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  1. I stopped following the news as much as I used too, I am not reading the forums as much either, and I don't want to dive into all the post to find a half-answer. Basicly I want to know what has been said about powers/skills/gameplay customization. The only thing I know is that they retracted from the idea of specializations changing the archetype style completly as It was supposed to be at first (Knight specialization using bow as main weapon).
  2. Thank you, fixed. The way Thomas wrote that it makes me understand that he is talking about both ranger and stalker having melee stances.
  3. Direct link to the post: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/11208-go-go-ranger-powers-official-discussion-thread/?p=261098 It seems that the model for stalker will be big. Stalkers will have melee weapon as some of us supposed since the release of the Ranger melee stance. I hope they give the stalker a longsword/zweihander like the one from the D'Orion wallpaper, And It seems like the bow will be big too, with huge arrows. This all might change before the release of the stalker, but It is good to have new info about them. It seems like it will be a sniper that will not fight melee that much, personally I would enjoy an Elken melee archetyepe, or at least I hope that I can focus the stalker into a melee fighter with disciplines, runes, etc.
  4. Perfect FPS style AIM is no the only parameter to determine skill, it is just the most important in FPS games, in other games such as MOBAs, AIM is just a small part of the skills a player needs, aim it is not that important, and I actually prefer that AIM is not that important, I am not into FPS anymore, and I don't feel the style fits well in MMORPGs where there is aoe skills with diferent patterns,etc. A global elite in CS:GO, might be a silver player in LoL, while a Challenger in LoL might be a poorly made socksty CS:GO player, how do you decide which one is the most skilled player? Different games put diferent parameter for Skill, and I really appreciate that small and fast projectile AIM is not on here, because it makes no sense. And about being able to move while attacking, well, I rather have animation lock, chivalry for example, the legs move independetly from the torso and arms, which makes no sense, when you attack you go with the whole body, it is true that you could do some attacks while moving, but usually you should stay in position or do a movement according to an attack. If you are shooting, you can shoot and move at the same time, but still you would move slower for the extra aim, and if you want to be the most precise possible you would be still. This doesn't mean that I think the Crowfall gameplay is ok, I think it needs to improve, but animatino lock is not a problem, BAD animation lock is a problem. About the dahses, sadly I don't think they will remove them, but I think they could lower the range and adapt them to be more than dashes, and they should use the physics more, like the Knight dash. For example, the confessor, instead of the current dash, it could be a dash with far less range but that produce a small knocback on enemies in the opposite direction of the dash, meaning that you should do it with the intention not only to escape but to hit your enemies to create more distance between you, making the dash more skilled. But I would reduce the range of all the dashes currently in game at least a 40%. I might do a suggestion post about this with some ideas for dashes that I have, but anyway is hard to tell how it would change the current gameplay, I really want to check all the changes in 2.0.
  5. To improve that abilities, and add other abilities to that. Lets say that Stealth would allow you to move inv, but slightly warping light so anyone could see you, but as you improve those tracking/anti-stealth skills it gets a bit more clear that warping. Or for the Hide mechanic that I propose, instead of needing 5 hits to reveal a character, you would only need 2 or 3. We actually don't know how the tracking/anti-stealth abilities will work, so maybe it is viable to have a fully invisible archetype while not beeing too op, we actually don't know, I am just showing a concern that I have with fully invisible stealth mechanics, and giving some personal ideas for it.
  6. With the new Ranger Hide mechanic, we have now more information to talk about how stealth mechanics will work. This discussion is focused on how you might want that mechanics to work, and how it should be balanced according to the diferent advantages and disadvantages that those mechanics allow. I will separate my opinnions on Hide mechanics and Stealth mechanic. Hide mechanic is the one from the Ranger, you need to stay stationary to be able to be invisible, Stealth mechanic as explain in the Ranger post, allows you to move while invisible. As far as we know, there is no actual advantage on Hide over Stealth, except maybe that you have a specific power stealth tray that is activated when you are on stealth, this can be either an advantage or disadvantage, all depends on the powers. Now, I think Hide should have some extra advantages, the first one that I think would be that Hide should be fully invisible, while Stealth should be not, I think it should be like in Starcraft/Heroes of the Storm, where you can actually see the player while stealthed. Something like this: Next, I think the hide mechanic should have an either damage reduction on the hit that reveals you, or a number of hits needed for the enemy to reveal you, this making harder for a random hit to reveal your position, but if people have saw you enter in the Hide state then they can go an attack a few times to reveal you, while Stealth should be revealed on first hit, since they can move around while stealthed. Basicly, I don't like the idea of someone beeing fully invisible while beeing able to freely move while no one can notice him and is only vulnerable to random hits, I think a stealth mechanic should have some active counterplay than just a random lucky hit that revealed the guy. Another options for Stealth would be that when you get to close to an enemy, this gets some kind of warning. I take this idea from League of Legends where Rengar has this mechanic, other option would be that when you are to close to an enemy this is able to actually see you (Evelynn in LoL has this mechanic). There is a lot of options to balance stealth mechanics, fully invibisible mechanic without restriction is not a good idea, at least I don't think it is, it tends to make the character overpowered.
  7. Even though I agree that I am kind of dissapointed, I don't agree with any of your points made. Ammo it is ok when it is well done, I don't know the current range of the Confessor's autoattack, but I think the Ranger will have more range, so there is already an advantage, the projectile is faster, which is an advantage too, and it has the ability to swap between types of arrows to deal more damage to specific armor types, which is a huge advantage compared to the confessor autos that are limited in that aspect. The disadvantage for it would be, probably small hitbox and dependant on ammunition. I think the advantages outweight the disadvantages, unless the ammo is really limited. The stealth mechanic I think it is ok, I think it should have some advantages over the stealth mechanic, but anyway, is more about waiting and engage that just running around invi, what I don't like is that the rest of the skill kit doesn't have to be thinking on this mechanic, the trap shown last really low time show you would need to be breaking out of stealth to put another down every now and then, I would prefer to be able to stay 4-5 min waiting for someone to pass through a doorway, or something like that, making him step in my trap and then kill him there, thanks to the trap. And the swap mechanic, well, I don't see what is the problem you have here, I don't thinkg the melee mechanic is for the Ranger to be more versatile but because there is an ammo mechanic, so you can still fight if you get yourself out of ammo. The big problem that I have is that the Ranger shown right now doesn't feel at all like an specialist, is just a a ranged/melee damage dealer, I thought that specialist would mean that it had huge utility abilities, in this case, traps, slows, etc, but it seems like the utility from the Ranger is basicly damage.
  8. I kind of agree, I still don't get why everyone needs a dash, there is other options for movement, it seems like in modern games if one class don't have a dash it is worthless, but everyone having a dash makes the gameplay style really limited. And with the news on the Ranger having a lot of mobility the problem keeps getting worst, as more dashes there are most dashes there have to be, the moment you don't make a class with a dash now that class will be in a lot of problems.
  9. I find a lot of contradictory styles of gameplay in the current ranger description. When I did read about Hide, I thought, nice so you can set up traps and wait, but then the only trap that they showed only last for 1min in the ground? It makes not sense. Not only that, but the power that creates a defence for the Rangers makes no sense, you already said that the ranger has a lot of mobility, why would you stay still in a position when you are mobile and can just dodge and keep moving and kiting, it is contradictory, if the Ranger was more focused on traps and positioning, then it would make sense, you set up a few traps, set up your defense, and if someone comes close you have the traps + your melee stance to fight them, but beeing too mobile makes the trap and the hide style useless, there is already a lot of dashes that will make the trap style gameplay hard enough (unless the traps are actually good). I don't know, I hope that there will be disciplines and runes that allow for a more focused trap style, but with the already excesive mobility I don't think no one will go for it, in a PVP game mobility outplays every other type of mechanics most of the times.
  10. The momentum thing is that attacks will carry momentum when you are running before the attack, instead of a full stop as it is right now. And some attacks on Crowfall do carry movement, just not as much as the ones in Tera, which doesn't mean that it is a bad thing, I think there are a lot of small of things that might end up making the combat feeling better without changing that much. (tweaking animations, adding on hit effects and improving the sound effects, maybe adding a bit of extramovement in the attacks would be a good thing too, I just don't want extreme movement plus really long dashes, but again this is just personal opinion and there is obviously some people that would rather have a lot of movement)
  11. I agree totally with the different options for actual movement, in this days it seems like dashes are the only viable movement option. One way I would like teleports is the way that Reaper uses it in Overwatch, you have to aim it and it is not instantly, giving the posibility to be stopped. EDIT: no more options but different options.
  12. I don't see how animation lock is archaic, is actually the best we can do for now to emulate commitment on attacks. See, this is what I hate, people zig zagging, dashing and bunny jumping like wonderful people in a fight, it is the worst thing that I have ever experienced in videogames. (not trying to be rude, it just gets on my nerves that type of gameplay) And you said that wizards and that type of classes need dashes, but then you said it yourself, becuase they need dashes the other classes needs dashes, that is why dashes should be really limited in my opinion, dashes are too powerful, if you are a wizzard and put yourself in a position where you can get custard rekt, it is ok to have a dodge/dash mechanic that can save one time, but beeing able to put yourself in those situations constantly and just jump, dash and zig zag away from it all the time is wonderful. I don't like combat that feels clunky, but I like commitment in my attacks. Dashes should be really limited either by range, by cooldown or by cost. But I guess it end up in tastes, you obviously enjoy it and it is ok, I think it rest skill to the gameplay because you can always avoid bad situations, positioning stops to matter and is only about hitting the other guy, strategy becomes to hit the other guy more than he hits you and positioning and how and where you fight stops beeing important, and zoning classes or trap based classes become less usefull because it is almost impossible to be effective, the only thing that matters is to chain cc and deal more damage, when you put an area in the ground and everyone can just get away asap, or people go in an out without easily the area becomes useless. It is one of the things that I enjoy in LoL, dashes are really limited but everyone has the Flash options which is already limited by range and cooldown but can save you one time every 5 min(or help you kill). EDIT: Wonderful does not mean actually that in my post, but forum rules I guess.
  13. The amount of skills just get reasonable and basicly you get more options in combat from those skills, making it more fluid, as the game progresses it is better, around level 50 is pretty nice, I enjoyed playing, but end game and leveling system kind of put me off, but the pvp that i played I enjoyed it.
  14. The big problem with dashes is that once one or two classes have those dashes they tend to be over powered because usually those classes are damage dealers, if you give them high survavility with high damage output, you then have to give all classes high survavility(extra movement) or they will be underpowered compared to the ones with dashes. That is why I like the less amount of dashes possible, I think crowfall is already putting too many dashes, champion has a huge double leap forward, fessor has the dash, knight has a dash, everyone has a dash, I would rather have different types of movement advantages and disadvantages than just dashes, for example, a class could have an autoattack that slows, but no dashes, so it is hard to get to hit his enemies but once he gets to them it is easy to keep hitting them, another class that goes around traps or areas that snare and slow enemies, this making him a zoning class but without dashes, so he depends on beeing good with the traps and can control the battlefield area and decide where to fight. This type of different mechanics is what I like in videogames, which makes every class unique, I really liked the WoEs (War of Emperium, basicly gvg in Ragnarok onilne) where you needed the different classes for different purporses in defense or attack, I am not going to say that it was a perfect way to do it, because a lot of classes were pretty repetitive and boring to play during the defense of a castle (wizards spamming one skill all the time, hunters replacing traps, bards pressing a key every 5 mins while doing nothing more, but all was part of a strategy and doing a good defense was gratifying as a whole but not so much as an individual). I understand that making a class only good at one thing is bad, for example if rangers were only good at traps and had not damage, but what I liked the most about Ragnarok Online was the versatility of a class, I will put as example the class I played, which was Assassin Cross, there was a lot of types of gameplay that I would choose to go for, all focused on damage mainly, but I could go and make a Cross of Sonic Blow, which basicly would mean to focus on trying to oneshot people with one skill and I would need a lot of str and dex, I could go for a build of crit, which was more focus on str,agi and luck, and the use of Katar as weapon, or I could go for a double dagger build, which was based on str,agi and some dex but not luck and was the best build for destroying emperiums(which was how you would conquest a castle) or I could do a build based on Soul Destroyer, which was a skill that was based on str and int, which meant that I would have to put a lot of stat points on Int which is not usual in Assassins classes in any game. I even saw some random poorly made socks in my time, a Wizard with tons of Agi to farm alone, he had more agi that some assass I knew, and basicly monsters would miss him and he could go alone without a priest or a tank, I saw battle priest, with tons of str, and I will say that those builds were probably bad(for the players that did them was ok and they adapted to it), but you could made them, that freedom of making random and poorly made socksty characters is one of the things that I miss the most in modern MMOs where everyone is the same in every class. I kind of got into nostalgialand and got carried away off the main argument, but yeah, combat needs some work.
  15. Well, I never said that Wildstar failed because of combat, just that I didn't even tryed it because of how annoying all the effects and lack of commiment on attacks were on the game, at least just from videos looked that way for me and put me really off. And you can have commiment and fast paced combat, BDO does a good job at it, even though it might be a lot of mobility for me, I kind of dislike the over mobility on videogames, but I come from mainly playing Ragnarok Online when I was young where there were almost no dashes, blinks, etc, you had to be carefull with your position a lot because you coulnd't easily fix a bad position.
  16. This post that I present here is about how combat is right know, I will add some personal ideas, I will deal with some problems and compare features with other action combat systems(mostly will be Tera and BDO) based on my personal experience and feelings with those systems. I want to say first, that I don't have access to the alpha, so I don't have first hand experience with the Crowfall combat system, all this is based on videos and about what I have read on the forums. First point that I want to talk about is animation locks. A lot of people seem to have a problem with animation locks, thinking that it makes the game clunky, this is where I want to say that, animations lock are actually ok and I will say that are necesary for an action combat game, when I saw the combat in WildStar, which I didn't end up playing, it felt really bad, and this is all personal preferences, but I hate when you have so much freedom of movement that you are almost never in a bad positions because you are never "locked" and the combat is so chaotic that gets annoying. Tera has a good combat system, and even though when you start to play it might feel slow because of the lack of skills, once you are around level 20 the combat feels much better, I like the commiment of attacks, it is an important part for me. BDO has kind of the problem of wildstar, I don't know how it feels in PVP, but there is so much freedom of movement, but it has animation locks which is nice. What I think Crowfall lacks is some ways to cancel animations, I think Tera has this idea well done, where you can cancel an animation with a dodge, but you are limited to the number of cancels that you can do by cooldown, in BDO you can just dodge if you have enough stamina, with the full bar it allows for a lot of movement, more than I personally like, it is still enjoyable. As far as we know, the devs will add momentun to some attacks, I would say main reason is because chasing feels kind of frustrating in Crowfall, but personally I rather have some kind of locking/slowing when hitting from behind or something like that, which you could avoid with using your dodge/dashes abilities just before the enemie tries to hit you or while he is hitting you, the problem with this mechanic maybe is that Centurions would be pretty strong because of the movement advantage and beeing able to perma slow people making almost impossible to escape. Anyway, I want to see how the momentun will work before I bash on it, it might end up working fine. One problem that I might perceive with Crowfall is that maybe, and since I didn't try it and feel it, it is hard to say, but maybe the animation locks are too heavy for the animations and attacks that we have, but again I would actually need to play the game, I don't know, every time I see a video or a stream I feel like something is off with the animations and gameplay, I can't say for sure what it is, maybe the animations need more work, maybe the lack of good effects on hit, but something is missing that makes the gameplay look strange. Second thing I want to deal with is key bindings, this comes basicly from the recent experience with BDO combat, I really enjoyed the idea of skills binding with both a movement and a key, now, I am not sure how hard would be to adapt the current system to something similar to try out, and might be a thing that can't be change right now because of the stage of development, but the BDO skill biding system and combo system were really nice. It feels like the BDO combat system is the right next step into the actin combat system after Tera. I do have some criticism about BDO combat, like excesive movement, and some weird animations like the ranger side attack that seems to float to one side magicly without actually moving there through an animation, just sliding, it feels bad every time i see it. But in general, the option for side movement attacks, stationary attacks,forward or backwards attacks and combo system was really nice and added some depht mechanics to the combat. Final thoughts: Crowfall combat as it is right now lacks something, I do NOT consider animation lock the problem, since there are games that use animation lock and it is not a problem at all, the combo system seems very plain as it is right now, and the lack of on hit effects plus I think animations need some improvements, and the hit box for the attacks doesn't seem particularly good either, all this making it feel weird when seeing at, maybe fixing small thinks will fix the whole problem, maybe something important is lacking I am not sure what the exact problem would be. I make this post to open a discussion about the current state of the combat, feel free to discuss my specific views or add things you feel are wrong about the combat, I think most people do feel like the combat is lacking something though. The last thing I want to say, I know is pre-alpha, but I think that it is worth discussing combat, even if things like effects and tweaking animatinos will be done in the future, the devs should know that something feels wrong(at least for me), as a person that has study both art and programming(even though I don't have a lot of experience in both of them), I know that when one person creates something it is perceived different for the creator than for the rest of people, constructive criticism is always good even if it doesn't give any specifics on what to improve but only criticize that something seems off.
  17. My last entrie. Flat earthers were wrong, here you have a real image of Earth from Space. God bless Crowland.
  18. My second image. I told you the truth is out there. Crowp circles Edit: Added title
  19. It took me a while, but the truth is out there. Stonehenge wasn't about aliens, it was about Crowfall, all rocks fit the logo (no photoshop, kappa). Crowhenge. Edit: Added title to the image.
  20. I would love to be able to have a web skill tree to check and I think it would be a good time to do one, there is a relative low number of skills right now. If someone does it now that person only needs to update it with the new skills as they come out or modify the ones that are updated. For people who has not access to the alpha (like me) would be a really nice tool.
  21. Reider


    I don't see the problem with ammo either. I used to play Ragnarok Online and the archer class had to carry ammo, but it had a huge advantage over other classes because of the element mechanics, only by changing the type of the arrow you could deal a lot more damage to different type of monster, while other classes would have to adquire a different weapon with X element type or be dependant of another class (sages could imbue weapons with different elements). So yes, you had the upside down of beeing ammo dependant but you also had the advantage of choosing what ammo to equip to deal more damage easily. I see that the same can happen in crowfall, we know already that there is at least 2 types of arrow's head, which inflicts different type of damage, I guess for different types of armor. This making a simple switch of ammo to be able to deal with different types of armor, while other archetype would need a whole different weapon specialized in that. And if you die, loosing ammo will not be that big of a problem, but beeing dependant of having different weapons all the time when you die it is a problem, so there is advantages and disadvantages on having ammo.
  22. I didn't mean that it is natural to stay stationary when doing an attack, but you are "locked" to your attack and movement, imagine that a videogame attack would be the combination of both the attack and the movement from your feet, as it is in real live, you usually do certain steps or movement with your feet when you attack, as you said, lunge, etc. Basicly, some skills would have an inherent movement in some direction, usually that would be forward, for example in a lunge attack(as you said), but some attacks would have no movement or very little, that it was I meant. When I was saying that I am ok with animation lock, I was refering that you have to see the movement finish to do something, if you lunge in real life, you are commited to that lunge, you can't stop the lunge in the middle to do something else. You commit to your attack, both from the swing of the sword and the lunge. Even though you could stop an attack with a sword in the middle of it, it would be weird, unless you are trying to feint something, but that feint would be an idea from the start of the attack, not just a thought in the middle of the attack, if you think in attacking you usually commit to the attack once the opportunity is given. It is hardly possible to make a videogame's fight feel like a real one, but animation lock it is not bad in that matter, it is actually goodl, because it represents the commitment that you do when attacking in real life.
  23. I don't understand why in the still position in the animation with swords the rangers has a reverse grip in one of the swords, the attacks are all in a standard grip, but then she goes in a reverse grip for some random reason, which I guess is to look cool but for me it seems weird and useless, just let her with a standard grip with both swords.
  24. It is actual the most natural thing, if you see a fight with weapons or most martial arts fights(weapons or not), the attack is not only the movement of the arms and the weapon, but the legs go with the blow, for each attack you have to do certain movement with your legs and feet, it is not just a random hit with the arm. A simple example would be boxing, when you punch you don't just position your feet randomly, you do it in a way to maximize the impact, it is like you do an animation lock from a videogame but in real life. You don't see in a real fight anyone hitting a guy while moving around his enemy like a wonderful person and constantly throwing attacks while doing so. I am not saying that there is not lateral movement attacks, which there are, but you commit to your attacks in real life and if you miss you might get hit back, that is the way it is, there are attacks from where you can recover easily to defend or dodge after and there is attacks where you commit a lot and you might not get time to defend or dodge a counterattack. Nothing unnatural in animation lock. I am not saying that I want animation lock in all attacks, since there are some attacks that makes sense to be able to move while doing so, but I think animation lock is fine and it is a natural thing.
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