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  1. The actual field of view is different then what you see in that video. If you have ever put one of these on you see a box more or less that has the images. This tech still has along long ways to go.
  2. What`s your favorite feature you`re looking forward to in CF? I lump four into one on this and they are full loot, item destruction, territory conquest, and ability to make unique character builds. And is Crowfall truly unique compared to other games? We do not have the full game to make a final judgment on that but the partial is that right now the systems Crowfall has planned are not found in other games and imho this alongside the vision of the game make Crowfall my most anticipated game.
  3. I would take a wait and see approach on this transparency. Right now there is no NDA which you do not see many companies do and this gives me confidence that the development team is aiming to not pull one over on the fans. I am a Shadowbane Vet here and that gives the development team imho some measure of trust that they will do what they say they are aiming to accomplish.
  4. I suggest you try out Carrion Fields a full loot mud to get a sense of the mindset you will need to both survive and thrive on the Dregs. Secondly try out one or both of the Shadowbane Emulators. http://www.carrionfields.net http://magicbane.com shadowbaneemulator.com/
  5. Many people like to roleplay so morality has its place in the game. I would also argue that regardless of even roleplay there is morality in games. Example 1: A player pulls more mobs then he/she can handle and a random player comes in and helps that person survive the pull. After the fight the first person kills the player that helped. Would you consider the person who kills the player that helped in a favorable or unfavorable light? Would your opinion of said action be different if it were you as the person who helped? Morality is inherent in many actions in games. The consequences of the game rule set and or fellow players help to either weaken or strengthen how the game mirrors the world out of the game.
  6. Crowfall allowing player vs player in a open world setting will create more examples of morality on display then I could put into one thread. Just to focus on one though is past experience from Shadowbane where people aligned themselves with the player killers or against them with the anti player killers. The consequences for the random player killer or player killer could be that they were kill on sight for large segments of the player base. If you were to endeavor to be this sort of player you had to have talents that elevated you above 95-99 percent of the player base or you in turn were constant fodder. On the opposite side if you were the anti player killer and you were to 'stop' the people who became the 1-5 percent top player killers you yourself had to elevate your own skills to match or be fodder.
  7. I would assume that the stats are similar to how they were in Shadowbane to a degree. Check the Morloch wiki to get a idea how those stats were used in that game.
  8. Love seeing people make use of the battle sphere to bring about these scenarios. Play to Crush!
  9. Great use of tactics. Winning is winning even if you have to reposition and heal.
  10. Listen to the 17:30 mark in the Q&A and the wall placement sounds more like fixed predetermined placements with a fixed central keep.
  11. While the solutions that Adall proposes in the post above may make sense in the scope of rewards what of gameplay and enjoyment scope? (i.e., my guild--Malice will only play on Dregs but I may also very much so play another server type say lore if it is an option and like to join a guild there as well).
  12. I like the one guild per account but also do have some concerns about how this will impact playing simultaneously on say the dregs and also another server type. To outline this further what if my guild only plays on Dregs but has no presence at all on the other map types, would i then be locked out of playing effectively on these other map types because i could not join a second guild on this map type?
  13. The latest Q&A was a good one but there was one area where I felt let down and this is wall construction. It seems at the moment that the castle will have a predetermined main keep and pre set walls. Personally I like to be able to build walls to have various patterns etc that will give my guild advantages in castle defense. (17:30 mark on castle walls). If the option we are allowed is just square castle walls that are preset we lose out on fun options of geometry as well as narrow walls with only a small funneled passages etc. We as players will have less interesting tactics for castle defense. And a further negative is if the walls stay predetermined will we not just try to use building placement instead to cover the weaknesses of the square wall system leaving us truly ugly looking guild castles? Secondly something I really am excited about was that there will be no windows of opportunity on points of interest (14:50 minute mark). This design choice I chalk up as a win for my own play experience where I favor more risk vs reward. Curious to hear what the rest of you think on those two topics above? Latest Q&A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaDZbKG1gY0
  14. I do not want the stealth in Crowfall to have only one class with the max skill needed to see max level stealth as that system created too much power in the scout class. I would rather this time around the ability to detect hidden players would be max level for several classes as a skill or a unlockable as a discipline at the least.
  15. I greatly enjoyed the lore rulesets and would prefer to see the return of that system but to also agree with those before me in this thread it would be better for after release.
  16. I am more concerned that the import/export system will allow the clever to dupe. As far as the what you have in the OP post one character per server per account might alleviate some of those issues.
  17. Great post. The secondary POI you mention would be great places to have very small capture windows that only last a 30m-2h max so they stay both strategic and actively fought over to give player(s) temporary edges.
  18. Crowd control and how it is implemented here concerns me because of the talk that this game will be more action based without tab targeting perhaps. I highly desire for there to exist the option to cc just in a manner that allows counter play options. So in that vein give me the crowd control system similar to Shadowbane and if at all possible highly telegraphed abilities so people can turn the tables and react.
  19. I like that idea and anything that adds some randomness is good for the longterm health of the game. I do not want to travel through places and be able to just have auto run on and be under no threat. Sure there will be players but I want randomness +.
  20. I want some roaming monster types that are a literal threats akin to the gryphons and sand giants of everquest. As far as the general mobs go I do not mind there being fixed camps with various degrees of worth but again say 10-20 percent wandering would be a good start at making the world more 'alive.'
  21. There should be some deep tradeoffs that actually matter or else you may run into situations where Crowfall develops into "Scoutbane" which Shadowbane did towards the end. Dont get me wrong I love the thief class, or scout class as I had those as mains for years but I do not want to see most players in those class brackets ever ever ever again as it was toxic gameplay and tilted the overall population towards those classes to compete.
  22. Good interview. Glad there is no focus on mounted combat as I have yet to see a game do it justice.
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