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  1. I would rather the less non player rules the better. Aim for few to zero windows of opportunity. Pixels of any sort (keeps, mines, gear, whatever) should be destroyed often to facet a healthy economy. Play to Crush not "immune to damage arbitrary protections."
  2. When should a corpse disappear? Player corpses more than 15 minutes and mob corpses less than 5 minutes. What should happen to the unlooted inventory? If not taken in a alloted amount of time it should poof. Should a player be able to loot their own corpse? Yes. How many people should be able to see a corpse's inventory at once? I would prefer this one requires some sort of animation that a given person is looking (stooping animation or something) and this locks out all others from looking at items unless the person locked in this animation is attacked or pulls back from this action. Should you be able to put items back on a corpse? I would think that having this option would be problematic and be best if it were not a option (e.g., duping or whatever unintended bugs that may happen no thanks).
  3. I played a thief as a main then just through how the game had changed to more solo players or small grouped I moved over to scout as my main in Shadowbane and what I can say is that there should be no track list period. At best if there is a 'track' power it should only give general location but not names or numbers. No single class should have the only meaningful detect hidden or reveal powers as this created 'scoutbane.' Best if there is a 'track' power it is open to every class and again it only should give basic direction not names or numbers.
  4. I would prefer there was no 'scout' class akin to Shadowbane at least. Learn the lessons from the past please.
  5. One to two new races and another ruleset would be my best bets. Wish one of the new races would be but i doubt this game will support flight.
  6. You strive to at being faster at meeting goals, better at building templates, learn how to counter as many builds as possible, and... "To Crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!"
  7. I really really do not want inventory based 'figurine' summoning mounts. Strongly suggest that this system does not carry over to other server types.
  8. Zero looting in CU. The economy of that game is going to go swampy fast. Crowfall on the other hand allows item decay and on some of the rulesets item looting.
  9. ....I find people who think that the gamers who enjoy very high risk as better is often true. Think 'special forces' and the rigors they go through. The high risk gamer is the special forces of gamers thus the 'eagles' reference. The "carebear" gamer are often those who find it distasteful to interrupt another gamers play experience with non scripted events. They are often not prepared and not trained in how to deal with the human element. Now this is not a always the case situation but imho it seems from personal experience the norm.
  10. On archeage while you had to start from a location to get to the turn in you still could pop open the cart or horse at anytime or any location. I'd like it if we had to actually grab our horses or carts from a castle, keep, fort, hamlet, stable, etc first. The whole my group just wiped the floor with the people at the iron mine area but we did not also have a cart with us versa my group wipes the people at the mine and we just instant summon the cart there.
  11. Just the thought that we are possibly leaving behind the instant anywhere summoning of mounts is a great boon to the strategist.
  12. The vision of Crowfall seems from a recent interview on Rerolled to suggest that there will not be instant cast cart or horse that you can summon at the resource hubs. Instead you may have to bring these mobiles to the resource hubs from some starting point location. I would like to make the case that this if true continue to be the vision for Crowfall's mobility based warfare. For one the grand strategy for the game broadens with the need to bring the cart from a starting location. This is quite profound when we consider a world full of resource nodes and various player starting points for carts and horses. Scenarios where a guild calls itself the 'silver barons' because quite literally the keep(s) they can control allow them stronger logistical travel from point a to point b market. Now this guild grows and is more Silver Warlords because of the wealth they have achieved but because of always needing a point a starting location we may see the next situation. A smaller guild comes onto the scene that is more specialized in squads to harass larger guilds supply trains. While the 'silver barons' may now have grown larger into a near zerg force and hold securely the actual resource hub(s) they find it difficult protecting the ability to get a cart to the resources. The 'silver barons' large in players now finds it difficult keep their guild outfitted for battle. Now if we were to not have a starting point location requirement for carts and horses but instead can summon them neatly from our inventory we no longer have so many dynamic player driven content. Anyhow this is my thoughts and I would like to hear what each of you think if indeed there is a starting point location requirement for carts and horses.
  13. Mobility tactics. (48:00 minutes in interview) I really am excited to hear that the player in Tod's vision of the game has to 'bring the cart or horse' to the mine. This creates so much more room to engage people in interesting player battles. An example of this is a group decides to get together several carts and horses to start harvesting and they depart and they are raided by another group of players on route back to base. Their cart(s) and horses are destroyed leaving the materials on the ground. The group that killed them did not have a wagon ready to cart the materials themselves. This example who know whose going to get the mats it could be anyone or any group that can protect a caravan. This mobility warfare that can include supply train type gameplay can really open up possibilities.
  14. I needs more coins so I can Play to Crush better! meet those next kickstarter goals already!
  15. Crowfall = Play to CRUSH! .....other players not mobs!
  16. A tactic I have used in the past is to pull a camp onto a group of people I want to kill and both sow confusion and cause any potentional aoe attacks to hit the mobs possibly getting argo. I can see that as a tactic to use undead to your advantage or any mob type.
  17. I really enjoyed the discipline hunt.
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