things that are still broken.
  3. Thanks all, this is great sleuthing! I should be able to fix it based on this information.
  4. It's not matter of anyone's personal agenda or misguided ideas of Edge being "worse" and Chrome/Firefox being "better". It's just a matter of how we spend very limited web resources. Can you give us more details on what you were seeing? What pages do these problems occur on? Is it only with Edge or does it happen on your machine with other browsers too?
  5. In general, the things that are informational, like the FAQs, Newsletter, and legal documents should all be open to select and copy. But most other text, ie: stuff that is mainly creative content like archetype backstories, is deliberately not copyable. I can see on the site that some of the FAQs are broken. I'll fix the ones I see, but if you spot others, please let me know which ones. Thanks!
  6. Thanks. I spent some time trying to get this to work better on mobile devices, without much success. It's an embedded Google thing, so I have limited control over how it behaves. Until inspiration strikes, someone points out an example where it works better, or I get more free time to look at it, I'd say Canth's suggestion to add it to your personal calendar is a good one.
  7. We'd like to support all browsers, but we have limited resources. At the moment, we are focused on getting everything onto the new site, using standard HTML5. Browsers that properly support HTML5 shouldn't have any serious problems. We primarily test on Chrome and Firefox, so those are your best bets.
  8. The behavior differs between the new site and old. So it might depend on which parts of the site you've been on. If someone has the time to do some experiments I might be able to fix this more quickly.
  9. I did the publish before all the FAQs had been migrated. You should see the rest of the English FAQs online today,with German versions over the next day or two, followed by the French.
  10. Thanks Jihan. Good catch. I'll make fix it so the old links continue to work, even though the new links are the preferred format for new posts. Not sure it it will make it into the next web site publish but I'll try.
  11. Yes, it was broken on the news page. Should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting this!
  12. Thanks... we are working on migrating all those pages over to the new site; so we might end up just replacing the pages before we get a chance to fix those.
  13. Thanks for the report, I'll take a look at that.
  14. That's deliberate, so the Legionnaire is not covered by the text.
  15. Good catch, thanks. We'll fix that with the next push.
  16. Thanks for the report. I'll try to get this fixed soon.
  17. It sounds like you might have an invalid cookie or old javascript file in your browser cache. Under the Settings icon, choose Safari, then scroll down until you find "Clear History and Website Data". That should take care of it. Our future releases will use a javascript versioning scheme that should prevent this from happening ever again. Sorry for the trouble, and let me know if that fixes the issue or not.
  18. This has been fixed. Thanks for reporting it.
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