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  1. Want new players? Drop the sub fee. Lower the box price. Drop the alliance cap to 2-3. Drop the guild size. Give players individual rewards for campaigns. I backed at the 150$ level 5+ years ago as I was hoping this would be Shadowbane 2.0. It is not sadly. Crowfall does not deserve a sub fee. I can still play Shadowbane to get that fix as it is still running to this day. New World has only a box fee and no sub and yes it also is not Shadowbane 2.0 but for what it does it does better than Crowfall for the most part. What Crowfall has going for it? Inventory loot on dregs. Item Decay. Small objective capture points like towers etc with no timers. Mouse race. New World has amazing UI, sounds, a better crafting system though no item decay. A world space that is memorable. Better balanced "classes."
  2. The Ranger ULT itself needs a bit of a nerf. Instead of 80 % damage reduction and full CC immune which is reusable in seconds it should lower the damage reduction to 50% and raise the time it takes to refresh. On Warden. Warden should not get all trap minors. Exclude fire dot from stun at the least. And lower the radius of the trap AOE.
  3. Dirge Main here since alpha and I like these changes for two of the kits with vanguard scout now the red headed step child. Graceful Swipe a 25s cooldown crowd control immunity that reflects CC back to other players. Very nice and the defining skill now of the Dirge. Lunge is actually useful now. It has largely lost the escape function of the past (stealth gathers shed a small tear) as you need a player or mob to target and it is now a instant cast with animation teleport like forest step. thank you devs for listening. There are actual builds that can take ambush now. While ambush is still low damage it has use in that it has a brief root. (500-650 damage with 35 vessel and gear). Good changes making this class no longer a F tier and bringing it up to maybe a B or possible A.
  4. Shadowbane was and is a better designed game then Crowfall. I recommend people try it out as you can play it still on steam or the EMU. Wrain and the the OP hit the mark. Guild sizes are too big. Friendly fire should be in game. Map is both too small and is better understood as a crafting sim and not as something actually designed around pvp. CF actually has worst class balance at launch then SB did which is a feat. No at launch open world building and siege timers on fixed points that should have much larger siege windows at the least.
  5. Please lower the guild cap and alliance cap. It is way too high right now and making the game carebear zerg fest.
  6. ...Impale damage is way to low on Dirge. Same amount of time to build up the 5 point combo half the other classes did more damage. Pepper Box and Flint Lock shot also do not do enough damage and the -piercing debuff is way to low to make it worth using. The Dirge needs another active ability that actually does damage. The ULT has too long a reuse time and does too low damage. Lunge is too janky and that goes for that skill across the board be it the paladin version or the Dirge. Forest/Shadow step are leagues better.
  7. new players are crafting? You ever ask people in guild what they are using for gear? Most of the people are in world drop blues at best. If crafting were less a grind time sink it would be different.
  8. Point one on the gear. Crafting is so far behind world drops and the investment to get better then world drop gear so long that people are not bothering. What is needed is an entire rework of the amount of time it takes to craft gear to be on the same level and better then world drop gear.
  9. nomadmerc

    Nerf Ranger

    Lower the sustain. Raise the timer on the ULT reuse. Do not allow all the minor trap skills. Make them exclude each other. Stun trap but not blackmantle. Fire trap but not Stun.
  10. Barrens Wow zone is bigger then all the campaign maps put together. Shadowbane launched with bigger maps and with open world player cities. Why did what we have now take 5 years?
  11. Streamers never really play as a duo. They get the support of those that watch. As a duo in this game without a guild or stream support one character should have 'heads up' minor, ranger with detect hidden, or elkin. The game already has reached stagnation with most of the solo duo roamers as stealthers. Frustrated to see that Crowfall is instead of repeating the good things of Shadowbane actually making the same mistakes of Shadowbane. Stealth should have never been a class skill but a skill that everyone could unlock via the skill tree which was scrapped. This is the same with detect hidden. Everyone should have had this as an option. Now we are literally left with rogue/scoutbane that took Shadowbane a full year plus to get to.
  12. * The west dregs campaign prob should be closed already due to population. * The entry to crafting right now severally out of synch with gear dropped from mobs. Blue level gear should be craftable after an hour or two max and gear should overall break faster to compensate. * Friendly fire asap and increase group size! * Class balance needs a rework and pronto. Alpha, Warden, Titan are too far above the other classes. * More zones needed stat not more campaigns. * Higher player cap per zone needed.
  13. Crafting mats and time to get to actual on par with purple gear is much too long.
  14. friendly fire will get ride of the zerg fish ball and increase actual tactics. It being set at 5 only benefits larger guilds as well.
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