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  1. What guild is that? Last I guilded together with you was in Hing or Malice.
  2. If the game involves actual similar tactics on the level of Shadowbane then my 5-8 friends who have stayed in contact since those old days should do well. Most of that game was brain power in building powerful templates, correct powers used, and mentally defeating people. If on the other hand the game is more twitchy on the level where you need to jump, twist, circle around a person mid air, and the various pillar hugging then yes us older 35+ people are at a natural disadvantage. Somewhere I read that you lose twitch abilities starting at around 20 years of age but the thinking process to develop 5+ moves in advance to counter what a person may do stays sharp for a long while.
  3. Druid was one early favs for Shadowbane way way back on Fear server. The whole concept of the class here looks equally promising.
  4. The point 2 you have listed is a concern for me. I do not want to see defenses being broken in seconds for castle walls.
  5. Yet to hear anything akin to a FFA server for the non Crowfall game so by default Crowfall wins.
  6. Risk to your structures in game. Risk to you carting materials from one location to another. Risk to losing items. Risk to you dying and likely respawning a longish distance away from death dependent to where you were in game.
  7. A stretch goal of R8 mobs Shadowbane type mobs (aka World Boss mobs that have certain conditions). A stretch goal where players can plant forests that can be cut.
  8. 60$ tier at first and bumped it to the 150.
  9. Arcane sounds like it makes a weapon glow. (backed at the 60 level myself)
  10. Fugger! The shadowbane vets are being pulled in. Kieffer
  11. I would not think so because there will be pvp enabled.
  12. Being fair would be saying how the other game has come anywhere close in marketing compared to Crowfall. I do not see press releases sometimes twice a week for other game. I do not see screenshots posted or even a gameplay. Plus the game was announced a year back and already has delays on the buy in beta.
  13. The OP should take a breath. The other game he mentioned has done a terrible job in marketing.
  14. The first week on fear server as my thief kieffer I stole a tree from ebonlore. At the time I did not even know what it was just thought it was a odd object in the inventory.
  15. Some of the changes were decent while at the same time some of the lore chapter combos should be axed that were added.
  16. I am fine with single death campaigns. This setting would have large impacts on how one goes about pvp.
  17. The friendly fire and collision should increase the tactics one will see used in large scale pvp battles.
  18. I would bet that the templar class here will mirror some spirit of the templar in shadowbane.
  19. Good question and thanks for response. The early rush of full loot, killing sprees, and finally losing was intense. Rinse and repeat then trammal which sent me packing to anew game (rallos zek eq).
  20. Kieffer/Gyois/Darstar here. Not from mourning but from Fear, vengeance.
  21. I'm interested. More so if the game is like shadowbane but even more risk involved.
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