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  1. Warcamps were introduced and other things. This game still has potential though the development time, ugh.
  2. Shadowbane is why there is even have a crowfall and to rip its combat which has stood the test of time at least in nostalgia and emu land is an amateur call besides linking 'modern' with the current combat in Crowfall which is merely subjective. Crowfall combat could be described as poorly done bunny hopping. The current design has too much movement in combat without a negative cost. My vote is that there should be draw backs to jumping in combat maybe 100 percent crit rate against a target in the air.
  3. combat is nowhere near as fun as shadowbane so far. It is very twitch based and shadowbane had more tactics instead. Hoping though that the combat will improve like alot.
  4. Please no temporary runegates. I'd rather the game learn from Shadowbane and not have player summoning as well. Logistics should matter and as much as possible the war like conditions of move and counter move and territory control should matter. Not really excited about player recall either.
  5. At soft launch, if its 1/10 this speed the current system is both too linear and too long.
  6. Hi there. If Ace holds to the plans listed in prior talks the Dregs campaign and perhaps other higher risk campaigns will allow higher quality materials saved after the campaigns thus the eternal campaign a greater worth to these Dregs like export servers. This will not function though if the higher quality materials are more easily gained in another campaign type which allows exports.
  7. I prefer the Shadowbane skill system much more than this one and agree that the current design is both too linear and too long. If this system stays in place this game will have fewer options than Shadowbane and that is a step back. Adjust or scrap the current system, please. Give the player more choices. Either break up the linear paths or change it so some of the skills per each tree do not require pathing. Have some of the pathing block out other choices entirely so there is specialization.
  8. The Forts should beyond having the death respawn nearby also have a +% to the holding guild in farming materials. Five percent at min would be a great encouragement to hold a fort. The forts could also give +% to attack power, support, etc to the holding guild within its zone of influence. Forts could give higher percentage crafting success rates and experimentation etc. Any of the above and other ideas would be great.
  9. promising news. Would love to see the improved pathing and smoother gameplay experience.
  10. such sweet memories.
  11. This is more an Arial from Shadowbane in the rogue class mixing thief and assassin from what Ive seen then a demonhunter.
  12. I'd like for my old Guild 'Malice' or equally cut throat guild from Fear server Hing to form on Dregs. As it is have 6 committed friends of mine from those days who still game together. Most of us were from the Battleragers guild on Fear which absorbed into Hing. Far as the OP most of us are married now. Grinding out 50+ hour work weeks and children etc so there is abit of juggling.
  13. Full combat. The resource I gather is other players. At first those players can gather for me until my combat modifiers are so superior to most people in game then i can focus on crafting. Second account full blacksmithing.
  14. I'd like to play more myself and having a full time job it is easier to do so when I can log in and test at my leisure instead of the pre planned times. I'd bet many people who bought the alpha 1+2 did so for the features as well.
  15. The game does not have to be tab targeting to have combat more immerse then what is currently offered. The game can be fast and still offer some sort of speed decrease and or stamina decrease for being engaged and more options to plan out move to counter move. I am bothered with the animation lock system as well as the combat in general from my play experiences. The current combat design is not fun.
  16. Right now I do not see move to counter move gameplay and it bothers me. I am a Shadowbane vet here who craved each and every fight. You could plan to do what power/spell/ability next based upon what the person you were fighting had just done. I do not get that feeling with the current combat in Crowfall.
  17. I do not want to play a button mash memorize game where I have to bunny hop and circle jerk which is games like Tera/BDO. There should be a serious stamina drain for movement in combat besides.
  18. I admire the guts to have the board reset mindset for this game. The challenge will be to both victory conditions and how long prior to resetting and thirdly how much resources are allowed to be brought to the next wipe. I especially see problems with the resources allowed for next wipe as the greatest problem.
  19. I'd like slower combat as well. Right now combat is clunky and not very strategic.
  20. I like the possibilities of using one ability that can give limited windows of opportunity for other abilities to the degree that it does not force funnel you to always then just do the ability that is buffed next. It should have a draw back or some sort of balancing factor so the expanded options do not become the 'only' logical options. Example could be by buffing the charge attack you gain +3 (whatever amount of seconds) added to another ability(s) reuse time.
  21. The idea would work thematically. Knowing the Shadowbane roots I'd be surprised if zombies were not a planned mob category with some sort of transitional forms. On the function of various mobs in the wilds I really really wish this game would have what another upcoming game has planned where different mob types can have their own territory expand or diminish dependent on player activity.
  22. Not a fan of healers here either. I would rather see classes that had opens to share damage, short timed absorb shields perhaps, and people using formations more to have people move from front line to back line etc.
  23. From playing Alpha myself I hope it at has enough time to be good. Do not rush this!
  24. After Age of Conan I am not a fan of combos.
  25. Took much too long to kill people when I was playing the other night. Should also be a 'combat on' function so people would be reduced to a walking state when at lower health.
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